5 Benefits of Exclusive Property Listing

Exclusive Listing

Exclusive Listing also called as

Exclusive Mandate

Exclusive Authorisation to Sell
Exclusive Agency
Exclusive Rights to Market/Sell
This is a time-bound performance based employment contract issued by the Seller to an Agent to represent him in a Sale transaction. Usually this is irrevocable.
The contract clearly specifies Seller Role and Responsibilities/Duties of the assigned Agent.
Like any other time bound contract it has beginning date and ending date and the Name and Address of Seller.
The Sale price is mentioned by the Seller which is usually negotiable.
After going through the contract Seller signs on all pages accepting the terms mentioned therein.
Typical duration for this contract is for 3 months going up to one year.
At the end of the contract period in case sale does not materialise,
both the Seller and Agent mutually can decide on an extension of the contract based on Seller’s experience with Agent.
Our experience with Exclusive Listing is that it ensures win-win situation for both the Seller and the Agent.
Benefits to Seller:-
1. He is relieved of the pressure as the responsibility of Sale shifts to the Agent.
2. Seller has one point of contact with Listing Agent and communication becomes easy.
3. Seller can avoid confusion in the market as there is only one Agent working on the property at any given time.
4. No dissonance in the market about property price which is typical when several agents market the property.
5. Seller can get the best price in the market.
Benefits to Agent-
1. Assured employment and work during the contract period.
2. Helps to focus all his time, energy and efforts in the property as it ensures income when sale materialises.
3. Helps in creating effective marketing strategy to complete sale within contract period.
4. Job satisfaction on completion of sale as the % of closure dramatically improves with listed property.
5. Will be the public face for the property during the contract period.
Typically Seller may leave the keys of the vacant property with the Agency during the contract period.
Also available similar contract for Buyers called “Exclusive Authorization to Buy” which is beneficial for buyers to work with focused Agent.
Hanu Reddy Realty has excellent track record of closing sales of Exclusive Listed properties with around 80% of the business coming from Exclusive Listed properties.
For Sellers this means hassle free transaction and they can leave the nitty gritty of selling to the experts in Real Estate.