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My Testimonials

Currently Dealing 150 Properties

73 Properties For Sale
77 Properties For Rent


  • B.Com.


VGP Housing Private Ltd - 1986 to 1993

  • Worked as Marketing Executive
  • Successfully executed Sale Transaction of Lands promoted by “V.G.P.”
  • Achieved a turnover of about Rs.7 Crores.
  • Extensively travelled all over India for marketing the Layouts.

VGN Enterprises (1993 to 1998)

  • Worked as Marketing Manager.
  • Executed Sale Transaction of more than 500 Plots.
  • Achieved a turnover of about 4 to 5 Crores during the early slump market of 90s.

Land Developer - 1998 to 2001

  • Developed CMDA & DTCP approved Layouts from 1 Acre to 5 Acres in places like Singaperumal Koil, Chengalpattu, Vandalur, Urapakkam, M.M.Nagar personally and sold all the plots in record time in the slow market. 

Remarkable Deals (Hanu Reddy Realty India Pvt. Ltd.,):

  • Sold Residential Land of 2 Acres for Rs.55 Crores at Valasarawakkam to Prestige Developers-Bangalore
  • Sold Commercial Land of 1.47 Acres at Taramani for Rs.52.5 Crores to Ishwarya Hospital.
  • Sold Land at Gandhi Nagar, Adyar for Rs.13 Crores
  • Sold Land at Gopalapuram for Rs.12 Crores
  • Leased 45000 Sq.ft. Commercial Space to Mega Mart at Arumbakkam.
  • Leased 40000 Sq.ft. Independent Building to Mega Mart at Valasaravakkam.
  • Leased 42000 Sq.ft. Independent Building for Zee TV at T.Nagar.
  • Leased 12000 Sq.ft. Independent Building for Louis Philippe at Anna Nagar.
  • Rented out more than 5 Lakh Sq.ft Commercial Space in Chennai
  • Sold Commercial Spaces of more than 30,000 SFT
  • Sold Commercial Land of over Rs.40 Crores
  • Sold Residential Land of over Rs.50 Crores
  • Sold Flats over Rs.33 Crores

Awards and Achievements in Hanu Reddy Realty

  • All India 1st Position for the Financial Year 2020-2021
  • Networking with the highest number of Realtors for Two consecutive Financial Years (2019-2020 and 2020-2021)
  • All India 13th Position for the Financial Year 2013 -2014
  • All India 3rd Position for the Financial Year 2012 -2013
  • All India 13th Position for the Financial Year 2011 -2012
  • All India 9th Position for the Financial Year 2010 -2011
  • All India 7th Position for the Financial Year 2009 -2010
  • All India 1st Position, HATTRICK in the months of February, March and April during the Financial Year 2008 -2009, 
  • Received All India Platinum Award for the year 2007-2008.
  • All India 2nd position for the Financial Year 2007-2008.
  • 1st position for Chennai Branch twice for the month in the year 2006 - 2007
  • All India 3rd for the year 2005 - 2006 and 2006 – 2007

Specialised Areas in Real Estate:

  • Commercial Sale and Rental / Lease.
  • Sale of Residential Land / House / Flats.

Clientele List:

  • SSI Ltd
  • CCCL
  • Metro Shoes
  • Kuehnel & Nagel
  • Ansaldo Boilers
  • Take Solutions
  • Atheros
  • Puravankara Projects
  • HSBC Ltd
  • Airfrance
  • GVK Bioscience
  • Citi Financial
  • Group 4 Securities
  • P & O Neddloyd
  • TVS
  • Aravind Brands ( Mega Mart )
  • Madura Garments
  • Reliance Ltd
  • ZEE TV
  • ETA Group

Hobbies & Interest:

  • Traveling & Making friends
Property Type Sale/Rent Location Reference
Commercial Land Sale Mangadu SL/WC-61597 View
Commercial Land Sale Saidapet SL/MYL-83562 View
Commercial Land Sale Ramapuram SL/MYL-185234 View
Flat Sale Arumbakkam SRO/12983 View
Flat Sale Adyar SRO/12194 View
Flat Sale Adyar SRO/12195 View
Flat Sale Kotturpuram SRO/12130 View
Flat Sale T.Nagar SRO/12637,38,39,40 View
Flat Sale Velachery SRO/MYL-46513 View
Flat Sale Mylapore SRO/MYL-59670 View
Flat Rent Nungambakkam RRO/MYL-155082 View
Flat Sale Gopalapuram SRO/MYL-42651 View
Flat Rent Gopalapuram RRO/MYL-155558 View
Flat Rent Nungambakkam RRO/MYL-193509 View
Flat Sale T.Nagar SRO/MYL-118710 View
Flat Sale Thiruvanmiyur SRO/MYL-59806 View
Flat Rent Alwarpet RRO/MYL-82631 View
Flat Rent Nungambakkam RRO/MYL-155083 View
Flat Rent Alwarpet RRO/MYL-95017 View
Flat Sale Besant Nagar SRO/MYL-103852 View
Flat Rent Adyar RRO/MYL-103879 View
Flat Rent Adyar RRO/MYL-104690 View
Flat Sale Egmore SRO/MYL-105564 View
Flat Sale Alwarpet SRO/MYL-106380 View
Flat Sale Kottur SRO/MYL-131586 View
Flat Sale Kottur SRO/MYL-131588 View
Flat Sale Kottur SRO/MYL-131590 View
Flat Sale Poes Garden SRO/MYL-145262 View
Flat Rent Thiruvanmiyur RRO/MYL-145616 View
Flat Sale Thiruvanmiyur SRO/MYL-145617 View
Flat Sale Besant Nagar SRO/MYL-145819 View
Flat Rent Royapettah RRO/MYL-149558 View
Flat Sale Velachery SRO/MYL-151991 View
Flat Rent Mylapore RRO/MYL-164878 View
Flat Rent Anna Nagar RRO/MYL-164996 View
Flat Rent Iyyappanthangal RRO/WG-173781 View
Flat Sale T.Nagar SRO/MYL-179135 View
Flat Rent Thiruvanmiyur RRO/MYL-180464 View
Flat Rent Royapettah RRO/MYL-180803 View
Flat Rent T.Nagar RRO/MYL-180914 View
Flat Sale Gopalapuram SRO/MYL-181216 View
Flat Rent Thiruvanmiyur RRO/MYL-182223 View
Flat Sale Thiruvanmiyur SRO/MYL-183157 View
Flat Rent T.Nagar RRO/MYL-183582 View
Flat Rent Gopalapuram RRO/MYL-185722 View
Flat Rent Gopalapuram RRO/MYL-185723 View
Flat Sale Thiruvanmiyur SRO/MYL-186983 View
Flat Sale Thiruvanmiyur SRO/MYL-186991 View
Flat Sale Velachery SRO/MYL-192308 View
Godown Rent Parrys RCO/MYL-139074 View
Independent House Sale Chetpet SRO/MYL-65305 View
Independent House Sale Hasthinapuram SRO/MYL-143492 View
Independent House Sale Valasaravakkam SRO/MYL-156476 View
Independent House Sale Injambakkam SRO/MYL-160860 View
Independent House Rent Alwarpet RRO/MYL-162863 View
Independent House Rent Shenoy Nagar RRO/MYL-156658 View
Independent House Sale Alwarthirunagar SRO/MYL-103994 View
Independent House Sale Choolaimedu SRO/MYL-116910 View
Independent House Sale Mogappair SRO/MYL-164993 View
Independent House Sale Mogappair SRO/MYL-165000 View
Independent House Sale Chromepet SRO/MYL-165151 View
Independent House Sale Kilpauk SRO/MYL-167201 View
Independent House Sale Panaiyur SRO/MYL-179241 View
Independent House Sale Uthandi SRO/MYL-181769 View
Independent House Rent Uthandi RRO/MYL-181944 View
Industrial Land Sale perungudi SL/6226 View
IT Park Sale Ambattur SCO/MYL-42250 View
IT Park Rent Ambattur RCO/MYL-42252 View
Mixed-Commercial Sale T.Nagar SCO/MYL-160868 View
Mixed-Commercial Sale T.Nagar SCO/MYL-119109 View
Mixed-Commercial Rent Royapettah RCO/MYL-107054 View
Mixed-Commercial Rent T.Nagar RCO/MYL-164891 View
Mixed-Commercial Rent T.Nagar RCO/MYL-165982 View
Mixed-Commercial Rent Mylapore RCO/MYL-185262 View
Office Space Rent Kotturpuram RCO/MYL-158117 View
Office Space Rent Anna Salai RCO/MYL-59801 View
Office Space Rent Anna Salai RCO/11307 View
Office Space Rent Ekkaduthangal RCO/MYL-160044 View
Office Space Rent Kilpauk RCO/MYL-165996 View
Office Space Rent T.Nagar RCO/MYL-58808 View
Office Space Rent Vanagaram RCO/MYL-45832 View
Office Space Rent Anna Salai RCO/MYL-45915 View
Office Space Rent Guindy Industrial Estate RCO/MYL-152824 View
Office Space Rent Teynampet RCO/MYL-67066 View
Office Space Rent Nandanam RCO/MYL-68595 View
Office Space Sale Ekkaduthangal SCO/MYL-162871 View
Office Space Rent Guindy RCO/MYL-91328 View
Office Space Rent Alwarpet RCO/MYL-162760 View
Office Space Rent Raja Annamalaipuram RCO/MYL-162759 View
Office Space Rent Nungambakkam RCO/MYL-123437 View
Office Space Rent T.Nagar RCO/MYL-112717 View
Office Space Rent Guindy Industrial Estate RCO/MYL-131681 View
Office Space Rent Shenoy Nagar RCO/MYL-133420 View
Office Space Rent Pallavaram RCO/MYL-137737 View
Office Space Rent Parrys RCO/MYL-139072 View
Office Space Rent Anna Salai RCO/MYL-142402 View
Office Space Rent Anna Salai RCO/MYL-142406 View
Office Space Rent Anna Salai RCO/MYL-142407 View
Office Space Rent Anna Salai RCO/MYL-142409 View
Office Space Rent Guindy Industrial Estate RCO/MYL-143936 View
Office Space Rent Adyar RCO/MYL-147584 View
Office Space Rent Guindy Industrial Estate RCO/MYL-193098 View
Office Space Rent Anna Salai RCO/MYL-170755 View
Office Space Rent Anna Salai RCO/MYL-170756 View
Office Space Rent T.Nagar RCO/MYL-173013 View
Office Space Rent Kodambakkam RCO/MYL-182520 View
Office Space Rent Kodambakkam RCO/MYL-181395 View
Office Space Rent Mylapore RCO/MYL-185265 View
Office Space Rent Guindy Industrial Estate RCO/MYL-185448 View
Office Space Rent Chetpet RCO/MYL-185521 View
Office Space Rent Egmore RCO/MYL-186501 View
Office Space Rent Ambattur RCO/MYL-192097 View
Office Space Rent Anna Salai RCO/MYL-193104 View
Penthouse Rent Raja Annamalaipuram RRO/MYL-120139 View
Penthouse Sale Adyar SRO/MYL-145276 View
Penthouse Rent Adyar RRO/MYL-153112 View
Residential Land Sale Tambaram East SL/1325 View
Residential Land Sale Tambaram East SL/1325 View
Residential Land Sale Sundakkamuthur SL/CBE-53873 View
Residential Land Sale Ekkaduthangal SL/6281 View
Residential Land Sale Perumbakkam SL/MYL-143115 View
Residential Land Sale OMR SL/MYL-119221 View
Residential Land Sale Tambaram East SL/MYL-59828 View
Residential Land Sale Nungambakkam SL/MYL-138791 View
Residential Land Sale Choolaimedu SL/MYL-139086 View
Residential Land Sale Perambur SL/MYL-139087 View
Residential Land Sale Choolaimedu SL/MYL-139101 View
Residential Land Sale Palavakkam SL/MYL-139928 View
Residential Land Sale Kilpauk SL/MYL-142223 View
Residential Land Sale Kolapakkam SL/MYL-148738 View
Residential Land Sale Royapettah SL/MYL-184136 View
Residential Land Sale Uthandi SL/MYL-192313 View
Shop Sale Perambur SCO/MYL-48742 View
Showroom Sale Mylapore SCO/2394 View
Showroom Rent Adyar RCO/MYL-160660 View
Showroom Rent Nungambakkam RCO/MYL-141415 View
Showroom Rent Egmore RCO/MYL-190461 View
Showroom Sale Chetpet SCO/MYL-141859 View
Standalone Building Sale Nungambakkam SCO/ADY-VLCY-98050 View
Standalone Building Rent Teynampet RCO/MYL-143058 View
Standalone Building Sale Mylapore SCO/MYL-130890 View
Standalone Building Sale Velachery SCO/MYL-131691 View
Standalone Building Rent Teynampet RCO/MYL-168556 View
Standalone Building Rent Adyar RCO/MYL-180845 View
Standalone Building Sale Keelkattalai SCO/MYL-182601 View
Standalone Building Sale Anna Salai SCO/MYL-182290 View
Standalone Building Rent Alandur RCO/MYL-185272 View
Standalone Building Sale Alandur SCO/MYL-185274 View
Villa Sale Injambakkam SRO/MYL-193040 View
Warehouse Rent Ambattur Industrial Estate RCO/MYL-142064 View

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