Anna Nagar is an advanced and prime residential neighborhood in Chennai with a structured urban plan with railways and bus lines that connect every part of the area with the city. We know why you are looking for a place in Anna Nagar which the people of Chennai call a separate city. The real estate value here is slightly more profitable because of the amenities this place has to offer compared with other areas. There are many properties for sale in this area, but if you want a standard property truthful to its character, please contact our real estate agent and see our flat for sale at Anna Nagar.



The flat for sale at Anna Nagar is in a quiet area, near a 40-foot road. The flat for sale at Anna Nagar is a construction area of 4000 square ft on a 5000 square ft with a lovely garden. This is a ground floor +1 of the apartment. The apartment is a well-built, fully equipped house. There is a 6BHK with 6 toilets. The apartment is a building facing north with an indoor car park. The flat for sale at Anna Nagar is equipped with both metro and bore water without any problems with its distribution of the water. This place is a luxurious suite with all amenities for sale at a rate of Rs.12,50,00,000, which is very reasonable for such an apartment in a prominent area close to bus and metro lines. The apartment is near supermarkets, banks, and customer service. You can simply move into this apartment with your bags as this apartment is fully equipped. For more information, contact our Hanu Reddy agents. We are glad to assist.


There are plenty of flats for sale in Anna Nagar, but what’s so unique about us is that when we come to deal with real estate for you, we have more than three decades of experience in the world of Hanu Reddy Realty, as a global franchise. We deal with residential and industrial spaces for sale, leasing, and rent. Our thought is to extend and we live with our legendary hospitality! Hanu Reddy Realty is a pioneer in the real estate industry catering, with over three decades of worldwide experience in the industry. Anne Nagar offers new apartments and flats for sale every minute, which is the time to invest in your dream home in Chennai’s leading residential area. Anna Nagar is the perfect place for those who are looking for a big investment in property. It has every comfort because it is one of the most prominent residential areas. Anna Nagar has become more and more one of the most searched for people, whether to buy or rent. Hanu Reddy Realty offers Anna Nagar a great apartment for sale, perfect for people or families who want an apartment and want to move into a big part of the city. For the best flat for sale in Anna Nagar reach out to our realtors at Hanu Reddy Realty today! Visit the CTA below to talk to one of our realtors to find your ideal home!


A real estate agent is the real estate market workhorse, which includes staff like inspectors, real estate managers, contractors, bankers, government agencies, etc.

 A certified realtor is self-motivated, is detailed, honest, and cares about housing, architecture, and immense knowledge in the local housing market. As a certified real estate agent, a good realtor needs to be well versed in his practice. A qualified realtor must adhere to his ethics and sign the Ethics Code containing seventeen articles. 


Our real estate companies periodically renew their licenses and swear by the morals with which they are immersed. In their property transactions, you can expect full transparency. You can expect a thorough and transparent process to flow with our certified real estate agent as soon as you contact them. As a marketer, a salesperson, a negotiator, a consultant, your property agent will be a number of names. The buyer and the seller are communicated by the realtor to all legalities involved in dealing with the estate. They can be in contact with an extension of immovable agents, brokers, potential purchasers, sellers, and others in the real estate sector and therefore possess extensive knowledge of the current immovable market. The Hanu Reddy Realty real estate companies are known for their commitment and work ethic in the real estate industry. You can check the buyers’ and sellers’ feedback and comments for their trustworthiness.

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