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15 Properties For Rent


  • B.SC Botany, Madras Christian College, Tambaram



  • Direct Sales & Marketing experience from 1993
  • Sold Properties to NRIs’ in Dubai, Singapore & Malaysia
  • Successfully sold Layouts & Projects around Chennai


Marketing Edge

  • Innovative Marketing Techniques especially handling HNV clients and closing transactions
  • Large number of satisfied client base.
  • Sales & Marketing through Reference, Newspaper Ads & Digital Media
  • Passion for Sales & Marketing


Areas of Specialisation

  • Good in Negotiating, Handling & Closing Deals
  • Excellent Rapport with Clients

List of few Major Deals

  • Sold Flat,1725 Sq.ft, 3BHK @ R A Puram  
  • Sold Flat, 1026 Sq.ft, 2 Bedroom  in Mayfair Perungudi 
  • Sold Flat ,1050 Sq.ft in T.Nagar 
  • Sold Flat, 990 Sq.ft in Mandavelipakkam
  • Sold 1125 Sft 2 BR Flat at J.P.Avenue, R.K.Salai
  • Sold 1800 Sft 3 BR Flat at K.K.Nagar
  • Sold 1285 Sft 2 BR Flat at Jains Sagarika, MRC Nagar
  • Leased 4700 Sft 5 BR Villa at Olympia panache, Navalur
  • Leased 2300 Sft 3 BR Flat at Hiranandani, Navalur
  • Leased 1800 Sft 3 BR Flat at Lancor Central Park, Sholinganallur
  • Sold 1600 Sft 3 BR XS Real Siena, Padur
  • Leased 5000 Sft 4BR Flat at Boat Club
  • Sold 4560 Sft Land at Perungudi
  • Sold 1500 Sq.ft 3 BR Flat at Ceebros Boulevard, OMR
  • Sold 1625 Sq.ft 3 BR Flat at Ceebros Boulevard, OMR
  • Sold 1200 Sq.ft Land at Parameshwari nagar, Adyar.
  • Rented Out 3600 Sq.ft at Ashok Nagar for a Training Institute
  • Leased 1625 Sq.ft 3BHK Flat at Ceebros Boulevard, OMR
  • Sold 1500 Sft 3 BHK Flat at Ceebros Boulevard, OMR
  • Leased 3000 Sft Independent House at K.K.Nagar.
Property Type Sale/Rent Location Reference
Flat Sale Thyagaraya Nagar SRO/MYL-289854 View
Flat Sale Korattur SRO/MYL-289294 View
Independent House Sale Ekkaduthangal SRO/MYL-285712 View
Independent House Sale St.Thomas Mount SRO/MYL-282534 View
Residential Land Sale Pallikaranai SL/MYL-273088 View
Independent House Sale Chromepet SRO/MYL-259629 View
Independent House Sale Madhavaram SRO/MYL-254567 View
Flat Sale T.Nagar SRO/MYL-250080 View
Flat Sale Pallavaram SRO/MYL-249005 View
Independent House Sale Perungalathur SRO/MYL-248931 View
Flat Sale T.Nagar SRO/MYL-246474 View
Independent House Sale Neelankarai SRO/MYL-233680 View
Flat Sale Nungambakkam SRO/MYL-232278 View
Independent House Sale Adambakkam SRO/MYL-228186 View
Penthouse Sale Navalur SRO/MYL-223824 View
Independent House Sale T.Nagar SRO/MYL-221468 View
Independent House Sale Tiruvanmiyur SRO/MYL-221087 View
Flat Sale Anna Nagar East SRO/MYL-220605 View
Flat Sale Thoraipakkam SRO/MYL-219766 View
Flat Sale Thoraipakkam SRO/MYL-218960 View
Flat Sale Nungambakkam SRO/MYL-218958 View
Flat Sale T.Nagar SRO/MYL-218890 View
Flat Sale Raja Annamalaipuram SRO/MYL-218579 View
Flat Sale Raja Annamalaipuram SRO/MYL-218544 View
Flat Sale Kalaignar Karunanidhi nagar SRO/MYL-218410 View
Independent House Sale Perungudi SRO/MYL-215349 View
Standalone Building Sale Alandur SCO/MYL-212434 View
Flat Sale Raja Annamalaipuram SRO/MYL-212422 View
Flat Sale T.Nagar SRO/MYL-208851 View
Flat Sale Pallikaranai SRO/MYL-206858 View
Flat Sale Adambakkam SRO/MYL-205376 View
Independent House Sale Neelankarai SRO/MYL-205297 View
Duplex Flat Sale Nandanam SRO/MYL-203527 View
Independent House Sale Besant Nagar SRO/MYL-201578 View
Residential Land Sale Padur SL/MYL-200723 View
Flat Sale T.Nagar SRO/MYL-200721 View
Flat Sale T.Nagar SRO/MYL-200719 View
Flat Sale T.Nagar SRO/MYL-197055 View
Villa Rent Sholinganallur RRO/MYL-196263 View
Villa Rent Sholinganallur RRO/MYL-196261 View
Flat Sale T.Nagar SRO/MYL-196137 View
Flat Sale Choolaimedu SRO/MYL-195227 View
Flat Sale Nandanam SRO/MYL-194839 View
Flat Sale Nanmangalam SRO/MYL-192979 View
Villa Sale Neelankarai SRO/MYL-192066 View
Flat Sale T.Nagar SRO/MYL-188426 View
Flat Sale Mahalingapuram SRO/MYL-188425 View
Standalone Building Rent Royapettah RCO/MYL-186955 View
Villa Sale Palavakkam SRO/MYL-186951 View
Residential Land Sale Pallikaranai SL/MYL-184696 View
Independent House Sale Chromepet SRO/MYL-184692 View
Flat Sale Kalaignar Karunanidhi nagar SRO/MYL-183601 View
Flat Sale Bangalore SRO/MYL-182171 View
Flat Sale Royapettah SRO/MYL-181212 View
Independent House Rent Mandaveli RRO/MYL-180089 View
Commercial Land Sale Maduravoyal SL/MYL-178509 View
Flat Sale Alwarpet SRO/MYL-175940 View
Flat Rent Mylapore RRO/MYL-172143 View
Residential Land Sale Whitefield SL/BGL-169482 View
Villa Sale Sholinganallur SRO/MYL-167229 View
Flat Sale Adyar SRO/MYL-167196 View
Villa Rent Palavakkam RRO/MYL-167066 View
Office Space Sale Aminjikarai SCO/MYL-166709 View
Flat Rent Anna Nagar RRO/MYL-165333 View
Flat Sale Nandanam SRO/MYL-165325 View
Flat Sale T.Nagar SRO/MYL-159809 View
Flat Sale Choolaimedu SRO/MYL-159802 View
Mixed-Land Sale Uthiramerur SL/MYL-145467 View
Standalone Building Sale Choolaimedu SCO/MYL-157602 View
Flat Sale T.Nagar SRO/MYL-157599 View
Flat Sale T.Nagar SRO/MYL-152957 View
Flat Sale Nandanam SRO/MYL-152813 View
Flat Sale T.Nagar SRO/MYL-152812 View
Duplex Flat Sale Saligramam SRO/MYL-152811 View
Flat Sale Kalaignar Karunanidhi nagar SRO/MYL-151980 View
Residential Land Sale Saligramam SL/MYL-145465 View
Flat Sale Alwarpet SRO/MYL-149878 View
Flat Sale Nandanam SRO/MYL-149874 View
Flat Sale Thoraipakkam SRO/MYL-146052 View
Flat Sale T.Nagar SRO/MYL-145780 View
Independent House Sale Anna Nagar SRO/MYL-145466 View
Independent House Sale Nandanam SRO/MYL-145410 View
Office Space Rent T.Nagar RCO/MYL-143008 View
Office Space Sale T.Nagar SCO/MYL-143003 View
Flat Sale Thiruvanmiyur SRO/MYL-143000 View
Independent House Sale Valasaravakkam SRO/MYL-142932 View
Flat Rent Velachery RRO/MYL-138029 View
Flat Rent Thoraipakkam RRO/MYL-137651 View
Flat Rent Poes Garden RRO/MYL-135563 View
Flat Sale T.Nagar SRO/MYL-126301 View
Flat Sale Raja Annamalaipuram SRO/MYL-122283 View
Flat Sale Purasawalkam SRO/MYL-118045 View
Flat Sale Anna Nagar West Extn SRO/MYL-112143 View
Flat Sale Thalambur SRO/MYL-96062 View
Residential Land Sale Madipakkam SL/MYL-91101 View
Flat Sale T.Nagar SRO/RGS-84029 View
Flat Sale T.Nagar SRO/MYL-84032 View
Flat Sale Kotturpuram SRO/MYL-71881 View
Mixed-Land Sale Nandanam SL/MYL-65185 View
Flat Sale Kotturpuram SRO/MYL-65043 View
Flat Sale T.Nagar SRO/MYL-63056 View
Flat Rent Thoraipakkam RRO/MYL-61285 View
Villa Rent ECR RRO/MYL-60552 View
Flat Rent Mylapore RRO/MYL-56145 View
Flat Sale Thoraipakkam SRO/MYL-59350 View
Flat Sale Iyyappanthangal SRO/MYL-59246 View
Office Space Rent Alwarpet RCO/MYL-57394 View
Flat Sale T.Nagar SRO/MYL-56858 View
Flat Sale Thoraipakkam SRO/ADY-VLCY-54460 View
Flat Sale Nandanam SRO/MYL-54091 View
Villa Sale Uthandi SRO/MYL-53694 View
Flat Sale Sholinganallur SRO/MYL-52485 View
Flat Sale Sholinganallur SRO/MYL-52473 View
Flat Sale Adyar SRO/MYL-50918 View
Flat Sale T.Nagar SRO/MYL-50909 View

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