Five Reasons Why You Should Use A Realtor


A realtor is a bridge between the buyer and seller who helps the deal go through faster and easier. Why would you choose a realtor instead of handling everything yourself? Here are some reasons:


  1. Resourceful : Realtors have ready updated database of properties and space for commercial units and residential homes. The client does not need to go pillar to post looking for his requirement or search in real estate supplements. He is just a call or an email away from his needs.
  2. Relationship with the owners : They know the credibility and authenticity of the owners/sellers and one can be assured that they are with the right party. The client is assured that the information given by the realtor is genuine. However once the deal is done between the buyer and seller, the realtor will not take responsibility for any untoward incident between the two parties.
  3. Neighbourhood expertise: Realtors are very well informed about  the strengths and weaknesses of a neighbourhood and the various facilities available in the vicinity. They can use this knowledge to make good recommendations that meet the client’s needs.
  4. Niche requirement : Some experienced realtors who have been in the industry for several years do specialise in a particular area. For example, some realtors will deal with only first time buyers, some have a lot of knowledge of only villas in the whole city. This not only saves time for the client but also wins his confidence and trust as the realtor knows his area of speciality and knows how to deal with his client’s requirements.
  5. Time factor : Whether it is a commercial or residential requirement, time factor of delivering information and connecting with the parties is very important. Since a realtor has a lot of experience, as well as a large database, they are able to meet the client’s requirements much faster.