Senior Realtor - Wallace Garden (Nungambakkam) - Chennai


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  • M.Sc & M.Phil in Geography


  • Total 6 years experience in Logistics and Real Estate
  • Worked in Logistics department for an Electrical Fittings and Accessories manufacturing company.

Marketing Edge

  • Ability to understand Client’s requirement and satisfy accordingly.
  • Committed and goal oriented.
  • Managing multiple projects.

Personal Information

  • Native of Dharmapuri
  • Resident of KK Nagar
  • Languages known – English & Tamil
  • Hobbies : Reading, Playing Cricket, Cooking, Travelling, Social Events Participation etc

List of Deals


  • Rented - Commercial Space 1100 Sq.ft at Ground Floor, 12th Avenue, Ashok Nagar,Chennai
  • Sold - 1214 Sq.ft 2 BHK Flat at Dr.Ramasamy Road, West K.K.Nagar, Chennai.
  • Rented - 780 Sq.ft 2 BHK,Flat  at  KK Nagar, Chennai
  • Sold - 1125 Sq.ft, 2 BHK, Flat at P.T.Rajan Salai, KK Nagar, Chennai
  • Rented - 2060 Sq.ft, 3 BHK Flat, Fully Furnished at Metro Zone, Anna Nagar, Chennai.
  • Rented - 1400 Sq.ft, 3 BHK Flat, Semi Furnished at Mahalingapuram, Chennai.
  • Sold 1060 Sq.ft 2 BHK, Flat at “Jains Anusri, 18th  Avenue, Ashok Nagar, Chennai
  • Sold 1621 Sq.ft 3 BHK, Flat at Dr.P.V.Cherian Crescent Road, Egmore.Chennai
  • Sold 880 Sq.ft 2BHK, Flat at Lakshminarayanan Street, West Mambalam, Chennai
  • Sold 1020 Sq,ft 3 BHK, Flat at Saravana Street, T Nagar, Chennai.
  • Sold out 760 Sq.ft 2BHK at Yogambal Street, T. Nagar, Chennai.
  • Rented 3BHK Flat Semi Furnished at Ceebros Atlantic, Egmore,Chennai
  • Rented 1117 Sq.ft ( 1st Floor -Rear Side) Commercial Space at 1st Avenue, 100 ft Road, Ashok Nagar, Chennai.
  • Rented Independent House, 1BHK at West K.K.Nagar, Nesapakkam.
  • Leased out 1540 Sq.ft ( 2nd Floor- Front ) Commercial Space at 1st Avenue, 100 ft Road, Ashok Nagar, Chennai.
  • Leased out 2600 Sq.ft(3rd Floor) Commercial Space at 1st Avenue, 100 ft Road, Ashok Nagar, Chennai.
  • Sold 1450 Sq.ft , 3BHK Flat at Soundarajan Street, T.Nagar.
Property Type Sale/Rent Location Reference
Duplex Flat Sale Thiruvanmiyur SRO/WG-31692 View
Duplex Flat Sale West Mambalam SRO/WG-63558 View
Duplex Flat Sale West Mambalam SRO/WG-63559 View
Flat Sale KK Nagar SRO/WG-58429 View
Flat Sale Kodambakkam SRO/WG-60744 View
Flat Rent T.Nagar RRO/WG-55513 View
Flat Sale Kodambakkam SRO/WG-35663 View
Flat Rent T.Nagar RRO/WG-114477 View
Flat Sale Chetpet SRO/WG-52864 View
Flat Sale Vadapalani SRO/4032 View
Flat Sale Kodambakkam SRO/WG-71890 View
Flat Sale Kodambakkam SRO/WG-45142 View
Flat Sale Ashok Nagar SRO/WG-55159 View
Flat Sale Virugambakkam SRO/4596 View
Flat Sale Chetpet SRO/WG-56900 View
Flat Sale Kalaignar Karunanidhi nagar SRO/4378 View
Flat Rent Ashok Nagar RRO/WG-56844 View
Flat Sale Chetpet SRO/WG-59339 View
Flat Sale Thoraipakkam SRO/WG-52695 View
Flat Sale T.Nagar SRO/4665 View
Flat Sale Kodambakkam SRO/WG-35664 View
Flat Sale Koyambedu SRO/WG-53357 View
Flat Rent Mylapore RRO/WG-90910 View
Flat Rent Ekkaduthangal RRO/WG-40591 View
Flat Rent Ekkaduthangal RRO/WG-40666 View
Flat Sale Madipakkam SRO/WG-41136 View
Flat Sale Saligramam SRO/WG-44491 View
Flat Sale Kodambakkam SRO/WG-46025 View
Flat Rent Chetpet RRO/WG-59342 View
Flat Rent Ashok Nagar RRO/WG-62258 View
Flat Sale Kalaignar Karunanidhi nagar SRO/GST-63898 View
Flat Sale Saligramam SRO/WG-67566 View
Flat Sale Raja Annamalaipuram SRO/WG-67650 View
Flat Sale Vadapalani SRO/WG-53010 View
Flat Sale Nungambakkam SRO/WG-84778 View
Flat Sale Mugalivakkam SRO/WG-102874 View
Flat Sale T.Nagar SRO/WG-100874 View
Flat Sale Porur SRO/WG-106130 View
Flat Rent Jafferkhanpet RRO/WG-109359 View
Flat Sale Ashok Nagar SRO/WG-111461 View
Flat Sale Vadapalani SRO/WG-117024 View
Flat Sale KK Nagar SRO/WG-113905 View
Flat Sale Saligramam SRO/WG-114905 View
Flat Sale Ashok Nagar SRO/WG-117981 View
Flat Sale Vadapalani SRO/WG-117770 View
Flat Sale West Mambalam SRO/WG-118427 View
Flat Sale West Mambalam SRO/WG-119512 View
Flat Rent Ashok Nagar RRO/WG-119925 View
Flat Rent Poes Garden RRO/WG-126041 View
Flat Rent Ashok Nagar RRO/WG-126047 View
Flat Sale Saidapet SRO/WG-126438 View
Independent House Sale Medavakkam SRO/WG-22311 View
Independent House Sale Madhavaram SRO/WG-57229 View
Independent House Sale Virugambakkam SRO/WG-28302 View
Independent House Sale KK Nagar SRO/WG-79017 View
Independent House Sale R S Puram SRO/CBE-104602 View
Independent House Sale Vadapalani SRO/WG-117018 View
Industrial Land Sale Ambattur SL/WG-25767 View
Mixed-Land Sale T.Nagar SL/WG-31025 View
Office Space Rent Ashok Nagar RCO/WG-62646 View
Office Space Rent Nungambakkam RCO/WG-52560 View
Office Space Rent Nungambakkam RCO/WG-52558 View
Office Space Rent Ekkaduthangal RCO/2001 View
Office Space Rent Ashok Nagar RCO/WG-52832 View
Office Space Sale Nungambakkam SCO/WG-61500 View
Office Space Rent Nungambakkam RCO/WG-67652 View
Office Space Rent Ashok Nagar RCO/WG-117008 View
Office Space Rent Ashok Nagar RCO/WG-117015 View
Office Space Rent KK Nagar RCO/WG-114238 View
Office Space Rent Vadapalani RCO/WG-127711 View
Penthouse Rent Alandur RRO/WG-45366 View
Penthouse Sale T.Nagar SRO/NHS-38130 View
Residential Land Sale West Mambalam SL/WG-53134 View
Residential Land Sale Pallikaranai SL/WG-114479 View
Residential Land Sale Guduvanchery SL/WG-56716 View
Residential Land Sale Choolaimedu SL-2186 View
Residential Land Sale Valasaravakkam SL/WG-20937 View
Residential Land Sale Nesapakkam SL/WG-32858 View
Residential Land Sale Kodambakkam SL/WG-63756 View
Residential Land Sale Ashok Nagar SL/WG-124856 View
Residential Land Sale Arumbakkam SL/WG-117016 View
Showroom Rent Thiruvanmiyur RCO/WG-53363 View
Showroom Rent Nandanam RCO/WG-38564 View
Showroom Sale Anna Salai SCO/WG-48161 View
Standalone Building Sale Thiruvanmiyur SCO/WG-52606 View
Standalone Building Sale Choolaimedu SCO/WG-117021 View
Villa Sale Medavakkam SRO/WG-48954 View