Flat for Sale at Adyar Chennai

Oftentimes when people look for flats to buy, they consider a list of factors based on which they select their desired property. The locality of the flat, price range, and the realtors who are the point of contact between the buyer and the seller.


In addition to those preliminary factors, crime rates, water supply, accessibility to the nearest hospitals, grocery stores are crucial pointers to be looked at while choosing an ideal home. Now that you know what your ideal home must look like, where it should be located, how far away it is from the nearest bus stop or train station, choosing the right people who take you to your dream home and explain all that comes with the home is the important part. This is where realtors come in.


Owning a home in Adyar is a matter of luck, luck that comes surprisingly easy with the realtors from Hanu Reddy Realty. The flats for sale at Adyar are equipped with excellent amenities, water facilities from metro and borewell, multipurpose hall, walking track, car parks and swimming pool to name a few.


Tholkappiar Eco Park in Adyar

Adyar is a larger neighborhood in the south of Chennai. It is located near Thiruvanmyur and Besant Nagar. Adyar is one of the costliest of areas in Chennai. The property values are four times more than the northern part of Chennai. With the MRTS running along Kasturbai Nagar, Indira Nagar and Thiruvanmiyur and inter-city sand intra-city bus depots Adyar is accessible easily and has access to the main parts of Chennai.


Major attractions include The Adyar estuary, the Theosophical Society and Elliot’s Beach. Boasting a great number of restaurants, the area is surrounded by localities which host pubs which make for a great nightlife. With a good number of hospitals and supermarkets in all the main areas of Adyar, this location has built quite a reputation for being an upscale residential area in Chennai. The Marina Beach is 6 km from Adyar while Elliot’s Beach is 2.5 km away from Adyar.


Located along the river Adyar is a major attraction for tourists and migratory birdlife. Adyar is not only rich in real estate value but also rich with a wide range of flora fed by the water source.

How the realtors serve you:

In essence, what you want is what they must give you and the realtors from Hanu Reddy Realty do just that. The realtors at Hanu Reddy Realty have made milestones in helping people find their ideal homes in lucrative places like Poes Garden. They are great in communicating with the buyer, and that is one important key to a good buyer-realtor relationship. The realtors make time to fit into the buyers’ schedule and give important local information that the buyer needs to know.


With a certified real estate agent, you get a professional service that beats all other services in the real estate business services. From the minute you enquire them about a location, they are there until you are fixed up with a satisfying home.


Get in touch with the realtors from Hanu Reddy Realty and find the best flats in Adyar today.