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Currently Dealing 96 Properties

71 Properties For Sale
25 Properties For Rent

Education :

  • B.E (Civil) - College of Engineering, Guindy.
  • B.L. - Madras Law College.

Experience :

  • Managing properties worth over Rupees One Thousand Crores in Residential / Commercial / Horticultural Land for over 40 years.
  • Founder Director of Hanu Reddy Realty India Pvt. Ltd. Involved in setting up Offices in 7 Cities namely Chennai (Mylapore, Rajiv Gandhi Salai (OMR), West Chennai (Maduravoyal),Wallace Garden (Nungambakkam), GST Road(Chromepet), Adyar), Bengaluru, Hyderabad, Pune, Coimbatore, Mysuru and Vizag Offices. Presently over 200 Realtors are working out of 12 offices.
  • Participating in formulating the in-house Training Programme. Trainer on Various Topics 'Tips to be a successful Realtor', 'Unleash the Ferrari In You', Co-speaker on 'Joint Venture', 'Mind of a Mega Broker', 'Los Angeles – Shanghai – Chennai (Similarities & Growth)', 'Your story… my story … becoming our story', 'Ordinary to Extraordinary', 'How the Brand Hanu Reddy Realty was Built' for the in-house Training Programme.
  • Participated in setting up of the chain of Hanu Reddy Residences, Luxury Serviced Accommodation.
  • Developed one of the Chennai's Finest Outdoor Venues, SPP Gardens at Maduravoyal, Chennai.
  • Participated in setting up Hanu Reddy Business Center at Wallace Garden.
  • Personally represented several large Information Technology companies in locating properties for developing their Software Development Centre (eg., DSL Software – 1,80,000 Sq.ft., HCL Technologies Ltd 3,40,000 Sq.ft., Efunds – 70,000 Sq.ft., Birlasoft Ltd – 85,000 Sq.ft., Citicorp Overseas Software Limited – 35,000 Sq.ft., Oracle – 18,500 Sq.ft.).
  • Personally represented several large ITES Companies in locating properties for setting up their BPO Operations (eg., HCL Technologies BPO Services Ltd. – 1,70,000 Sq.ft., Slashsupport India Pvt. Ltd. – 50,000 Sq.ft., Maersk Infotech Services India Pvt. Ltd. – 70,000 Sq.ft.).
  • Represented both Buyers and Sellers for some of the most Prestigious properties for a value of over Rs 2000 Crores (eg., HSBC Ltd., Hyundai Motors Ltd., HCL Technologies, Sundaram Clayton, TVS Electronics, TVS Suzuki, Elforge Ltd., CCCL, Kutty Flush Doors, Sun Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd., US Apparels, Nitesh Estates, SRP Tools, etc.).
  • Involved in negotiating Joint Venture Development Projects with Developers like Vishranthi, PS Group, Olympia, Sumanth & Co., Sreyas, Chaitanya, Akshaya, etc at prestigious locations.
  • Expert in Selling High-end Residential House - Have Concluded sales of over 500 Residential Independent Houses and Flats in Poes Garden, Boat Club, CIT Colony-Mylapore, R.A.Puram, T.Nagar, etc.

Marketing Edge:

  • Assisted by highly educated and trained professionals.
  • Widespread global networking: Chennai (Mylapore, Rajiv Gandhi Salai (OMR), West Chennai (Maduravoyal),Wallace Garden(Nungambakkam), GST Road (Chromepet), Adyar), Bangalore, Hyderabad, Pune, Coimbatore, Mysore, Vizag – India & Irvine, Orange County – USA.
  • Huge existing Client base, Local and Multinational.
  • International marketing via: the World wide web, E-mail, Newspaper Ads, Direct Mail, Social Media.

Professional Associations:

  • International Member - National Association of Realtors, USA (NAR).
  • Member of National Association of Realtors, India (NAR - I).
  • Founder President of Chennai Real Estate Agents Association(CREAA), 1999-2001.
  • Chairman of the convention committee of the National Association of Realtors India (NAR - I), 2010 convention held at Chennai.
  • Executive Council Member of the Indo American Chamber of Commerce - Tamil Nadu Branch - 2014-2015.
  • Chairman of Indo American Chamber of Commerce - Tamil Nadu Chapter 2013-2014.
  • Tamil Nadu Branch Committee Member of the Indo American Chamber of Commerce 2010-2012.
  • Member of South Indian Chamber of Commerce.
  • Member Bangalore Realtors Association – India (BRAI).
  • Member Estate Agents Association of Pune – India (EAAP).
  • Member of Andhra Pradesh Realtors Association (APRA).

Additional Information:

  • Joint Secretary of World Veg Council.
  • Been Vice- President of Don Bosco, Egmore, Alumni Association, 1990-1997.
  • Donor Member of the Music Academy, Madras.

Personal Information:

  • Raised in a family involved in Real Estate for over 8 decades.
  • Personally Mentoring Members of the Healthy Life Style Group.
  • Marathon Runner.
  • Himalayan Trekker.
  • Planted over 5 Lakh Trees in the last 40 Years.
  • Hobbies: Landscaping, Music.
Property TypeSale/RentLocationReference
Agricultural LandSaleTheniSL/2596View
Agricultural LandSaleSunguvarchatramSL/WC-57853View
Agricultural LandSaleTheniSL/MYL-147927View
Agricultural LandSaleECRSL/ADY-VLCY-152514View
Commercial LandSaleAnna SalaiSL/MYL-53914View
Commercial LandSaleGuduvancherySL/MYL-47172View
Commercial LandSaleT.NagarSL/MYL-156381View
Commercial LandSaleSemmencherrySL/MYL-38866View
Commercial LandSaleT.NagarSL/RGS-82390View
Commercial LandSaleT.NagarSL/MYL-127873View
FlatRentBesant NagarRRO/0477View
FlatRentPoes GardenRRO/MYL-159102View
Independent HouseSaleInjambakkamSRO/RGS-21376View
Independent HouseSaleNeelankaraiSRO/4926View
Independent HouseSaleT.NagarSRO/14303View
Independent HouseSaleT.NagarSRO/MYL-62625View
Independent HouseSalePanaiyurSRO/RGS-50322View
Independent HouseSaleECRSRO/RGS-114928View
Independent HouseRentNungambakkamRRO/WG-27353View
Independent HouseSalePadurSRO/MYL-29474View
Independent HouseRentAkkaraiRRO/RGS-31608View
Independent HouseSaleNungambakkamSRO/MYL-34243View
Independent HouseSaleMylaporeSRO/MYL-43673View
Independent HouseSaleECRSRO/RGS-37393View
Independent HouseSaleAdyarSRO/ADY-VLCY-40708View
Independent HouseSaleECRSRO/MYL-149900View
Independent HouseSaleInjambakkamSRO/RGS-46878View
Independent HouseSaleNeelankaraiSRO/RGS-78836View
Independent HouseSaleAlwarpetSRO/MYL-118678View
Independent HouseSaleAlwarpetSRO/MYL-100896View
Independent HouseSaleAdyarSRO/ADY-VLCY-129820View
Independent HouseSaleMylaporeSRO/MYL-138639View
Independent HouseSaleBesant NagarSRO/ADY-VLCY-143999View
Independent HouseSaleRaja AnnamalaipuramSRO/MYL-154800View
Independent HouseSaleNeelankaraiSRO/MYL-164249View
Independent HouseSaleAdyarSRO/ADY-VLCY-171737View
Industrial LandSaleAmbatturSL/MYL-103839View
Office SpaceRentMRC NagarRCO/MYL-52694View
Office SpaceRentT.NagarRCO/MYL-51611View
Office SpaceRentAmbatturRCO/MYL-88845View
Office SpaceRentVanagaramRCO/MYL-45832View
Office SpaceRentChetpetRCO/MYL-141053View
Office SpaceRentKilpaukRCO/MYL-83355View
Office SpaceRentAmbatturRCO/MYL-104688View
Office SpaceRentSholinganallurRCO/MYL-113173View
Office SpaceRentGuindy Industrial EstateRCO/MYL-116580View
Office SpaceRentGuindy Industrial EstateRCO/MYL-131681View
Office SpaceRentGuindy Industrial EstateRCO/MYL-136768View
Office SpaceRentPallavaramRCO/MYL-137737View
Office SpaceRentGuindyRCO/MYL-139708View
Office SpaceRentGuindyRCO/MYL-139709View
Office SpaceSalePorurSCO/MYL-145767View
Office SpaceRentPorurRCO/MYL-145768View
Office SpaceRentGuindyRCO/MYL-146095View
Office SpaceRentSholinganallurRCO/MYL-146700View
Office SpaceRentThousand LightsRCO/MYL-134937View
Office SpaceRentGuindy Industrial EstateRCO/MYL-166779View
Residential LandSalePurasawalkamSL-1507View
Residential LandSaleAnna NagarSL/2448View
Residential LandSaleT.NagarSL/MYL-136273View
Residential LandSaleECRSL/1980View
Residential LandSaleECRSL/RGS-55067View
Residential LandSaleNungambakkamSL/MYL-135475View
Residential LandSaleSanthomeSL/MYL-19965View
Residential LandSaleAlwarpetSL/MYL-20040View
Residential LandSaleSemmencherrySL/RGS-27995View
Residential LandSalePudupakkamSL/RGS-81912View
Residential LandSaleMamallapuramSL/ADY-VLCY-97953View
Residential LandSaleT.NagarSL/MYL-38159View
Residential LandSaleTiruvottiyurSL/MYL-63466View
Residential LandSaleAdyarSL/ADY-VLCY-68682View
Residential LandSaleAkkaraiSL/ADY-VLCY-70106View
Residential LandSaleAdyarSL/ADY-VLCY-78831View
Residential LandSaleNungambakkamSL/MYL-104402View
Residential LandSaleAlwarpetSL/MYL-112141View
Residential LandSaleTeynampetSL/MYL-112148View
Residential LandSaleRaja AnnamalaipuramSL/MYL-143545View
Residential LandSaleECRSL/ADY-VLCY-118049View
Residential LandSaleECRSL/ADY-VLCY-118047View
Residential LandSaleMylaporeSL/MYL-130250View
Residential LandSaleAdyarSL/ADY-VLCY-162788View
Residential LandSaleAshok NagarSL/ADY-VLCY-149574View
Residential LandSaleMylaporeSL/MYL-43676View
Residential LandSaleECRSL/ADY-VLCY-152513View
Residential LandSaleNungambakkamSL/MYL-171292View
Standalone BuildingSaleParrysSCO/RGS-32216View
Standalone BuildingSaleT.NagarSCO/ADY-VLCY-114203View
Standalone BuildingSaleVelacherySCO/MYL-131691View
Standalone BuildingSalePallavaramSCO/RGS-151733View

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