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Appreciation Letter

West Chennai Maduravoyal BranchMylapore BranchMylapore Branch


P.N.Hariharan ( CFO, ITM Mumbai) 4 Dec 2020, 11:50 (7 days ago)

Dear Muthu Krishnan I would like to say a big Thank you to you for enabling successful closure to this transaction By all standards, with your calm and poise, your services delivery were more than 10 times the expectations from the clients.

Also, please thank Mr Suresh Reddy for the hospitality and for taking his time to show us around the SPPG garden which is truly a marvel right within the city.

Over all, it was an enjoyable experience working with you and HRR team. We do look forward to being associated with you in future Once again,

Thank you so much. Have a nice Week end.


Hariharan PN Chief Financial Officer

ITM Group of Institutions Navi Mumbai-400703.


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Deva ramamoorthy 

Complete ownership from beginning till registration.   

Great service.


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Mir Mahmood Mohiuddin 


Very professional. Polite & to the point. Under depressed market they could achieve sales within deadline date. 

No hesitation to recommend friends.


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Rajiv Gandhi Salai (OMR) BranchMylapore Branch


Jaynthi Gandhi 

The Hanureddy realty team of Suresh, Steve and Mani Palani were great! My mom and I were impressed from day 1 to the very end. Excellent communication, follow up and follow through, knowledgeable, professional and considerate. Made the entire process simple, and stress-free with impeccable service. We can’t thank them enough for making this happen and completing it so quickly. Special thanks to Mani Palani for his on going support and exceptional service, especially in India and being there for us. Was great meeting and working with the broader team including Nirupama, Siva, MuthuRam, and class act.


Appreciation Letter

Adyar-Velachery Branch


Dear Mr.Suresh Reddy

Greetings from Natarajan .

l congratulate the " Team Hanureddy " including you as the Managing Director for having successfully sold our Thiruvanmiyur property .

The team consisting of Mr.Mallikarjun reddy ,Ms.Uma & Mr.Muthukrishnan have done a commendable job in closing the deal . My sincere thanks and hearty congratulations to them .Thanks to Mr.Jagdeesh of your Adyar office .


Incidentally when I first came to your office and met you ,Mr.Mallikarjun & Mr.Muthukrishnan I was very much impressed with your professional approach .I was confident you will be able to sell our property Of course ,the time , market situation and how well the opportunity is utilised are very important. You have done it . Kudos to M/s Hanureddy !


With warm regards,



Appreciation Letter

Adyar-Velachery BranchMylapore Branch


Dear Mr.Suresh Reddy and other staff,


At the outset, I wish to CONGRATULATE your entire HRR TEAM for successfully concluding our Vasantham Property Deal to the satisfaction of all of us.

Though I haven't met Mr.Suresh Reddy and Mr. Mallikarjun Reddy earlier,I have heard a lot of praise about them from my Brother-in-law Mr.Natarajan.During our meeting,I could see their vibrant participation in finalising the Indemnity Bond and pitching in to sort out the unexpected last minute "Hick-up" we had with the buyer. THANK YOU Mr.Suresh and Mr.Mallikarjun for all your efforts in mediating with the buyer at crucial stages and sealing the deal.

My sincere THANKS to Mr.Muthukrishnan,who showed immense patience in answering our frequent calls and querries. We all knew very well that ours was a complicated case,entangled in problems.Every time I spoke to Mr.Muthukrishnan and expressed my anxiety over the critical situation confronting us,he would put me at ease and give a very positive response explaining the issue.His reassurances gave me confidence that we were in safe hands.

On the day of Registration,Mr.Muthukrishnan showed amazing maturity in handling some anxious moments and sorting them out amicably..I really appreciate his calm and composed nature and his pleasant approach with the clients. Never once did he show any irritation to the umpteen questions we asked him,sometimes repeatedly.

THANKS A LOT Mr.Muthukrishnan and Iam very happy that Our Vasantham Deal got finalised thro your efforts.

Ms.Uma is another pleasant face in your HRR Office.Her warmth in welcoming the clients, the hospitality extended and her polite talks really makes you feel comfortable. THANK YOU very much UMA. I must also mention about Mr.Jagadeeshan,who,very quietly went about doing his task meticulously. My appreciation and THANKS to him.

On the whole,I had a very pleasant and satisfying experience with your HRR TEAM.My daughters also join me in extending their greetings and thanks to you all.

Once again A BIG THANKS to the HRR TEAM.

With Best Wishes and Warm Regards,

Pushpa Mohan


Appreciation Email

Adyar-Velachery BranchMylapore Branch


From: L T Nanwani

Date: Mon, Apr 24, 2017 at 3:10 PM

Dear mr suresh reddy

Hanu reddy realty


It was pleasure to do business with your realty firm hanu reddy realty in chennai

We appreciate the efforts put by your office and your staff in finding a buyer for Our RMT flat in Chennai.

We thank you for your services and continuous support .

Continue the good work & best of health .

With best regards

L t nanwani

H L nanwani


Appreciation Email

Mylapore Branch


Dear Hanu,


It is with great pleasure that I would like to thank you Hanu for an amazing journey as we worked together as a team to sell this property, solving problems along the way in the most professional manner possible.  I think you have an excellent team in India who I would like to refer to as your "Special Forces of Real Estate."  I can now see how every real estate transaction may have unique attributes and will require unique tactics to solve.  It is will be my pleasure to spread the good word about your team.  Please let me know if I can write a formal note in any public review forum.


There were several loose ends that needed to be tied together.  Mallikarjun's indefatigable personality is something I have never seen before in anyone in any walk of life.  His contagious optimism and enthusiam was always reassuring. His ability to honestly size up the situation and communicate promptly and effectively made this journey more exciting and less worrisome.  This is the stuff action movies are made of.  Thanks a lot to Mani's supporting role as an excellent team player.


A special thanks to you Suresh for providing amazing leadership and while comprehending difficult situations with balance, wisdom and foresight.


Thanks also to Nirupama whose hospitality with the Hanu Reddy Residences was exemplary.  The courteous service provided by the staff was 5-star.  Whenever I visit Chennai I will look forward to staying here.


Most importantly, thank you very much Nirupama and Suresh for throwing a grand celebration dinner at your beautiful home and meet your family and have some wonderful thought provoking conversation, especially with your son and daughter in law.  It was an amazing gesture on your part.  What a great evening and we will forever remember this occasion.


In summary, I would like to give you, Hanu, special thanks for your amazing leadership and wisdom in making this happen.  This is an important event in our lives and obviously we will treasure fond memories of our engagement for a long time to come.  I hope we will always stay in touch in the future.


My very best wishes for happiness and prosperity to you and your team and your respective families!


Many thanks to all of you!


With kind regards,



Appreciation Letter

Mylapore Branch


Becoming homeowners of Chennai - our short, fast, unexpected journey 

The greatness of Hanu Reddy Realty stems from its people, their pedigree and their values.

The Hanu Reddy team's competence and their penchant for genuine service combined with deep understanding of the Indian Realty market is truly amazing. And borne out of decades of experience.

My wife, our daughters and I visited Chennai from the USA for a casual summer break. My wife stumbled on a Hindu article on chennai real estate that got her intrigued. That transpired into an unexpected journey: stumbling on Hanu Reddy website, two weeks later we found ourselves making offers for two prime properties of obscene amount! And two months later we are already proud owners of both those properties. Of which one is to become our second home in the Chennai, a city we love.

This is extraordinary speed and spectacular execution. And this was possible because of competence we witnessed from, and the trust inspired by, the Hanu Reddy team. Suresh, Shiva, Mallikarjun, Palani, and Shekar - these are outstanding people. Really outstanding people.

It is also my instinct Hanu Reddy himself, at the helm, is steering the ship with an unwavering commitment to values that has its roots from multiple generations of the Reddy family. The team respects and admires his leadership.

On a final personal note - I, my wife and in laws, in a spur of an unplanned moment, happen to get invited for tea in Suresh's home. Instead we ended up with delicious mango juice and a fine hospitality; really LOVED their family, and the beautiful larger Reddy family. I feel we have what I believe is a sprout of a friendship, that could blossom into a lifetime friendship.

With lots of love from the Mohammed family

September 2016

London, en route

Mohammed family


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Rajiv Gandhi Salai (OMR) Branch


 I had a great experience with Hanu Reddy Realty in selling my property @Chennai. From locating the buyer to ensuring the transaction went smoothly, they were very professional and communicated often with me. I would like to specifically thank Mr. V.G Srinivasan, Senior Realtor and Mr. Suresh Reddy, Director for their excellent services. I would strongly recommend them to anyone looking to transact on real estate in Chennai.


Appreciation Letter

Mylapore Branch


Dear Mr.C.Suresh Reddy / Mr.Mallikarjuna Reddy,

Sub-:  Letter of Appreciation. 

Our company appreciates your efforts in locating suitable properties  in  Vijaya Ragava Road, T.Nagar as well as in  New Beach Road,  Tiruvanmiyur,  for us to promote luxurious residential apartments.   We wish to inform you that we have already commenced construction in the said properties and the same are in progress.  As you know that these are the two prestigious and important projects for our Group to grow in the market. I understand that you have taken excellent effort in offering us the said properties from the prime localities in Chennai, after having successful negations with the concerned Vendors .  Hence we wish that you and your whole team should continue to serve in the same capacity for the years to come. Once again, many thanks for your team and hope will maintain this attitude throughout your future projects. 

With Best Regards

 P. Amarnath Reddy.


Appreciation Letter

Rajiv Gandhi Salai (OMR) Branch


Dear Mr. Suresh,

It is with immense pleasure that I like to express here that  Mr. Mani and Mr. Mallikarjun Reddy did a great job in doing the needful concerning to the Property that I had purchased in Adyar - Venkateswara Nagar through Mr. Raman of Rutllngate.
Thank you and I appreciate the commitment and meticulous follow up done by these two gentlemen from the start until the Registration.    They surely are a great asset to Hanu Group.   
Best Wishes

Appreciation Letter

Mylapore Branch


Dear Suresh,
My wife and I would like to thank you for the personal interest and dedication shown by you  in  bringing the sale of our property to a fruitful conclusion. We really appreciated the way you took time off from your busy schedule to  visit the site in the beginning and again to the Registrar's office at the time of registration.
We also would like to place on record the excellent service provided by both Mallikarjun and Palani. Both of us felt very comfortable  in our dealings  with them. Please convey to them our sincere thanks and appreciation for their helpful attitude and dedication to work.
However, we need to acknowledge God's Grace in finding a decent family with ownership extending to three layers of lineage.
With best wishes,
Vimala and Sankar Raman.

Appreciation Letter

Rajiv Gandhi Salai (OMR) Branch



Appreciation Letter

Mylapore Branch


Dear Shiva,

I write to you as you were my first and main contact with Hanu Reddy Realty.

I wanted express my appreciation for the fantastic job by your team for the sale of our property. Starting from getting us the price we wanted (even though it seemed impossible at the outset because of what others, including the other big firms in this business, led us to believe) to keeping the client engaged and making the deal actually happen.This was despite the innumerable unforeseen delays that frustrated all of us.

The level of professionalism that every one in your team showed is refreshingly rare  - because if this, I knew all along that our interests and the buyer's interests were protected.

I also thank you for showing trust and providing such a high level of service even when there was no formal commitment from our side. No other real estate firm (including all the multinational firms I contacted) had the foresight or understanding of our situation to take this on and deliver (and how !)

Thank you.



Appreciation Letter

Joint Venture & Developer Solutions - Mylapore BranchMylapore Branch



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