Training Sessions

41st Training programme Dated On : 19-Feb-2024


Kamalakannan A - West Chennai MaduravoyalDated On : 26-Mar-2024

The entire Training program #41 was knowledgeable and trainers are well expertise to deliver their sharing of knowledge for the younger generation realtors Thanks for their kind lectures, I will utilize the ideas for the future deals.

Hemanth Kumar P - MysuruDated On : 26-Mar-2024

Over all the 41st Training programme was with great excitement and we had a great opportunity to learn the tricks of Real Estate, thanks to HRR management for organising the Training programme in the benefits of the Realtors, all the trainers were to their best in sharing their experiences

Jagdish G V - Hyderabad Dated On : 26-Mar-2024

First, we thank our Management for conducting a hybrid model training session. We would like to extend my heartfelt gratitude for the training program and it will surely contribute to my professional growth. External speaker sessions were very useful and gained knowledge. The sessions were not only informative but also engaging, and we are grateful for the chance to enhance our skills in such a supportive environment. We are motivated to apply the new techniques and insights that we have gained in this training program. Overall, this training is good and helped us re-energising ourselves. And special thanks to Prasanna madam & HRR Management for helping us in attending all sessions smoothly.

Karan Garud - PuneDated On : 04-Oct-2023

This training session was very important and beneficial for me. I have completed 1 year in HRR now, so I will benefit from this training session in closing deals.

Sridhar S - Adyar-VelacheryDated On : 04-Oct-2023

It is a great privilege to provide feedback on the recent Training Program#40. I should thank the organisation for organising this training program. The topics were insightful in both personal and professional aspects, such as ethics, transformation, social media platforms, and AI, including Chat GPT. I must say that the discussions were thought-provoking and have already started influencing my decision-making process. The trainers were knowledgeable and engaging, making the sessions enjoyable and informative. I look forward to more such insightful programs in the future.

Santhosh R - Joint Venture & Developer Solutions - Mylapore Dated On : 04-Oct-2023

Really a great boost for us. Refresher of some points, new ideas, new transformation all because of the training programme.

Sasi Kumar C - Joint Venture & Developer Solutions - Mylapore Dated On : 04-Oct-2023

Dear HRR Management, I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart as all 5 days' topics were fabulous and really helped us very much for start up learning mainly for new and young realtors like me. Once again it was a great session for all of us to collaborate the experience of seniors and mentors.

Laxmana P N - MysuruDated On : 06-Feb-2023

Very useful & essential in this field, thanks to organization & management.

Srinivasan S - Guduvanchery -ThiruporurDated On : 06-Feb-2023

39th Training programme was a tremendous success with hybrid mode.. Can meet fellow realtors & the management team in person. It was really helpful in terms of networking with the seniors and gaining knowledge. As the session was hybrid it was easy to stay focused throughout the session. External & in house speakers performed their respective jobs well. Special thanks to Mr Shanthi Lal, for giving his inspirational speech on his career development, The initial struggles and how he managed to be a successful realtor in Rental Residentials.. On the whole 5 days of knowledge transfer had given enough inputs to brush the basics and develop the industry insights to become a successful realtor.

Bhava Swaroop - Joint Venture & Developer Solutions - Mylapore Dated On : 06-Feb-2023

Well arranged Hybrid training programme. Served as a refresher for me. Thanks

Hemanth Kumar P - MysuruDated On : 07-Dec-2022

As usually this 38th Training Programme was great a learning week, all the Trainers were great in their knowledge sharing\'s and we got the motivation throughout all the sessions and it was arranged well by the HRR management. Thanks to all the speakers, Trainers, staffs and the management for making all the arrangements.

Sreenivas K V R - Rajiv Gandhi Salai (OMR)Dated On : 07-Dec-2022

Awesome TP#38 - Started off with a bang by Shri Hanu Reddy Sir\'s Session and continued till last Session in same tempo and same amount of interest with lots of learning. Participants especially Newbies are much wiser now than they were last Week . Thanks a Ton to All Session conductors for Knowledge shared and back- office Staff for their great efforts too.

Srinivasan V G - Guduvanchery -ThiruporurDated On : 26-Jul-2022

First of all a very big Thank You for the wonderful training sessions organized by the HRR organizing committee. All the speakers from various verticals jot down the points in a very basic language, so that each one can understand the points to be discussed during the session. Also the way of presentations was precise and listed in such a way without too much context. It will really help when we go for inspections or client calls. We can just skim through the slides and navigate to the next slide easily. Secondly should thank the Speakers who took time during their busy schedule and spent time with new realtors in engaging them with the exact doubts they will have in their initial career stage and also they have refreshed the sr. realtors as well with the basics. One suggestion that I request is During Ms. Nithya's Session on Using Insta for networking. What I would suggest is if we could get software or other platforms where instead of showing from the mobile if it's routed through the system it would even give a better visual appearance.

Sundar A M - Joint Venture & Developer Solutions - Mylapore Dated On : 26-Jul-2022

The training programme is all about knowledge sharing and the purpose is completely served for the 37th time. Real estate is not just about learning new things, also shaping and enhancing the equipped skill every now and then is also important. Every HRR TP is doing the same. Mr. Azhagiri's Client servicing, Mr. HSK's Layout, Mr. NMK's Commercial Real estate and Case study and Mr. SSS's cloning session as Mr.NMK's session(Case study and CRE) with his unique features and way of delivery served the purpose of later, The enhancement of skills and reminder of what we do and corrections on what we should avoid in the market. Meanwhile, a session of Mr. Shiva Reddy's New age realtor and Technology session of Nithya Reddy are so refreshing and helped me learn new things. The Sessions of Mrs. Pushpalatha and Mr. Vikram are adding weapons to the armoury. Excellently etched. Not but not the least the sessions of Suresh sir and Hanu sir are always as fresh as when I was attending for the first time.

Sundar A M - Joint Venture & Developer Solutions - Mylapore Dated On : 04-Jan-2020

Hanu sirs inaugural address : The speech is a word of wisdom for any realtor who aspiring to be a successful broker. The initial speech of his said about the Poes Garden land which is appreciated from 25000 rupees to 35 crore and evolved in big time to generate a commission alone for 1 Crore is a true inspiration for any new realtor who have no idea about real estate. He was on dot to say that this is Real estate and this is what it can fetch. Also the new terminology JPsqft(Joy per sqft) could be a very good weapon on negotiation. Somewhere in between the speech Mr. Mallikarjun Reddy spoke said a new phrase for Real estate \"Buyer has to develop a mindset to buy with one rupee more while a seller has to be ready to sell one rupee less\" was not just a pass by comment. It\'s as important as the Jpsqft. Learning from Veterans : Each and every speaker came up with their own style of conducting a session successfully. A soothing session from Mr. Vijay shankar Reddy, Informative session from Mr. Shiva Reddy, A new segment and new opportunities explained by Mr. N.Muthukrishnan & Mr. Shivakumar and completely a new experience from Mr. Shivasubramaniam each session is best on its own way. Session from Swaminathan : The technology session from a tech savvy pal is as good as the previous time and the way he added up the new app every time making us update and make yourself available for his next training programme. Outside speakers : Market is Low, Lul, Dull and no scope market we are working under. Came to this training programme with the loads of bad thoughts and negatives in mind. The outside speakers as Mr. Ajith Chordia and Mr. Arun have completely eliminated the thoughts with their wonderful presentation without hiding the fact that the market is not behaving in the same manner it used to be earlier. A word from Mr. Ajith Chordia Yes the market is bad, But i faced even worse than this many a time in my career. But I never shifted profession and never ran away. That's why I'm what I'm today" A word from Mr. Arun "Yes the market is bad. It doesn't mean you have to runaway from it. It's best to put your best effort and best of all time to extract the success like never before to sustain and succeed" Feel really bad to missed out on Mr. Manohar session. Suresh Sir : Last but not the least. A person who is always there and always ask all questions whatever the audiences wanted to ask as if he don't know anything. Being successful director of Indian HRR operations the few questions he asked in "Mega broker session" make us feel like, is he really has all these doubts..?? But the fact is he knows the answer for that question and all the other questions to be followed. So if any new realtors come up with any new questions is really great. Just for example the way he answered for one of the realtors " Organic laddu" question on "Unleash the ferrari" session was so hilarious yet too humble . Keep inspiring us as you always do sir.

Ravi Krishna Guturu - VizagDated On : 21-Feb-2019

This was my 20th training program! What really inspires me and motivates me to attend is that, there is always something new to learn and implement. This time it was the technology session by Mr SSS, Mr Sai n Mr Swaminath..Mailchimp- for bulk mails, Instagram , Hash tags - to reach a greater audience, canva, snapseed n so on. The young trainers were amazing. The special thing about this training program is the venue ie The SPP Gardens - PARADISE ON EARTH !!! Lush green garden, natural pond with ducks , emu birds, cows and dogs and lots n lots of fresh air. The training of 9hrs per day was attended with ease. The support staff ie west chennai branch, FOEs, Asst mgrs, Manager were highly proactive and were always present whenever needed. My special thanks to Rupa Madam, a great host and her team.. Ms Ranjana, Mr Seemaan and Mr Selvam who was always there, right from breakfast till dinner time making sure that each n every member is comfortable with his or her stay. The food was awesome. Finally I thank my mentors Hanu Sir , Suresh Sir, Renuka Madam and RLM Sir for giving me this opportunity to be associated with this wonderful organisation. Thank You.

Kiran R V - West Chennai MaduravoyalDated On : 21-Feb-2019

Great programme! All the topics were very relevant and useful. All session was very informative. Learned a great deal and inspired to learn more.

Renadive P - CoimbatoreDated On : 16-Jan-2018

I have no words to explain my positive feelings and gratitude towards HRR Management who arranged this Training Programme#25. After attend this training program, I felt really very blessed and gained lot of knowledge not only in professional life but in personnel life too. Thanks a lot to HRR Management and especially Hanu sir and Suresh sir.

Shanmugasundaram S - Adyar-VelacheryDated On : 15-Jan-2018

Thank you very much for the 25th Training Programme. Every training programme getting more motivation. Improving subject knowledge (Residential, commercial, Rental, Plot). Every trainer giving more information once again thanks to all.

Ashok Kumar N - Adyar-VelacheryDated On : 15-Jan-2018

Thanks to the Management giving an opportunity to share my thoughts in the session of How HRR Transformation in my Life, this is very special one for me 1st time with all the Director\'s with In house training sessions and their practically share their experience.. HANU Sir, I will sure we are on the path of your dreams.. Your Motivation given me lot of confidence to do more things, I will play my roll whenever I get the opportunity. Proudly I say under the Guidence of our Vice-President Mr.S.SIVASUBRAMANIAN we will do wonders in the year of 2018 Once again I want thank our VP, Senior Realtors, Supporting Staffs and My Co-Realtors

Hemanth Kumar P - MysuruDated On : 16-Jan-2018

I would like to thank the Management for providing such an excellent power packed training sessions in Chennai. Hanu Sir\'s presence was the highlight of the 25th training programme, we have carried lot of good positive vibes from him and from this session, like keep learning always will make us to grow in our life and helping other to grow along with us is also more important. seeing all our directors together was real treat . Special thanks to HRR residences for a wounder full hospitality provided, especially to Roopa madam for preparing Pongal for us, it was so special for out station Realtors and definitely this kind of training provided by our company will help us to thrive in this industries for years to come. Inspiring to Aspire was excellent n more successful

Ananth Kumar N - MysuruDated On : 09-Jan-2015

This is my 5th training. It was nice. It is the platform where I can shape my skills. The first 4 days was as usual what I have faced the problem that cleared out. 5th day, I mean 31st oct 2014, the morning session that was told by Mr.Sunil Parekh, was really nice to implement lot of thing. I will really work on it to take off my best. And one more thing that I loved is hospitality in our organization ‘HRR’ Thanks for organization to conducted nice training programme.

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