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Currently Dealing 191 Properties

164 Properties For Sale
27 Properties For Rent

Education :

  • B.Com – Loyola College, Chennai
  • M.B.A in Marketing – Loyola Institute of Business Administration, Chennai


  • Working with Hanu Reddy Realty since 2004.
  • Having Experience in Marketing for more than 15 Years in Marketing Field.
  • Dealt with more than 500 Flat Owners, both buyers and sellers worldwide.
  • Dealt with Sale of Prestigious Prime Lands / Independent Houses in Prime Locations for clients like for Sun Pharmaceuticals, Vishranthi, Celebrities, Corporates etc.
  • Personally dealt with more than 500 families for their Real Estate Needs.

Area Of Specialization :

  • In Residential Sector, Flats, Independent Houses, Lands in prime areas like R.A.Puram, Poes Garden, Boat Club & Other Prime Residential Areas

Marketing Edge :

  • Have Huge Network of Clients.
  • Dealt with many Clients for marketing their properties exclusively.
  • Incorporated Modern Marketing Techniques.

Personal Information :

  • Raised from Business Family Background.
  • Resident of Chennai for more than 50 Years.

Hobbies & Interest:

  • Exploring New Avenues for Real Estates.

Deal Concluded :


  1. Just Sold! Flat @ Seaward Rd,Valmiki Ngr,Thiruvanmiyur 1600 Sq.ft,Sale Value: Rs.1.06 Crs  
  2. Just Sold! Flat @ Turnbulls Road, Nandanam,1450 Sq.ft, 3BHK, Sale Value: Rs.1.20 Crs  
  3. Just Sold!Independent House@ ECR,Neelankarai,1Grd & 300 Sq.ft, 2000 Sqft Blt,Value: Rs.2 Crs  
  4. Just Sold!Independent House @ VGP, Injambakkam, 3 Grds Land, 5187 Sqft Blt,Value: Rs.4 Crs  
  5. Just Leased!Flat @ Kottivakkam, 1800sq.ft, 3 BHK, Rent Amount : Rs.28,000/-  
  6. Just Sold!Flat @ DLF Garden City, Semmenchery, 1871 Sq.ft, 3 BHK, Sale Value: Rs.50.75 Lakhs
  7. Just Sold!Flat at Hiranandani Upscale, Bridge Wood Tower, Egattur,2220 Sq.ft,Amount: Rs.1.35 Crs
  8. Just Sold!Independent House at Mugalivakkam1920 Sqft, 3BHK, Sale Amount: Rs. 1.20 Crs
  9. Just Sold!Residential land at Medavakkam 2790 Sq.ft, 2 BHK, Sale Amount: Rs.1.02 Crores
  10. Just Sold!Flat @ TVH Park Villa, OMR Thoraipakkam,1060 Sq.ft, 2 BHK, Sale Amount: Rs.48.50 Lakhs
  11. Just Sold!Flat @ Ramaniyam Mridhula, OMR Thoraipakkam,1358 Sq.ft,Sale Amount Rs.49.50Lacs
  12. Just Sold!Flat @ L & T Eden Park, OMR Siruseri,1938 Sq.ft, 3BHK, Sale Amount:Rs.69.50Lacs
  13. Just Sold!Flat @ Mugalivakkam 966 Sq.ft, 2BHK, Sale Amount : Rs.45.5 Lakhs
  14. Just Sold!ECR Kottivakkam, Land Area : 3.82 Grounds Sale Amount : Rs 3.82 Crores
  15. Just Sold!Flat at Adyar,995 Sqft Builtup, 442UDS, 2BHK, Sale Amount : Rs. 86 Lacs
  16. Just Sold!Row House at Sowdeswari Ngr,Thoraipakkam, Blt 2570 Sqft,Amount 1.17Crs
  17. Just Sold!Flat at Arihant Heirloom, Thalambur, OMR,1070 Sqft, 2BHK,Sale Amount : Rs. 32 Lacs
  18. Just Sold!Ind House at Perungudi,Land 1299 Sqft, Built 1250Sft,Sale Amount :1.01Crs
  19. Just Sold!Ind House at Thoraipakkam Land 2820Sft,Blt2400Sft,Amount:2Crs
  20. Just Sold!Flat at Velachery, VGP SELVA NAGAR,1300Sqft, 3BHK Rs 44 Lakhs
  21. Just Sold!Flat at DLF Garden City, Semmanchery, OMR, 2079Sqft,3BHK,Sale Amount:Rs.67.56 Lacs
  22. Just Sold!Flat at Jains Inseli Park, Padur, OMR, 1710 Sqft, 3BHK, Sale Amount : Rs. 52 Lacs
  23. Just Sold!Flat at Jains Inseli Park, Padur, OMR, 1710 Sqft, 3BHK, Sale Amount : Rs. 52 Lacs
  24. Just Sold!Flat at Upper Crest, Perumbakkam, 838Sqft, 2BHK, Sale Amount: Rs.38 Lacs
  25. Just Sold!Show room @ Velachery,Basement 1896 Sqft,Sale Amount : Rs. 85 Lacs
  26. Just Sold!Flat @ Ramaniam Rhythm, Navalur,Builtup Area 1403 Sft, UDS 711Sft,Price:Rs.39 Lacs
  27. Just Sold!Flat @ Nungambakkam Built 1685Sft, UDS 1064Sft,Sale Amount : Rs. 1.50 Crs
  28. Just Sold!Flat @ Ramaniyam Waterfront, Kazhipattur,BuiltUp:1574 Sft, 3BHK, Sale Price Rs. 47.5 Lacs
  29. Just Sold!Commercial Land @ Kottivakkam,Land Area 5362Sft Shed 3000Sft,AmountRs.2.85Crs
  30. Just Sold!Flat @ Nila Apts, Velachery,Builtup Area : 1309 Sqft, 2BHK,Sale Amount : Rs. 52 lakhs
  31. Just Sold!Independent House @ Royapettah,Land 3530Sft, Blt 7400Sft,Amount:Rs.3.75Crs
  32. Just Sold!Ind House @ Indira Ngr, Adyar Land Area 1 Ground 1896 Sqft Sale Amount : Rs. 8 Crs
  33. Just Sold!Villa @ Thoraipakkam(Shivas Bhaggyam),Land 1908Sft,Built:2436Sft,Amount:Rs.1.87 Crs
  34. Just Sold!Flat @ Sholinganallur (Rams Habitat),Built-up : 1535 Sqft, 3 BHK,Sale Amount : Rs. 60 Lakhs
  35. Just Sold!Flat @ Akshaya Adora, Padur,1903 Sqft Built Up, 3BHK, Sale Amount  Rs. 63 Lakhs
  36. Just Sold!Independent Hosue @ Adyar Land 3000Sqft Built 2500SqftGround + 1 4BHk
  37. Just Sold! 1126 Sft Land and 2005 Sft Built Duplex House in Silicon Valley at Okkiam Thoraipakkam.
  38. Just Sold! 2505 Sft land and 1950 Sft Built up Individual Home Near Chetnad Enclave, Pallikaranai.
  39. Just Sold! 1437 Sft Flat - Ground Floor at Santhome High Road , R.A.Puram
  40. Just Sold!2000 Sq.ft. 4 Bedroom Independent house , on Ormes Road , KilpauK
  41. Just Sold!1358 Sq.ft Land 1033 Sq.ft Built up, 3BHK Independent House at OMR, Perungudi
  42. Just Leased! 4000 Sq.ft. 4 BHK, Independent House at Jeevarathnam Nagar, Adyar
  43. Just Sold! 1100 SqFt 2BHk Apartment Thirumurthy Nagar Main Road, Nungambakkam
  44. Just Sold!872 Sq.Ft. 2BHK (3rd Floor) Haddows Road, 1st Street, Nungambakkam
  45. Just Sold! 1600 Sft Independent House On 2730 Sqft land at Thiruvenkadam Street, Mandaveli
  46. Just Sold! 1130 Sft 2 Bedroom flat at Padur - Mantri Synergy
  47. Just Sold!Villa @ Thoraipakkam,Land: 1908 Sqft, Built-up : 2436 Sqft, 4 BHK, Sale Amt:Rs. 1.87 Crs
  48. Just Sold!8500 Sqft Commercial Space @ Whites Road, Rent Amount Rs. 3,40,000/-
  49. Just Sold!Ind House @ Indira Nagar, Adyar, Land: 1 Grd 1896 Sft, Blt 4000 Sft,Amt: Rs.8 Crs
  50. Just Sold!Flat @ Sholinganallur (Rams Habitat),Built-up : 1535 Sqft, 3 BHK,Sale Amount: Rs.60Lakhs
  51. Just Sold!Flat @ Thoraipakkam (Serene Acres),Blt1496 Sqft,Amount : Rs. 63 Lakhs
  52. Just Sold!Flat @ P.V.Cherian Citadel Road, Egmore,3449 Sqft+340 Sqft,Sale Amt: Rs. 4.17Crs
  53. Just Sold!Land @ Ashok Nagar,3 Grounds,Sale Amount : Rs. 13.9 Crs,
  54. Just Sold!Ind House @ Royapettah,Land 3530 Sqft, Bltup Area: 7400 Sqft,Amount Rs.3.75Crs
  55. Just Sold!Flat @ Royapettah,Builtup Area : 865 Sqft, 2BHK,Sale Amount : Rs. 49.50 Lakhs
  56. Just Sold!Flat @ Arihant Escapade,Thoraipakkam,1090 Sqft Built-up, 2BHK,Rent Amount  Rs.25,000/-
  57. Just Sold!Flat @ Shastha Homes,Perungudi,Blt Area: 900Sft,Sale Amount : Rs.36.50 lacs
  58. Just Sold!Flat @ Nila Apts, Velachery Builtup Area : 1309 Sqft, 2BHK, Sale Amount : Rs. 52 lacs
  59. Just Sold!Flat @ Akshaya Adora, Padur Builtup : 1881 Sqft, UDS 996 Sft,Sale Amt Rs. 49.50 Lacs
  60. Just Sold!Commercial Land @ Nehru Nagar,Kottivakkam Land 5362 Sft Amt Rs.2.85 Crs
  61. Just Sold!Bungalow @ Poes Garden Land: 3 Grnd+300 Sqft  Built-Up: 6000 Sqft Sale Amt  Rs.36 Crs
  62. Just Sold!Flat @ Purva Swanlake, Kelambakkam Built-Up : 1330 Sqft, 2BHK, Sale Amount  Rs.45 Lacs
  63. Just Sold!Flat @ Ramaniyam Waterfront, Kazhipattur, Built-Up : 1574 Sqft,Amount  Rs.47.5Lacs
  64. Just Sold!Flat @ Olympia Opaline, Navalur, Built-up 1312 Sqft, 3BHK, Amount Rs.47 Lacs  
  65. Just Sold!Flat @ Nungambakkam Builtup Area : 1685 Sqft, UDS 1064Sft,Amount: Rs.1.50 Crs
  66. Just Sold!Flat @ Navalur Builtup Area : 1403 Sqft, UDS: 711 Sqft,3BHK,Amount Rs.39Lacs
  67. Just Sold!Show room @ Velachery,Basement 1896 Sqft,Sale Amount : Rs. 85 Lacs 
  68. Just Sold!Flat @ Jains Inseli Park, 1710Sqft, 3BHK Rs. 52 Lakhs
  69. Just Sold!Flat at Upper Crest, Perumbakkam, 838 Sqft, 2BHK,Sale Amount : Rs. 38 Lacs
  70. Just Sold!Independent House at T. Nagar, 1504 Sqft Land, 1900 Sqft Built, G+1,
  71. Just Sold!Flat @ Jains Inseli Park, 1710Sqft, 3BHK Rs. 52 Lakhs
  72. Just Sold!Flat @ DLF Garden City , 2079 Sqft, 3BHK, Sale Amount Rs. 67.56 lakhs
  73. Just Sold!Flat @ Velachery, 1300 Sqft, 3BHK, Sale Amount Rs. 44 Lakhs
  74. Just Sold!Hi-End Independent House @ Palavakkam, ECR, Rent Amount: Rs.1.75 Lakhs
  75. Just Sold!Flat @ Jains Inseli Park,OMR,Padur,1739 Sq.ft,3BHK,Sale Value:Rs.46.50 Lakhs
  76. Just Sold!Independent House @ Madipakkam,Land Area -1715 Sq.ft
  77. Just Sold! Flat @ Ceebros Boulevard,OMR,1500 Sqft,3BHK,Sale Amount Rs.1,01,25,000/-
  78. Just Sold!Villa @ Indus RIVIERA,Padur,2730 Sqft, 4BHK Sale Amount Rs.80 lakhs
  79. Just Sold! Flat @ Ceebros Boulevard,OMR,1500 Sqft,3BHK,Sale Amount Rs. 1,02,00,000/-
  80. Just Sold! Flat @ Bishop Garden Extension, R.A.Puram 1485 Sq.ft., 3BHK, Sale Amount: Rs.1.85 Crores
  81. Just Sold! Flat @ Ceebros Boulevard, OMR, Chennai 750 Sqft, 2BHK Sale Amount Rs. 52,00,000/-
  82. Just Sold! 2400 Sq.ft., Land @ Kumarankudi, Thoraipakkam,OMR
  83. Just Sold! Flat @ Mantri Synergy, Padur, OMR, 1770 Sqft, 3BHK, Sale Amount Rs. 49.50 Lakhs
  84. Just Sold! Land with Old Building @ Srinivasa Nagar, Velachery, Land Area 1200Sqft, Sale Amount Rs. 1.20 Crores 
  85. Just Sold! Land @ Srinivasa Nagar, Velachery, Land Area 1200Sqft, Sale Amount Rs. 79 Lakhs
  86. Just Sold! 963 Sq.ft., 2BHK Flat @ Bollineni Hillside, Perumbakkam, OMR
  87. Just Sold! 1897.56 Sq.ft., 3BHK Flat @ Akshaya Adora, Padur, OMR
  88. Just Sold! 1913 Sq.ft., Land @ ECR, Kovalam
  89. Just Sold! 1557 Sq.ft., 3BHK Flat @ Ramaniyam Pushkar II, Sholinganallur
  90. Just Sold! 4 Acres Land @ Pudupakkam, Sale Amount Rs. 9.10 Crores
  91. Just Sold! Flat @ Seaward Road,Thiruvanmiyur,1769 Sq.ft., 3BHK, Sale Amount Rs. 1.54 Crores
  92. Just Sold! Flat @ Green Acres, Perungudi, 1488 Sq.ft., 3BHK, Sale Amount Rs. 77 Lakhs
  93. Just Sold! Residential Land @ Thoraipakkam, 1800 Sq.ft., Sale Amount Rs. 1.70 Crores
  94. Just Sold! Residential Land @ Chengalpat, 2925 Sq.ft., Sale Amount Rs. 9 Lakhs
  95. Sold! 1749 Sq.ft., 3BHK Flat @ Hiranandani Upscale, Egattur, OMR
  96. Sold! 1948 Sq.ft., 3BHK Flat @ Rosemere Apartment, Harrington Road, Chetpet
  97. Sold! 1252 Sq.ft., 2.5BHK Flat @ Palmera Garden, Thoraipakkam, Sale Amount Rs. 69 Lakhs
  98. Sold! 2055 Sq.ft., 2BHK Ind. House @ Alagappa Nagar, Thoraipakkam
  99. Sold! 985 Sq.ft., 2BHK Flat @ Shanthi Colony, Shastri Nagar, Adyar, Sale Amount Rs. 64 Lakhs
  100. Sold! 1755 Sq.ft., 3BHK Flat @ L&T Eden Park, Siruseri, OMR, Sale Amount Rs. 60 Lakhs
  101. Sold! 1227 Sq.ft., 3BHK Flat @ Virugambakkam, Chennai, Sale Amount Rs. 90 Lakhs
  102. Sold! 2400 Sq.ft., Ind. House@ Raja AnnamalaiPuram, Chennai, Sale Amount Rs. 5.50 Crores
  103. Sold! 12 Grounds @ Seevaram, Perungudi, OMR
  104. Sold! 1776 Sq.ft., 3BHK Flat @ Euphoria, Sholinganallur, OMR
  105. Sold! 6472 Sq.ft., Land @ Nehru Nagar, Kottivakkam, Sale Amount Rs.3.29 Crores.
  106. Sold! 6000 Sq.ft., Land @ Nehru Nagar, Kottivakkam , Sale Amounr Rs.3.07 Crores
  107. Sold! 1832 Sq.ft., Villa @ Isha Signature, Perumbakkam , Sale Amount Rs.2.23 Crores
  108. Sold! 1938 Sq.ft., Built up Flat @ L & T Eden Park, OMR , Siruseri, Sale Amount Rs.67 Lakhs
  109. Sold! 6000 Sq.ft., Plot @ Classic Retreat , Sholinganallur, OMR , Sale Amount Rs.2.70 Crores
  110. Sold! 6000 Sq.ft., Plot @ Classic Retreat, Sholinganallur, OMR , Sale Amount Rs.1.90 Crores
  111. Sold! 2874 Sq.ft., Villa @ Ramcons Insignia, Perungudi, OMR, Sale Amount 2.95 Crores




Property Type Sale/Rent Location Reference
Independent House Rent Anna Nagar West Extn RRO/RGS-374350 View
Industrial Land Sale Madurai SL/RGS-374004 View
Flat Sale Madambakkam SRO/RGS-373577 View
Independent House Sale Neelankarai SRO/RGS-371685 View
Standalone Building Sale Kandanchavadi SCO/RGS-371527 View
Flat Sale Tiruvanmiyur SRO/RGS-369552 View
Villa Sale Perungudi SRO/RGS-369065 View
Flat Sale Raja Annamalaipuram SRO/RGS-368353 View
Residential Land Sale Vettuvankeni SL/RGS-367066 View
Residential Land Sale Mamallapuram SL/RGS-367438 View
Residential Land Sale Kottivakkam SL/RGS-366758 View
Commercial Land Sale Perungalathur SL/RGS-333936 View
Flat Rent Thiruvanmiyur RRO/RGS-365324 View
Independent House Sale Ottiambakkam SRO/RGS-364587 View
Mixed-Land Sale Kanyakumari District SL/RGS-364253 View
Built to Suit Rent Nandanam RCO/RGS-364209 View
Independent House Sale Akkarai SRO/RGS-364030 View
Warehouse Rent Kottivakkam RCO/RGS-361571 View
Duplex House Rent Anna Nagar West Extn RRO/RGS-361565 View
Independent House Sale Thoraipakkam SRO/RGS-361009 View
Independent House Sale Kottivakkam SRO/RGS-349728 View
Independent House Sale Virugambakkam SRO/RGS-360124 View
Flat Sale Perungudi SRO/RGS-358144 View
Office Space Rent OMR RCO/RGS-358213 View
Villa Sale ECR SRO/RGS-351903 View
Approved Land Sale Kelambakkam SL/RGS-349898 View
Independent House Sale Ullagaram SRO/RGS-346635 View
Residential Land Sale Egattur SL/RGS-345617 View
Residential Land Sale Muttukadu SL/RGS-344159 View
Standalone Building Sale Saidapet SRO/RGS-343420 View
Flat Sale Padur SRO/RGS-342862 View
Residential Land Sale Perumbakkam SL/RGS-332220 View
Duplex House Sale Egattur SRO/RGS-338918 View
Villa Rent Kanathur RRO/RGS-338399 View
Residential Land Sale Sholinganallur SL/RGS-337783 View
Flat Sale Sholinganallur SRO/RGS-334735 View
Flat Sale Pallikaranai SRO/RGS-332386 View
Independent House Sale Perumbakkam SRO/RGS-329473 View
Flat Sale Velachery SRO/RGS-328660 View
Villa Sale Palavakkam SRO/RGS-327805 View
Residential Land Sale Perungudi SL/RGS-311849 View
Flat Sale Kolapakkam SRO/RGS-325611 View
Flat Sale Pudupakkam SRO/RGS-289428 View
Flat Sale Pudupakkam SRO/RGS-283598 View
Flat Sale Kovalam SRO/RGS-321623 View
Flat Sale Thoraipakkam SRO/RGS-320256 View
Residential Land Sale Sholinganallur SL/RGS-320042 View
Flat Sale Kazhipattur SRO/RGS-318611 View
Office Space Rent Kottivakkam RCO/RGS-316984 View
Independent House Sale Kanathur SRO/RGS-315806 View
Flat Sale Tiruvanmiyur SRO/RGS-315336 View
Mixed-Commercial Rent Adyar RCO/RGS-315242 View
Independent House Rent Panaiyur RRO/RGS-312800 View
Flat Sale Padur SRO/RGS-307371 View
Independent House Sale Velachery SRO/RGS-311248 View
Agricultural Land Sale Cheyur SL/RGS-305512 View
Flat Sale Thaiyur SRO/RGS-300195 View
Warehouse Sale Medavakkam SCO/RGS-303344 View
Serviced Apartments Sale Alwarpet SRO/RGS-302181 View
Independent House Rent Alwarpet RRO/RGS-300918 View
Flat Sale Padur SRO/RGS-286674 View
Standalone Building Sale Alwarpet SCO/RGS-300277 View
Approved Land Sale Neelankarai SL/RGS-296011 View
Independent House Sale Arumbakkam SRO/RGS-296612 View
Office Space Rent Perungudi RCO/RGS-295953 View
Independent House Sale Santhome SRO/MYL-294458 View
Flat Sale Perumbakkam SRO/RGS-294256 View
Flat Sale Mandaveli SRO/RGS-294253 View
Flat Sale Mylapore SRO/RGS-289887 View
Residential Land Sale Akkarai SL/RGS-289100 View
Duplex Flat Rent Thoraipakkam RRO/RGS-288783 View
Row House Sale Uthandi SRO/RGS-287506 View
Villa Sale Perungudi SRO/RGS-286089 View
Residential Land Sale Thoraipakkam SL/RGS-285167 View
Residential Land Sale Pallikaranai SL/RGS-284848 View
Flat Sale Pulithivakkam SRO/RGS-283814 View
Shop Sale Park Town SCO/RGS-283349 View
Villa Sale Akkarai SRO/RGS-282876 View
Residential Land Sale Uthandi SL/RGS-282294 View
Flat Sale Anna Nagar West SRO/RGS-281590 View
Independent House Sale Arumbakkam SRO/RGS-281588 View
Flat Sale Adyar SRO/RGS-281477 View
Mixed-Land Sale Pallikaranai SL/RGS-281092 View
Mixed-Land Sale Pallikaranai SL/RGS-278867 View
Independent House Sale Sholinganallur SRO/RGS-276998 View
Duplex Flat Sale Thoraipakkam SRO/RGS-276233 View
Approved Land Sale Thaiyur SL/RGS-275922 View
Independent House Rent Panaiyur RRO/RGS-275264 View
Flat Sale KK Nagar SRO/RGS-271233 View
Flat Sale Thoraipakkam SRO/RGS-264376 View
Approved Land Sale Kelambakkam SL/RGS-269118 View
Flat Sale Oragadam SRO/RGS-267603 View
Independent House Sale Neelankarai SRO/RGS-266643 View
Independent House Sale Medavakkam SRO/RGS-259237 View
Serviced Apartments Rent Alwarpet RRO/RGS-266274 View
Residential Land Sale Madipakkam SL/RGS-253961 View
Hotel Sale Vellore SCO/RGS-265733 View
Serviced Apartments Rent Kanathur RRO/RGS-265106 View
Flat Sale Besant Nagar SRO/RGS-264850 View
Independent House Sale Kottivakkam SRO/RGS-263848 View
Serviced Apartments Rent Alwarpet RRO/RGS-263329 View
Flat Sale Oragadam SRO/RGS-262325 View
Independent House Sale Kilpauk SRO/MYL-263114 View
Flat Sale Velachery SRO/RGS-259312 View
Farm Sale Tiruporur SL/RGS-256461 View
Industrial Land Sale Bangalore SL/RGS-255027 View
Standalone Building Sale Adyar SCO/RGS-254989 View
Villa Sale Perungudi SRO/RGS-249660 View
Villa Sale Kanathur SRO/RGS-247816 View
Residential Land Sale Vellore SL/RGS-242287 View
Residential Land Sale Thiruvallur SL/RGS-241937 View
Flat Sale Thoraipakkam SRO/RGS-239168 View
Residential Land Sale Kotturpuram SL/RGS-237904 View
Flat Sale Velachery SRO/RGS-237120 View
Flat Sale Perungudi SRO/RGS-217824 View
Row House Sale Tambaram East SRO/RGS-220530 View
Residential Land Sale Singaperumalkoil SL/RGS-222306 View
Independent House Sale Anna Nagar SRO/MYL-220412 View
Commercial Land Sale Thoraipakkam SL/RGS-212012 View
Flat Sale Nungambakkam SRO/RGS-213255 View
Institute Sale Kodungaiyur SCO/RGS-208013 View
Mixed-Commercial Sale Perambur SCO/RGS-200861 View
Flat Sale Thoraipakkam SRO/RGS-207671 View
Flat Sale Thoraipakkam SRO/RGS-207285 View
Flat Sale Perungudi SRO/RGS-206298 View
Duplex Flat Sale T.Nagar SRO/RGS-200101 View
Residential Land Sale Kanathur SL/RGS-198880 View
Flat Sale Perungudi SRO/RGS-185219 View
Villa Sale Uthandi SRO/RGS-189257 View
Residential Land Sale Pattabiram SL/RGS-189218 View
Residential Land Sale Thaiyur SL/RGS-185264 View
Independent House Sale Anna Nagar SRO/RGS-181495 View
Independent House Sale Raja Annamalaipuram SRO/RGS-176236 View
Flat Sale Adyar SRO/RGS-175133 View
Residential Land Sale ECR SL/MYL-173034 View
Flat Sale Kazhipattur SRO/RGS-170527 View
Mixed-Residential Sale Thoraipakkam SRO/RGS-165352 View
Flat Rent Sholinganallur RRO/RGS-164120 View
Standalone Building Sale KK Nagar SCO/RGS-164119 View
Independent House Sale Tambaram SRO/RGS-163890 View
Flat Rent Thoraipakkam RRO/RGS-161273 View
Independent House Rent Anna Nagar West Extn RRO/RGS-161456 View
Flat Sale Perungudi SRO/RGS-160615 View
Standalone Building Sale Pallavaram SCO/RGS-151733 View
Independent House Rent Palavakkam RRO/RGS-143406 View
Independent House Sale ECR SRO/RGS-139183 View
Showroom Rent ECR RCO/RGS-138550 View
Independent House Rent Adyar RRO/MYL-134670 View
Independent House Sale Panaiyur SRO/RGS-132618 View
Mixed-Land Sale ECR SL/RGS-130926 View
Independent House Sale T.Nagar SRO/RGS-131483 View
Flat Sale Thoraipakkam SRO/RGS-127878 View
Standalone Building Sale Padur SCO/RGS-118760 View
Flat Sale OMR SRO/RGS-124403 View
Standalone Building Sale Karapakkam SCO/RGS-124093 View
Villa Sale ECR SRO/RGS-123718 View
Independent House Sale Uthandi SRO/RGS-122089 View
0 Sale Karapakkam SCO/RGS-118907 View
Flat Sale Thoraipakkam SRO/RGS-87364 View
Independent House Sale ECR SRO/RGS-114928 View
Flat Sale Poes Garden SRO/MYL-107849 View
Penthouse Rent Raja Annamalaipuram RRO/RGS-103528 View
Independent House Sale Adyar SRO/RGS-99787 View
Villa Sale Injambakkam SRO/RGS-99151 View
Independent House Sale Pondicherry SRO/RGS-97951 View
Showroom Sale Royapettah SCO/RGS-97447 View
Independent House Sale Ekkaduthangal SRO/RGS-95491 View
Office Space Rent ECR RCO/RGS-95439 View
Office Space Rent Neelankarai RCO/RGS-94472 View
Independent House Rent Uthandi View
Industrial Building Sale Karapakkam SCO/RGS-91824 View
Row House Sale Poes Garden SRO/RGS-92412 View
Independent House Sale Neelankarai SRO/RGS-78836 View
Independent House Sale Alwarpet SRO/RGS-77098 View
Residential Land Sale Kattupakkam SL/RGS-75031 View
Mixed-Commercial Sale Medavakkam SCO/RGS-74211 View
Flat Sale Selaiyur SRO/MYL-72030 View
Flat Sale Anna Nagar West SRO/MYL-71837 View
Flat Sale Semmencherry SRO/MYL-71307 View
Residential Land Sale Kolapakkam SL/MYL-71281 View
Mixed-Land Sale Purasawalkam SL/RGS-63371 View
Villa Sale Kanathur SRO/RGS-62650 View
Flat Sale Adyar SRO/MYL-59936 View
Residential Land Sale Thoraipakkam SL/RGS-53675 View
Flat Sale Kottivakkam SRO/RGS-49532 View
Showroom Sale Velachery SCO/MYL-45181 View
Villa Sale Palavakkam SRO/RGS-37133 View
Flat Sale Raja Annamalaipuram SRO/MYL-36841 View
Independent House Sale Neelankarai SRO/RGS-36077 View
Independent House Sale Alwarpet SRO/RGS-26996 View
Residential Land Sale Kotturpuram SL/6285 View

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