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Currently Dealing 166 Properties

147 Properties For Sale
19 Properties For Rent


  • B. Sc Mathematics, Madras University, India.


  • In Real Estate since 2005.
  • Access to unlimited HNI and potential buyers database, Pan India and Globally.
  • Experienced in evaluating properties, Certified by NAR India.
  • Creative Director for Making Ad Film


  • Has good strategy to close deals
  • Promoting software product to fortune 500 company
  • Business experience in consumer products, software & Media Company


  • Sale of Residential / Commercial Land and Rental Commercial Office Space.


  • Ashok Nagar, 2.2 Grounds Land with house Rs.6.5 Crores for residential purpose
  • Ashok Nagar, 1.6 Grounds Land with house, Rs. 6.5 Crores for Commercial
  • Nanganallur, 1.8 Grounds Land with house
  • Joint Venture Development of 1.5 Grounds at Anna Nagar for Rs. 6 Crores
  • Sold Brand New Flat in Harrington Road (Atmosphere - Vijay Shanthi Builder) for Rs. 3.25 Crores.
  • Leased commercial space 7,250 Sq.ft. at Ceebros - Shyamala Gardens, Arcot Road, Saligramam to M/s.Yonex
  • Sold 3600 Sq.ft. TNHB Plot at Anna Nagar for Rs.3.40 Crores
  • Leased Beach House on 3 Grounds at ECR to M/s.Danfoss Industries Pvt. Ltd. for Rs.1,90,000/- per month
  • Sold Independent House on 3200 sft Land at Alwarthirunagar for Rs.2.25 Crores
  • Sold 12 Grounds on OMR for Rs.2.85 Crores
  • Leased 10,000 Sq.ft. Independent House at Valasarvakkam to M/s.Benz Vacation Club for Rs.1.75 Lakhs per month.
  • Sold 1400 Sq.ft. 3 Bedroom Apartment at T.Nagar for Rs.1.01 Crores
  • Sold 1215 Sq.ft. Flat at West Mambalam
  • Sold 2.61 Grounds Land at Adambakkam
  • Sold 2BHK Flat at Dr.Natesan Salai, Ashok Nagar


  • Interested in Property related  information & Handling Clients


  • Resident of Chennai since 1990
  • Engaged in Social Activities


Property Type Sale/Rent Location Reference
Sale Tambaram SL/GST-45953 View
Agricultural Land Sale Anakaputhur SL/GST-43711 View
Agricultural Land Sale Theni SL/2596 View
Approved Land Sale Perungalathur SL/GST-31830 View
Approved Land Sale Kalaignar Karunanidhi nagar SL/GST-41872 View
Approved Land Sale Annur SL/CBE-96055 View
Built to Suit Rent Tambaram Sanatorium RCO/GST-80801 View
Commercial Land Sale Pallavaram SL/GST-55378 View
Commercial Land Rent Tambaram RL/GST-33962 View
Commercial Land Sale Chromepet SL/GST-40167 View
Commercial Land Sale Thirumudivakkam SL/GST-40698 View
Commercial Land Sale Manimangalam SL/1619 View
Commercial Land Sale Tambaram West SL/GST-76198 View
Duplex Flat Sale Abiramapuram SRO/GST-54562 View
Duplex Flat Sale Nungambakkam SRO/GST-100175 View
Duplex Flat Sale Guindy SRO/GST-48645 View
Duplex House Sale Sriperumbudur SRO/GST-45498 View
Duplex House Sale ECR SRO/GST-61907 View
Flat Sale Chinnavedampatti SRO/CBE-42368 View
Flat Sale Oragadam SRO/GST-54706 View
Flat Sale Pallavaram SRO/GST-50090 View
Flat Sale Pallavaram SRO/GST-66574 View
Flat Sale Kottur SRO/GST-32616 View
Flat Sale Porur SRO/GST-62849 View
Flat Sale Chromepet SRO/GST-66792 View
Flat Sale Tambaram East SRO/2961 View
Flat Sale Pallavaram SRO/GST-78239 View
Flat Sale Madambakkam SRO/GST-50457 View
Flat Sale T.Nagar SRO/GST-100205 View
Flat Sale T.Nagar SRO/GST-26944 View
Flat Sale Nungambakkam SRO/GST-100186 View
Flat Sale Pallavaram SRO/GST-25102 View
Flat Sale Pallavaram SRO/NHS-66516 View
Flat Sale KK Nagar SRO/GST-25260 View
Flat Sale Anna Nagar SRO/GST-29384 View
Flat Sale Pallavaram SRO/GST-31678 View
Flat Sale Guindy SRO/GST-34865 View
Flat Sale Pallavaram SRO/GST-43076 View
Flat Sale Pallavaram SRO/GST-43077 View
Flat Sale Kalaignar Karunanidhi nagar SRO/GST-41861 View
Flat Sale Pallavaram SRO/GST-42115 View
Flat Sale Pallavaram SRO/GST-42349 View
Flat Sale Race Course SRO/CBE-60961 View
Flat Sale Egattur SRO/GST-61973 View
Flat Sale T.Nagar SRO/GST-76994 View
Flat Sale Pallavaram SRO/GST-78834 View
Flat Sale Chetpet SRO/GST-79357 View
Flat Sale Vepery SRO/GST-82828 View
Flat Sale Manapakkam SRO/GST-83660 View
Flat Sale Anna Nagar SRO/GST-85056 View
Flat Sale Pallavaram SRO/GST-87294 View
Flat Sale Alwarthirunagar SRO/GST-87367 View
Flat Sale Pallavaram SRO/GST-94967 View
Flat Sale Ashok Nagar SRO/GST-92116 View
Flat Sale Valasaravakkam SRO/GST-92195 View
Flat Sale Chetpet SRO/GST-95302 View
Flat Sale Porur SRO/GST-95162 View
Flat Sale Pallavaram SRO/GST-95931 View
Flat Sale Ashok Nagar SRO/GST-96197 View
Godown Sale Ganapathy SCO/259 View
Independent House Sale Tatabad SRO/CBE-52720 View
Independent House Sale Perumbakkam SRO/GST-37159 View
Independent House Sale Kalaignar Karunanidhi nagar SRO/GST-66148 View
Independent House Sale Anna Nagar West SRO/GST-43699 View
Independent House Sale Ashok Nagar SRO/4736 View
Independent House Rent Valasaravakkam RRO/2254 View
Independent House Sale Madipakkam SRO/GST-54420 View
Independent House Sale Chitlapakkam SRO/GST-43933 View
Independent House Sale Ashok Nagar SRO/5318 View
Independent House Sale Chromepet SRO/GST-73336m View
Independent House Sale Ashok Nagar SRO/GST-54672 View
Independent House Sale Manapakkam SRO/5485 View
Independent House Sale Anna Nagar West SRO/GST-58234 View
Independent House Sale Madipakkam SRO/GST-97628 View
Independent House Sale Tambaram East SRO/GST-99570 View
Independent House Sale Vadapalani SRO/GST-30141 View
Independent House Sale Thiruvanmiyur SRO/GST-30540 View
Independent House Sale Thiruvanmiyur SRO/GST-30540 View
Independent House Sale Manapakkam SRO/GST-44854 View
Independent House Sale Choolaimedu SRO/GST-32924 View
Independent House Sale Ambattur SRO/GST-33688 View
Independent House Sale Anna Nagar West SRO/GST-33885 View
Independent House Sale Nanganallur SRO/GST-70375 View
Independent House Sale Madipakkam SRO/GST-89039 View
Independent House Sale Alapakkam SRO/GST-41685 View
Independent House Sale Ashok Nagar SRO/GST-41854 View
Independent House Sale Valasaravakkam SRO/GST-41954 View
Independent House Rent Vadapalani RRO/WC-42596 View
Independent House Sale Pammal SRO/GST-43780 View
Independent House Sale Virugambakkam SRO/GST-48426 View
Independent House Sale Thiruvanmiyur SRO/GST-61094 View
Independent House Sale Adyar SRO/GST-50916 View
Independent House Sale Chromepet SRO/GST-62260 View
Independent House Sale Chromepet SRO/GST-63719 View
Independent House Sale Nanganallur SRO/GST-64007 View
Independent House Sale Chromepet SRO/GST-72295 View
Independent House Sale Madambakkam SRO/GST-98026 View
Independent House Sale West Mambalam SRO/GST-75432 View
Independent House Sale Rajakilpakkam SRO/GST-79560 View
Independent House Rent Pammal RRO/GST-81173 View
Independent House Sale Thiruneermalai SRO/GST-81948 View
Independent House Sale Adambakkam SRO/GST-89076 View
Independent House Sale Chromepet SRO/GST-91054 View
Industrial Building Sale Chromepet SCO/GST-92119 View
Industrial Building Sale Annur SCO/CBE-94850 View
Industrial Land Sale Thirumudivakkam SL/1707 View
Mixed-Commercial Sale OMR SCO/0344 View
Mixed-Commercial Sale Raja Annamalaipuram SCO/GST-56285 View
Mixed-Commercial Sale Manimangalam SCO/GST-97634 View
Mixed-Commercial Rent Selaiyur RCO/GST-49727 View
Mixed-Commercial Rent Thirumudivakkam RCO/GST-40702 View
Mixed-Commercial Rent Pallavaram RCO/GST-43087 View
Mixed-Commercial Rent Kalaignar Karunanidhi nagar RCO/GST-41859 View
Mixed-Commercial Sale Guduvanchery SCO/GST-87080 View
Mixed-Commercial Sale Virugambakkam SCO/GST-48428 View
Mixed-Commercial Rent Guduvanchery RCO/GST-61200 View
Mixed-Commercial Rent Padappai RCO/GST-64164 View
Mixed-Commercial Rent Sembakkam RCO/GST-72478 View
Mixed-Commercial Sale Chromepet SCO/GST-82838 View
Mixed-Commercial Sale Madhavaram SCO/GST-83804 View
Mixed-Commercial Rent Madhavaram RCO/GST-83817 View
Mixed-Commercial Sale Manimangalam SCO/GST-87368 View
Mixed-Commercial Sale Mannivakkam SCO/GST-87832 View
Mixed-Commercial Sale Urapakkam SCO/GST-89075 View
Mixed-Commercial Sale Tambaram Sanatorium SCO/GST-96570 View
Mixed-Land Sale Tambaram SL/GST-45854 View
Mixed-Land Sale Pallavaram SL/GST-71216 View
Mixed-Land Sale Chromepet SL/GST-40177 View
Mixed-Land Sale Perungalathur SL/GST-94739 View
Mixed-Residential Sale Nungambakkam SRO/GST-32699 View
Office Space Rent Egmore RCO/GST-69965 View
Office Space Sale Ashok Nagar SCO/0457 View
Office Space Rent Saligramam RCO/GST-22133 View
Office Space Sale Nungambakkam SCO/GST-42185 View
Office Space Sale Egmore SCO/GST-99398 View
Office Space Rent Saidapet RCO/GST-92640 View
Parking Yard Rent Madambakkam RCO/GST-62304 View
Penthouse Sale T.Nagar SRO/GST-29570 View
Residential Land Sale Nanganallur SL/1801 View
Residential Land Sale Injambakkam SL/GST-60007 View
Residential Land Sale ICF Colony SL/GST-48422 View
Residential Land Sale Kalaignar Karunanidhi nagar SL/2336 View
Residential Land Sale Vanagaram SL/GST-55893 View
Residential Land Sale Vanagaram SL/GST-55887 View
Residential Land Sale Chromepet SL/GST-30447 View
Residential Land Sale Anna Nagar SL/GST-33884 View
Residential Land Sale Chromepet SL/GST-34226 View
Residential Land Sale Kotturpuram SL/GST-35287 View
Residential Land Sale Padappai SL/GST-64169 View
Residential Land Sale Choolai SL/WC-36350 View
Residential Land Sale Vadavalli SL/CBE-46184 View
Residential Land Sale Thondamuthur SL/CBE-46185 View
Residential Land Sale Padappai SL/GST-64168 View
Residential Land Sale Madambakkam SL/1720 View
Residential Land Sale Kinnathukadavu SL/CBE-60245 View
Residential Land Sale Tambaram West SL/GST-78553 View
Residential Land Sale Saligramam SL/GST-79548 View
Residential Land Sale Tambaram West SL/GST-82123 View
Residential Land Sale Nanganallur SL/GST-84533 View
Residential Land Sale Adambakkam SL/GST-89032 View
Residential Land Sale Tambaram West SL/GST-92349 View
Residential Land Sale Manapakkam SL/GST-93086 View
Showroom Rent T.Nagar RCO/GST-92648 View
Villa Sale Siruvani SRO/2663 View
Warehouse Sale Annur SCO/CBE-94611 View
Warehouse Rent Annur RCO/CBE-94612 View