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Currently Dealing 79 Properties

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  • Diploma in Computer Television and Network


  • 10 Years of experience in Real Estate field

Personal Information

  • Born & Brought up in Chennai

Languages Known 

  • English, Tamil


  • Reading
  • Singing
  • Playing Games

Deals Concluded

  • Sold 2BHK Flat 850Sq.Ft at Mahatma Gandhi Road, Thiruvanmiyur
  • Sold 3BHK Flat 1373Sq.Ft at Kasturibai Nagar, Adyar
  • Rented 900 Sq.Ft 2BHK Flat at, Gangothri Apartment, Telephone Nagar Main Road, Perungudi
  • Rented 1100 Sq.Ft 2BHK Flat at 5th Avenue, Besant Nagar
  • Sold 3BHK Flat at Panchayat Road, Perungudi
  • Rented 2000Sq.Ft 3BHK Flat @ Gandhi Nagar, Adyar
  • Sold 794Sq.Ft 2BHK Flat at Ramalinga Nagar Main Road, Madipakkam
  • Sold Out 1112Sq.Ft 2BHK Flat at Radha Nagar, Chromepet
  • Rented 1386Sq.Ft 3BHK Flat at Kazura Garden, Neelankarai
  • Sold 1050Sq.Ft 2BHK Flat at Rajaji Nagar Main Road, Thiruvanmiyur
  • Sold 1861 Sq.Ft 3BHK +1 Study Flat at Indira Nagar, Adyar
  • Sold 1720Sq.Ft 3BHK Flat at 3rd Avenue, Besant Nagar
  • Rented 2000 Sq.Ft 3BHK Flat + Study at Gandhi Nagar, Adyar
  • Sold 1280 Sq.Ft 3BHK Flat at CEE DEE YES Regal Palm Garden, Velachery
Property Type Sale/Rent Location Reference
Independent House Sale Neelankarai SRO/NHS-374764 View
Flat Rent Thoraipakkam RRO/ADY-VLCY-364386 View
Flat Sale Medavakkam SRO/NHS-361447 View
Flat Sale Medavakkam SRO/NHS-361422 View
Flat Sale Thoraipakkam SRO/ADY-VLCY-360686 View
Flat Sale Velachery SRO/ADY-VLCY-349424 View
Independent House Sale Thiruvanmiyur SRO/ADY-VLCY-343538 View
Flat Sale Velachery SRO/ADY-VLCY-343276 View
Independent House Sale Chromepet SRO/ADY-VLCY-302222 View
Flat Sale Porur SRO/ADY-VLCY-334108 View
Flat Sale Thiruvanmiyur SRO/ADY-VLCY-326283 View
Flat Sale Thoraipakkam SRO/ADY-VLCY-331431 View
Flat Sale Thoraipakkam SRO/ADY-VLCY-331426 View
Flat Sale Palavakkam SRO/ADY-VLCY-329001 View
Flat Sale Pallikaranai SRO/ADY-VLCY-319307 View
Flat Sale Adyar SRO/ADY-VLCY-298674 View
Flat Rent Besant Nagar RRO/ADY-VLCY-325234 View
Mixed-Commercial Rent Adyar RCO/ADY-VLCY-323933 View
Flat Sale Chromepet SRO/ADY-VLCY-303990 View
Flat Sale Thiruvanmiyur SRO/ADY-VLCY-321409 View
Standalone Building Rent Thiruvanmiyur RCO/ADY-VLCY-315532 View
Standalone Building Rent T.Nagar RCO/ADY-VLCY-316880 View
Residential Land Sale Neelankarai SL/ADY-VLCY-300418 View
Residential Land Sale Uthandi SL/NHS-300074 View
Independent House Sale Uthandi SRO/ADY-VLCY-297238 View
Flat Sale Adyar SRO/ADY-VLCY-284213 View
Flat Sale Kanathur SRO/ADY-VLCY-287901 View
Office Space Rent Adyar RCO/ADY-VLCY-282630 View
Office Space Rent Kottivakkam RCO/ADY-VLCY-279229 View
Office Space Sale Guindy SCO/ADY-VLCY-270230 View
Flat Sale Velachery SRO/ADY-VLCY-277233 View
Office Space Rent Adyar RCO/ADY-VLCY-275341 View
Flat Sale Palavakkam SRO/ADY-VLCY-274686 View
Flat Sale Chromepet SRO/ADY-VLCY-267739 View
Duplex Flat Rent Pallavaram RRO/ADY-VLCY-269820 View
Flat Sale Besant Nagar SRO/ADY-VLCY-269124 View
Flat Sale Thiruvanmiyur SRO/ADY-VLCY-264394 View
Office Space Sale Adyar SCO/ADY-VLCY-266399 View
Flat Sale Chromepet SRO/ADY-VLCY-265038 View
Flat Sale Perungudi SRO/ADY-VLCY-256308 View
Residential Land Sale Kovalam SL/ADY-VLCY-254347 View
Flat Sale Velachery SRO/ADY-VLCY-248726 View
Flat Sale Palavakkam SRO/ADY-VLCY-245683 View
Flat Sale Velachery SRO/ADY-VLCY-241494 View
Flat Sale Velachery SRO/ADY-VLCY-240213 View
Flat Sale Alandur SRO/ADY-VLCY-239446 View
Flat Sale Adyar SRO/ADY-VLCY-234207 View
Duplex Flat Sale Thoraipakkam SRO/ADY-VLCY-235252 View
Flat Sale Thoraipakkam SRO/ADY-VLCY-235253 View
Flat Rent Kottivakkam RRO/ADY-VLCY-224691 View
Independent House Sale T.Nagar SRO/ADY-VLCY-219079 View
Residential Land Sale Thoraipakkam SL/ADY-VLCY-176130 View
Flat Sale Madipakkam SRO/ADY-VLCY-183757 View
Office Space Rent Thiruvanmiyur RCO/ADY-VLCY-181266 View
Flat Rent Velachery RRO/ADY-VLCY-177294 View
Flat Sale Velachery SRO/ADY-VLCY-174694 View
Residential Land Sale Kelambakkam SL/ADY-VLCY-175308 View
Residential Land Sale Injambakkam SL/ADY-VLCY-172943 View
Flat Rent Velachery RRO/ADY-VLCY-172502 View
Flat Sale Velachery SRO/ADY-VLCY-172493 View
Office Space Rent Thiruvanmiyur RCO/ADY-VLCY-170569 View
Flat Rent Guindy RRO/ADY-VLCY-169212 View
Independent House Rent Palavakkam RRO/ADY-VLCY-168851 View
Office Space Rent Adyar RCO/ADY-VLCY-165032 View
Duplex Flat Rent Palavakkam RRO/ADY-VLCY-164448 View
Flat Rent Adyar RRO/ADY-VLCY-159223 View
Independent House Sale Thiruvanmiyur SRO/ADY-VLCY-159172 View
Independent House Rent Thiruvanmiyur RRO/ADY-VLCY-154391 View
Flat Sale Adyar SRO/ADY-VLCY-155843 View
Flat Sale Tiruvanmiyur SRO/ADY-VLCY-147754 View
Office Space Rent Anna Nagar RCO/ADY-VLCY-149589 View
Flat Sale Kottivakkam SRO/ADY-VLCY-141978 View
Independent House Sale Nanganallur SRO/ADY-VLCY-142929 View
Office Space Rent Nungambakkam RCO/ADY-VLCY-139164 View
Flat Sale Palavakkam SRO/ADY-VLCY-139591 View
Flat Sale Palavakkam SRO/ADY-VLCY-139585 View
Flat Rent Velachery RRO/ADY-VLCY-139245 View
Flat Sale Madipakkam SRO/ADY-VLCY-122278 View
Flat Rent Guindy RRO/ADY-VLCY-121506 View

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