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EDUCATION:    B.E Mechanical


• Prepare documents such as Representation contracts, Purchase Agreements, closing statements, leases, and deeds

• Accompany buyers during visits and inspections of property, advising them on the suitability and value of the homes they are visiting based on current market conditions

• Compare properties with similar properties that were recently sold to determine competitive market prices

• Promote sale of properties through advertisements, open houses, multiple listing services and other online advertising platforms

• Interview clients to determine what kind of properties they were seeking and generate lists meeting those requirements from available properties.


• Proficient in Microsoft Office

• Proficient in Drawing Reading

• Proficient in Document Reading


Property Type Sale/Rent Location Reference
Commercial Land Sale Medchal SL/HYD-118721 View
Duplex Flat Sale Gachibowli SRO/HYD-115681 View
Flat Sale Madhapur SRO/HYD-50150 View
Flat Sale Hyderabad SRO/HYD-124960 View
Flat Sale Hyderabad SRO/HYD-60033 View
Flat Sale Jubilee Hills SRO/HYD-94426 View
Flat Sale Hyderabad SRO/HYD-100487 View
Flat Sale Hyderabad SRO/2518 View
Flat Sale Jubilee Hills SRO/HYD-50376 View
Flat Sale Hyderabad SRO/HYD-124959 View
Flat Sale Kondapur SRO/HYD-51730 View
Flat Sale Kondapur SRO/HYD-51729 View
Flat Rent Jntu Kukat pally RRO/HYD-55024 View
Flat Sale Gachibowli SRO/HYD-56104 View
Flat Sale Srinagar Colony SRO/HYD-59162 View
Flat Sale Madhapur SRO/HYD-56057 View
Flat Sale Jntu Kukat pally SRO/HYD-56056 View
Flat Sale West Marredpally SRO/HYD-100113 View
Flat Sale Kondapur SRO/HYD-98285 View
Flat Sale Kondapur SRO/2451 View
Flat Sale Madhapur SRO/2452 View
Flat Sale Kondapur SRO/2524 View
Flat Sale Banjara Hills SRO/2470 View
Flat Sale Kondapur SRO/2471 View
Flat Sale Kondapur SRO/2487 View
Flat Sale Kondapur SRO/2501 View
Flat Rent Kukatpally RRO/1782 View
Flat Sale Ameerpet SRO/HYD-61207 View
Flat Sale Banjara Hills SRO/HYD-64246 View
Flat Sale Kondapur SRO/HYD-62205 View
Flat Sale Kondapur SRO/HYD-62216 View
Flat Sale Hyderabad SRO/HYD-62237 View
Flat Sale Jubilee Hills SRO/HYD-67307 View
Flat Sale Manikonda SRO/HYD-68782 View
Flat Sale Hitechcity SRO/HYD-72750 View
Flat Sale Kondapur SRO/HYD-110848 View
Flat Sale Banjara Hills SRO/HYD-82822 View
Flat Sale Banjara Hills SRO/HYD-88160 View
Flat Sale Filmnagar SRO/HYD-112320 View
Flat Sale Kondapur SRO/HYD-105261 View
Flat Sale Gachibowli SRO/HYD-107172 View
Flat Sale Madhapur SRO/HYD-107179 View
Flat Sale Hitechcity SRO/HYD-120804 View
Flat Sale Hyderabad SRO/HYD-115957 View
Flat Sale Hyderabad SRO/HYD-115956 View
Flat Sale Manikonda SRO/HYD-115952 View
Flat Sale Hitechcity SRO/HYD-116934 View
Flat Sale Kondapur SRO/HYD-117012 View
Flat Sale Srinagar Colony SRO/HYD-118722 View
Flat Sale Srinagar Colony SRO/HYD-118724 View
Flat Sale Khajaguda SRO/HYD-119562 View
Flat Sale Khajaguda SRO/HYD-119561 View
Flat Rent Hyderabad RRO/HYD-120805 View
Flat Sale Banjara Hills SRO/HYD-122257 View
Flat Sale Malkajgiri SRO/HYD-122470 View
Flat Sale Manikonda SRO/HYD-126164 View
Flat Sale Kondapur SRO/HYD-126542 View
Godown Rent Ramachandrapuram RCO/3065 View
Independent House Sale Hyderabad SRO/HYD-55456 View
Independent House Sale Hyderabad SRO/HYD-63033 View
Independent House Sale Jubilee Hills SRO/HYD-65371 View
Independent House Sale Padmaraonagar SRO/HYD-68283 View
Independent House Sale Hyderabad SRO/2525 View
Independent House Sale Secunderabad SRO/2513 View
Independent House Sale Jubilee Hills SRO/2511 View
Independent House Sale Mallapur SRO/HYD-79513 View
Independent House Sale Nagaram SRO/HYD-80112 View
Independent House Sale Hyderabad SRO/HYD-119542 View
Independent House Sale Vanastalipuram SRO/HYD-119560 View
Independent House Sale Alwal SRO/HYD-126540 View
Industrial Land Sale Cherlapalli SL/HYD-106521 View
Mixed-Commercial Rent Madhapur RCO/HYD-102855 View
Office Space Rent Kavuri Hills RCO/HYD-50869 View
Office Space Rent Kavuri Hills RCO/HYD-59711 View
Office Space Rent Hyderabad RCO/HYD-62256 View
Office Space Rent Hyderabad RCO/HYD-62263 View
Office Space Rent Madhapur RCO/HYD-67368 View
Office Space Rent Jubilee Hills RCO/HYD-103816 View
Office Space Sale Kavuri Hills SCO/HYD-122263 View
Office Space Rent Kavuri Hills RCO/HYD-122264 View
Office Space Rent Banjara Hills RCO/HYD-126344 View
Penthouse Sale Banjara Hills SRO/HYD-59901 View
Penthouse Sale Manikonda SRO/HYD-126543 View
Residential Land Sale Hyderabad SL/HYD-64371 View
Residential Land Sale Hyderabad SL/HYD-63243 View
Residential Land Sale Sainkpuri SL/HYD-81131 View
Showroom Rent Manikonda RCO/HYD-109602 View
Showroom Rent Jubilee Hills RCO/HYD-119730 View
Standalone Building Rent Gachibowli RCO/HYD-53969 View
Standalone Building Sale Somajiguda SCO/HYD-59899 View
Standalone Building Rent Hitechcity RCO/HYD-57392 View
Standalone Building Sale Madhapur SCO/HYD-72906 View
Villa Sale Hyderabad SRO/2497 View
Villa Sale Gachibowli SRO/HYD-85451 View
Villa Sale Gachibowli SRO/HYD-85450 View
Villa Sale Hyderabad SRO/HYD-95383 View
Villa Rent Kismathpur RRO/HYD-120807 View
Villa Sale Manikonda SRO/HYD-122336 View
Villa Sale Attapur SRO/HYD-122346 View
Villa Sale Gachibowli SRO/HYD-125490 View
Warehouse Rent Hyderabad RCO/HYD-36596 View