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Mylapore Branch


Keerthana Mahalakshmi

Hanu Reddy Realty, India has been a blessing for me to find a house for rent in Chennai. Realtor Mr. P. Manikandan was extremely professional and on-point discussions and he understood my requirement so well that this helped me finalize a place quickly.

Recommended them to anyone looking for a place for rent or buy and sell!


Appreciation Letter

Mylapore Branch


To: sureshreddy@hanureddyrealty.com

Cc: nmk@hanureddyrealty.com, manikandan@hanureddyrealty.com

Dear Mr. Suresh Reddy,


I am Shantha Thiagarajan, a resident of Ooty writing this to you. I was on a mission to hunt for a

decent house for rent in Chennai for my daughter, Mrinalini Sathesh Premnath.

So to say, it started out as a never ending nightmare to find a decent place in Chennai. Finally, I

decided to visit your office in Mylapore. Yes, there I ended up finding a trustworthy and most helpful

and kind Mr. P. Manikandan, realtor, who was empathetic to our specific needs and extremely

patient with me.

Our struggle to find a safe and neat place in a good locality was made so much more easier

because of the wonderful services offered by Hanu Reddy Realty.

Yes. With the help of Mr.Manikandan we chose Oakwood apartment located at Anderson Road in

Nungampakkam, Chennai, which was under Hanu Reddy’s.

Though the said property fell under another realtor of your office, surprisingly, Mr.Manikandan took

ownership for the entire process not to mention that he went a step further to get the apartment

done with final deep cleaning under his supervision before handing it over to us.

The rental property was finalized on May 4, 2022.

We know, we have made an acquaintance that we will cherish for life. All our struggles in finding a

place in Chennai now seem like negligible, thanks to Mr. Manikandan's efforts.

If I say that customer service was truly embodied by him, it is not an exaggeration.

This is a true appreciation coming right from my heart (late though).

Warm regards

Shantha Thiagarajan



Google Review

Mylapore Branch


Anantha Padmanabhan

Mani has been of great help and highly professional. This was the only property he showed and we loved it. Post identification service was excellent. Keep it up Mani

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