Tips for selling your home

One of the best possible ways to sell your home is to approach a realtor as we have already discussed in the previous blog. However you will need to show a neat and well maintained home when the buyer comes to see the place, as first impression is the last impression. Once the home is impressive enough, the ball is in the realtor’s court. Below are the pointers which you have to keep in mind before the client takes the first step inside your home.


Proper “move in” condition:  It is vital to see that the basics are in the right place. Check if all the electricity plug points, taps and geysers, lights, are in working condition, no paint is chipping and everything is functional. If needed, paint the walls and make it look sparkling. The buyer will look at every small aspect, hence see that the toilets are cleaned without stains, kitchen should be spotless and the home should welcome the prospective buyer with good aroma.
Make it a jewel: If you are selling a furnished home, the buyer will look for a well maintained home all refurbished with furniture and finishing. Make that extra little effort to make your home attractive. Furniture, upholstery and appliances like television set should be of good quality. Known brands not only make it impressive for the buyer but also help in fetching a good price.
External beauty counts in an independent stand alone home: Apart from the above mentioned points, If yours is a bungalow there are other points to be taken care of. If you have a garden or an outdoor sit out, make sure the plants are watered, lushful green, well manicured and not withered. No plastic wraps or garbage should be littered. A small swing or an arm chair or two would add some charm in the outdoor area.
In the terrace, see that the tiles are not chipped, the water tank is proper and cleaned. Mention to the prospective buyer about the maids, watchman and gardener who were maintaining the home as a part of a goodwill gesture.