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  • B.A. History


  • Associated with Hanu Reddy Realty since July 2011
  • 10 Years experience in Banking (Collections)


  • Solid Team Player
  • Cutting edge business experience.
  • Professional Client Servicing.


  • Resident Of Chennai Since Birth
  • Married
  • Highly open to provide exclusive service to clients and maintain relationships.


  • Traveling.
  • Listening Music.
  • Interested in inspecting the properties.


  • Sold Independent House in Anna Nagar ,  2.15 Grounds , Just of 4 th Avenue Anna Nagar . 
  • Sold Commercial Property in Vadapalani, Just off 100 Feet Road, 1.25 Grounds with Built up of around 5000 Sq.Ft.
  • Sold Land at Vadapalani - Represented Both and Seller 
  • Sold Beautiful View Flat in Apaswamy Cerus, Virugambakkam - Represented Both Seller & Buyer 
  • Sold Beautiful Spacious Flat with Private Terrace @ Indira Nagar, Adyar - Represented Both Seller & Buyer 
  • Sold Commercial Land , 6576 Sq.ft at Nehru Nagar, Kottivakkam - Represented Both Seller & Buyer 
  • Sold Commercial Land 7440Sq.Ft at Nehru Nagar, Kottivakkam
  • Leased Flat,4000 Sq.ft, 4 Bedroom in Adyar
  • Sold Flat in Prestige Bella Viata, Iyyanppanthangal 
  • Leased Commercial Space , 740 Sq.ft in Iyyanppanthangal 
  • Sold Independent House Nungambakkam - Represented Buyer 
  • Sold Flat at Prestige Bella Vista - Represented Buyer & Seller
  • Sold Independent House at Anna Nagar West Extn Park Road 2 Grounds - Represented Buyer & Seller.
  • Sold Independent House at Kodambakkam 1.7 Grounds - Represented Buyer.
  • Sold Commercial property on Chamiers Road, Represented the seller.
  • Sold Brand New 3BHK Flat at Anna Nagar, Represented the buyer.
  • Sold 3 BHK + 1 Study room in Anna Nagar, Represented Buyer.
  • Leased Out 35,000 Sq.ft School Space for M/s.Chaitanya Schools at Madhavaram, Chennai
  • Leased Out 30,000 Sq.ft Built to Suit property for M/s.Chaitanya Schools at Ramavaram, Chennai.
  • Sold 1 Ground Old Independent House in Saligramam , Represented Buyer and Seller
  • Sold 1.1 Grounds Land in Perumbakkam, , Represented Buyer and Seller.
  • Sold 3BHK Flat in CIT Colony, Mylapore, Represented Seller.
  • Sold 1800 Commercial Property in TTK Road, Alwarpet, Represented  Seller.
  • Joint development 1.8 Grounds in Chowdry Nagar, Valasaravakkam.
  • Sold Independent House at R.A.Puram, Represented Buyer.
  • Sold 1584 Sq.ft 3BHK Flat in T.Nagar, Represented Buyer.
  • Sold 1520 Sq.ft 3BHK Flat in CEEBROS SHYAMALA GARDEN, Virugambakkam, Represented Buyer & Seller.
  • Sold 3BHK Flat in Vadapalani,Appaswamy Orchards represented Buyer & Seller.


  • Sold 3BHK Flat in Kilpauk , Represented Buyer and Seller
  • Sold 3BHK Flat in Appasamy Orchards, Vadapalani, , Represented Buyer and Seller.
  • Sold 3BHK Flat in Kilpauk, Near Sangam Theatre , Represented Buyer and Seller.
  • Sold 3BHK Flat in Appasamy Orchards, Vadapalni, , Represented Buyer and Seller.
  • Sold 3BHK Flat in Nandhanam, Near Boston School, Represented Seller.
  • Sold 3BHK Flat in Appasamy Orchards, Vadapalani, , Represented Buyer and Seller.
  • Sold 3BHK Flat in GK Shetty  Tulive Horizon Residences in Arunachalam Road, Saligramam, Represented Buyer and Seller.
  • Sold 3BHK Flat in “V” Block, Anna Nagar, Near Tower Park, Represented Buyer and Seller.
  • Sold 3BHK Flat in Alacrity Builder Kothari Road, Nungambakkam, Represented Buyer and Seller.
  • Sold 3BHK in Shyamala Gardens, Virugambakkam, Saligramam, Represented Buyer and Seller.
  • Sold 3BHK YS Enclave , Arcot Road, Virugambakkam, Represented Buyer and Seller.
  • Sold 3BHK in Spurtank Road, Chetpet, Near Shreemithai, Represented Buyer and Seller.
  • Sold 2BHK Flat in United India Colony, Kodambakkam, Represented Buyer and Seller.
  • 3BHK Flat in Hiranandhani, OMR, Represented Buyer.
  • Leased 4000 Sq.ft Flat at Shastri Nagar, Chaitanya Summit, Represented Tenant.
  • Sold 3BHK Flat in Indira Nagar, Adyar, Represented Buyer and Seller.
  • Sold 0.9 Grounds Land at Ayanambakkam,Represented Buyer and Seller.
  • Rented out 3BHK Flat in Haveli , T.Nagar, Represented Lessor and Lessee
  • Rented Out 3BHK Flat in Appasamy Cerus, Virugambakkam, Represented Lessor and Lessee.
  • Sold 1000 Sq.ft 2BHK Flat in Anna Nagar West, Represented Buyer & Seller.
  • Sold 1805 Sq.ft  3BHK Flat in LA CELESTE, Madhanandapuram, Represented Buyer & Seller
  • Sold 960 Sq.ft 2BHK Flat in Anna Nagar West Extn, Near SBOA School, Represented Buyer.
  • Sold Flat at Ashok Nagar 
  • Leased 8310 sq.ft Office Space to TVS, Represented Lessee.
  • Sold Land with Old Building at AD Block, Anna Nagar, Represented Seller.
Property Type Sale/Rent Location Reference
Flat Sale Anna Nagar West Extn SRO/WC-266107 View
Flat Sale Chetpet SRO/WC-266104 View
Flat Sale Saidapet SRO/WC-265848 View
Office Space Rent Raja Annamalaipuram RCO/WC-265799 View
Mixed-Residential Sale Anna Nagar SRO/WC-262774 View
Flat Rent Raja Annamalaipuram RRO/WC-262383 View
Office Space Rent Kolathur RCO/WC-257538 View
Independent House Sale chinmaya Nagar SRO/WC-239621 View
Independent House Sale Virugambakkam SRO/WC-235256 View
Independent House Sale Saligramam SRO/WC-231594 View
Flat Sale Adyar SRO/RGS-226498 View
Flat Sale Arumbakkam SRO/MYL-225882 View
Flat Sale Egmore SRO/MYL-214026 View
Flat Sale Adyar SRO/MYL-206412 View
Flat Sale Virugambakkam SRO/MYL-189607 View
Flat Sale Chetpet SRO/MYL-183330 View
Flat Rent Vadapalani RRO/MYL-177389 View
Independent House Sale Nandanam SRO/MYL-145410 View
Flat Sale Iyyappanthangal SRO/MYL-141928 View
Office Space Sale Vadapalani SCO/MYL-135048 View
Flat Sale Vadapalani SRO/MYL-127134 View
Flat Sale Porur SRO/MYL-126782 View
Flat Sale Vadapalani SRO/MYL-125445 View
Standalone Building Rent Medavakkam RCO/MYL-123072 View
Flat Sale Vadapalani SRO/MYL-119002 View
Flat Sale Arumbakkam SRO/MYL-112171 View
Flat Sale Iyyappanthangal SRO/MYL-103393 View
Flat Sale Arumbakkam SRO/MYL-87732 View
Flat Sale Vadapalani SRO/MYL-84502 View
Flat Sale Iyyappanthangal SRO/WG-72421 View
Flat Rent Vadapalani RRO/WG-71468 View
Flat Sale Chetpet SRO/WG-70369 View
Independent House Sale Koyambedu SRO/WC-67130 View
Residential Land Sale Jawahar Nagar SL/WG-66684 View
Flat Sale Vadapalani SRO/WG-66024 View
Flat Sale Saligramam SRO/WG-66023 View
Flat Sale Virugambakkam SRO/WG-66022 View
Flat Sale Vadapalani SRO/WG-58954 View
Residential Land Sale Panaiyur SL/WG-55055 View
Flat Sale T.Nagar SRO/WG-51742 View
Flat Sale T.Nagar SRO/WG-48499 View
Villa Sale Perumbakkam SRO/WG-48568 View
Flat Sale Nandanam SRO/WG-48024 View
Independent House Sale Adyar SRO/WG-46740 View
Independent House Sale Saligramam SRO/WG-46737 View
Independent House Sale Vadapalani SRO/WG-46735 View
Independent House Sale Saligramam SRO/WG-46733 View
Flat Sale Kodambakkam SRO/WG-46731 View
Flat Sale Porur SRO/WG-44740 View
Independent House Sale Anna Nagar East SRO/WG-44005 View
Flat Sale Koyambedu SRO/WG-43010 View
Flat Sale Aynavaram SRO/WG-41680 View
Flat Sale Virugambakkam SRO/WG-37313 View
Flat Sale Anna Nagar West SRO/WG-37157 View
Flat Sale T.Nagar SRO/WG-34844 View
Flat Sale Vadapalani SRO/WG-34310 View
Mixed-Land Sale Thiruvallur SL/WG-33037 View
Flat Sale Vadapalani SRO/WG-32644 View
Flat Sale Saligramam SRO/4619 View
Flat Sale Anna Nagar SRO/4390 View
Flat Sale Anna Nagar East SRO/4377 View
Flat Sale Vadapalani SRO-4328 View
Residential Land Sale Valasaravakkam SL/2020 View
Flat Sale Vadapalani SRO/3187 View
Residential Land Sale Nungambakkam SL/1330 View
Residential Land Sale Nungambakkam SL/1330 View
Residential Land Sale Poonamallee SL/1321 View
Flat Sale Kilpauk SRO/3363 View
Flat Sale Saligramam SRO/3224 View
Flat Sale Vadapalani SRO/2630 View
Flat Sale Gopalapuram SRO/2623 View
Flat Sale DLF, Ethiraj Salai,Egmore SRO/2374 View
Flat Sale Anna Nagar East SRO/1947 View

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