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Currently Dealing 192 Properties

145 Properties For Sale
47 Properties For Rent

Education: B.Com


  • 18 Years of Experience in Sales, Marketing & Customer Service in Logistics Industry
  • Experience in Direct Marketing and Concept Selling

Marketing Edge:

  • Knowledge in 3PL & Warehousing
  • Knowledge in International Exports & Imports

Personal Information:

  •  Interested in Sports, Music & Travelling

Deals Concluded

  • Sold 1040 Sq.ft Flat at Whitefield
Property Type Sale/Rent Location Reference
Villa Sale Sarjapura SRO/BGL-276873 View
Flat Sale Whitefield SRO/BGL-270718 View
Flat Sale Ulsoor SRO/BGL-270707 View
Flat Sale Harlur SRO/BGL-270703 View
Flat Sale Kaggadasapura SRO/BGL-270677 View
Flat Sale Bellandur SRO/BGL-260177 View
Flat Sale Mahatma Gandhi road SRO/BGL-260170 View
Flat Sale Whitefield SRO/BGL-258739 View
Penthouse Sale Whitefield SRO/BGL-255366 View
Flat Sale Whitefield SRO/BGL-247268 View
Flat Sale Whitefield SRO/BGL-246532 View
Row House Sale Whitefield SRO/BGL-244736 View
Flat Sale Kaggadasapura SRO/BGL-238603 View
Villa Sale Electronics City SRO/BGL-241167 View
Showroom Rent BTM Layout RCO/BGL-239554 View
Flat Sale Hoodi SRO/BGL-239530 View
Residential Land Sale Sarjapura SL/BGL-238314 View
Residential Land Sale H.A.l ii stage SL/BGL-239033 View
Flat Sale Sarjapura SRO/BGL-238600 View
Duplex Flat Sale Mahadevapura SRO/BGL-238597 View
Flat Sale Koramangala SRO/BGL-238594 View
Flat Sale Sarjapura SRO/BGL-238592 View
Residential Land Sale Brookefield SL/BGL-238590 View
Standalone Building Sale Bangalore SCO/BGL-234356 View
Flat Sale Jalahalli SRO/BGL-235830 View
Flat Sale Sarjapura SRO/BGL-235827 View
Commercial Land Rent Whitefield RL/BGL-235917 View
Standalone Building Rent Brookefield RCO/BGL-233375 View
Standalone Building Sale Kumbalgodu SCO/BGL-231193 View
Flat Sale Sarjapura SRO/BGL-231147 View
Villa Rent Whitefield RRO/BGL-232570 View
Independent House Sale Kaggadasapura SRO/BGL-229655 View
Flat Sale Whitefield SRO/BGL-228900 View
Commercial Land Sale Mahadevapura SL/BGL-228898 View
Godown Rent Avalahalli RCO/BGL-228425 View
Flat Sale Bellandur SRO/BGL-228298 View
Independent House Sale Marathahalli SRO/BGL-226940 View
Residential Land Sale Bangalore SL/BGL-226644 View
Flat Sale Jalahalli SRO/BGL-226632 View
Residential Land Sale Whitefield SL/BGL-224876 View
Residential Land Sale Bangalore SL/BGL-224228 View
Flat Sale Marathahalli SRO/BGL-225423 View
Office Space Rent Koramangala RCO/BGL-224221 View
Flat Sale Indiranagar SRO/BGL-223697 View
Flat Sale Whitefield SRO/BGL-223571 View
Showroom Rent Whitefield RCO/BGL-221533 View
Showroom Sale Whitefield SCO/BGL-221532 View
Duplex House Sale Sarjapura SRO/BGL-221062 View
Villa Rent Mahadevapura RRO/BGL-221056 View
Flat Sale Mahadevapura SRO/BGL-221051 View
Duplex Flat Sale Bellandur SRO/BGL-221050 View
Flat Sale Whitefield SRO/BGL-219415 View
Flat Sale Brookefield SRO/BGL-219414 View
Residential Land Sale Brookefield SL/BGL-217912 View
Flat Sale Bellandur SRO/BGL-217561 View
Flat Sale Vartur SRO/BGL-217743 View
Farm Sale Bangalore SL/BGL-216872 View
Flat Sale Hosakerehalli SRO/BGL-216870 View
Flat Sale J P nagar SRO/BGL-216069 View
Flat Sale Bannerghatta Road SRO/BGL-215171 View
Mixed-Land Sale Whitefield SL/BGL-215169 View
Row House Sale Brookefield SRO/BGL-213973 View
Flat Sale Whitefield SRO/BGL-214196 View
Flat Sale Whitefield SRO/BGL-214090 View
Duplex Flat Sale Whitefield SRO/BGL-212772 View
Residential Land Sale Mahadevapura SL/BGL-212758 View
Villa Rent Whitefield RRO/BGL-211114 View
Flat Sale Whitefield SRO/BGL-210777 View
Villa Sale Whitefield SRO/BGL-208846 View
Flat Sale Brookefield SRO/BGL-208845 View
Independent House Sale Bangalore SRO/BGL-208082 View
Villa Sale Whitefield SRO/BGL-208515 View
Villa Sale Whitefield SRO/BGL-206968 View
Penthouse Sale Kaggadasapura SRO/BGL-205180 View
Residential Land Sale Vartur SL/BGL-205776 View
Flat Sale Brookefield SRO/BGL-205775 View
Flat Sale ACES Layout SRO/BGL-205774 View
Villa Sale Whitefield SRO/BGL-203786 View
Flat Sale Sarjapura SRO/BGL-204318 View
Flat Sale Whitefield SRO/BGL-200808 View
Residential Land Sale Gunjur SL/BGL-202495 View
Residential Land Sale Gunjur SL/BGL-200450 View
Villa Sale Mahadevapura SRO/BGL-202029 View
Standalone Building Sale Mahadevapura SCO/BGL-199999 View
Villa Sale Sarjapura SRO/BGL-199997 View
Flat Sale Sarjapura SRO/BGL-194442 View
Flat Sale Whitefield SRO/BGL-188268 View
Residential Land Sale Jigani SL/BGL-191168 View
Residential Land Sale Electronics City SL/BGL-191167 View
Farm Sale Bangalore SL/BGL-188920 View
Flat Sale Sarjapura SRO/BGL-188213 View
Flat Sale Whitefield SRO/BGL-189078 View
Flat Sale Mahadevapura SRO/BGL-189075 View
Duplex Flat Sale Indiranagar SRO/BGL-189061 View
Independent House Sale Whitefield SRO/BGL-185467 View
Flat Sale Whitefield SRO/BGL-184649 View
Flat Sale Hennur Road SRO/BGL-184228 View
Flat Sale Whitefield SRO/BGL-183885 View
Flat Sale Hoodi SRO/BGL-181163 View
Residential Land Sale Whitefield SL/BGL-181770 View
Flat Sale Sarjapura SRO/BGL-173919 View
Residential Land Sale Devanahalli SL/BGL-171836 View
Flat Rent Thanisandra RRO/BGL-173631 View
Flat Sale Doddanekundi SRO/BGL-173636 View
Flat Sale Whitefield SRO/BGL-163122 View
Flat Sale Bangalore SRO/BGL-168330 View
Residential Land Sale Bangalore SL/BGL-167065 View
Office Space Rent Whitefield RCO/BGL-167071 View
Flat Sale Rajajinagar SRO/BGL-163548 View
Flat Rent Whitefield RRO/BGL-163020 View
Flat Sale Vartur SRO/BGL-163330 View
Residential Land Sale Kothanur SL/BGL-163125 View
Flat Sale Whitefield SRO/BGL-162859 View
Villa Sale Whitefield SRO/BGL-162524 View
Villa Rent Whitefield RRO/BGL-162525 View
Flat Rent Whitefield RRO/BGL-162665 View
Villa Rent Krishnarajapuram RRO/BGL-162166 View
Standalone Building Sale Rajajinagar SCO/BGL-162526 View
Standalone Building Rent Koramangala RCO/BGL-160302 View
Flat Sale Murugeshpalya SRO/BGL-158152 View
Villa Sale Brookefield SRO/BGL-158127 View
Flat Sale Hoodi SRO/BGL-159693 View
Flat Sale Hoodi SRO/BGL-159693 View
Office Space Rent HRBR Layout RCO/BGL-156542 View
Office Space Rent Brookefield RCO/BGL-154948 View
Office Space Rent Koramangala RCO/BGL-156330 View
Flat Rent Sarjapura RRO/BGL-157479 View
Flat Rent OMBR Layout RRO/BGL-155005 View
Flat Sale OMBR Layout SRO/BGL-155003 View
Flat Sale Indiranagar SRO/BGL-154846 View
Penthouse Sale Kundalahalli SRO/BGL-153936 View
Office Space Rent Koramangala RCO/BGL-153923 View
Showroom Rent Vartur RCO/BGL-146373 View
Villa Rent Whitefield RRO/BGL-147699 View
Duplex Flat Sale Sarjapura SRO/BGL-145903 View
Flat Sale Yemalur SRO/BGL-130786 View
Standalone Building Sale Indiranagar SCO/BGL-139480 View
Showroom Sale Koramangala SCO/BGL-139449 View
Duplex House Sale Vartur SRO/BGL-135793 View
Independent House Sale Whitefield SRO/BGL-135007 View
Villa Rent Bellandur RRO/BGL-133389 View
Row House Sale Bangalore SRO/BGL-133387 View
Row House Sale Bangalore SRO/BGL-133386 View
Residential Land Sale Bangalore SL/BGL-131777 View
Flat Sale Bangalore SRO/BGL-130666 View
Villa Sale Whitefield SRO/BGL-130103 View
Villa Sale Doddanekkundi SRO/BGL-129960 View
Flat Sale Vartur SRO/BGL-116233 View
Flat Sale Bellandur SRO/BGL-111962 View
Villa Rent Whitefield RRO/BGL-113355 View
Flat Rent Whitefield RRO/BGL-110963 View
Villa Rent Srirampuram RRO/BGL-110576 View
Flat Rent Lavelle road RRO/BGL-105075 View
Villa Sale Kannamangala SRO/BGL-110631 View
Residential Land Sale Whitefield SL/BGL-110628 View
Villa Sale Bellandur SRO/BGL-110620 View
Flat Sale Kudulu Gate SRO/BGL-110063 View
Flat Sale Whitefield SRO/BGL-102533 View
Villa Sale Whitefield SRO/BGL-106482 View
Flat Sale Bangalore SRO/BGL-107312 View
Flat Sale Kanakapura road SRO/BGL-103525 View
Flat Sale Vartur SRO/BGL-102369 View
Flat Sale Whitefield SRO/BGL-100957 View
Flat Rent Indiranagar RRO/BGL-88406 View
Row House Sale Hennur Road SRO/BGL-80826 View
Row House Sale Hennur Road SRO/BGL-80826 View
Villa Sale Hennur Road SRO/BGL-79268 View
Villa Sale Whitefield SRO/BGL-76953 View
Office Space Rent Hennur Road RCO/BGL-73383 View
Flat Sale Mallathahalli SRO/BGL-72759 View
Flat Sale Old Madras Road SRO/BGL-71695 View
Office Space Rent Brookefield RCO/BGL-71207 View
Flat Rent Santhome RRO/MYL-67651 View
Flat Rent Royapettah RRO/MYL-62950 View
Flat Rent T.Nagar RRO/MYL-67452 View
Flat Sale Royapettah SRO/MYL-64361 View
Standalone Building Rent T.Nagar RCO/MYL-55776 View
Hotel Rent Kanchipuram RCO/MYL-54100 View
Flat Sale Gopalapuram SRO/MYL-42651 View
Independent House Sale Teynampet SRO/MYL-51337 View
Independent House Rent Ekkaduthangal RRO/MYL-50210 View
Office Space Rent T.Nagar RCO/MYL-49566 View
Independent House Rent Teynampet RRO/MYL-49275 View
Flat Rent Teynampet RRO/MYL-48963 View
Office Space Rent T.Nagar RCO/MYL-48541 View
Villa Sale Kolapakkam SRO/MYL-47512 View
Residential Land Sale OMR SL/MYL-43755 View
Office Space Rent Alwarpet RCO/MYL-45985 View
Office Space Rent Teynampet RCO/MYL-45259 View
Office Space Rent Mylapore RCO/MYL-44965 View
Office Space Rent Mylapore RCO/MYL-44963 View
Office Space Rent Alwarpet RCO/MYL-44875 View

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