Poes Garden is situated in the city’s prime position. The Independent house for sale at Poes Garden is located near major hospitals, supermarkets, schools, and T. Nagar’s famous shopping centers. This independent house for sale at Poes Garden comes with the benefit of the connections of the metro, bus, and Chennai suburban train that are excellent and easily accessible. The independent house for sale at Poes Garden is within walking distance of the Music Academy, the Agarwal Eye Hospital, Kauvery Hospital, Narada Gana Sabha, and several other hotels where family and friends can spend their time! Alwarpet, T. Nagar, Seethamal Colony, Ellaiyamman, and the other busy communities of Teynampet are neighboring towns




We all invest in our house with a lot of hope for our future. You have to choose the right place to make sure nothing goes wrong. Poes Garden’s separate house is located nearby bus stations, subway stations, suburban trains and hospitals, ATMs, colleges, parks, supermarkets, schools, health institutions, and public health centers. The immobilization sector is recognized globally. In finding your perfect property in a sector, Hanu Reddy Realty will lead you. This is full of commercial and residential buildings. Hanu Reddy Realty is the culmination of all correct factors, from helping you understand the crux of the immobilization by explaining terms through its designated Facebook page to having a well-trained team of realtors. Selling a house or investing in a home can be daunting when the property industry is full of options. And in the middle of Chennai to find an ideal home is something even larger or more simple from Hanu Reddy Realty’s real estate companies. On a quest for your your ideal independent house in Poes Garden, you will find a key list of factors that will address the location, water resources, transport, proximity to the closest hospitals, supermarkets, and schools. After reducing these factors, contact our Immobilization Experts to prepare the way for your dream home!


As a certified and licensed property agent, a good real estate agent must be well versed in his practices. An informed realtor must adhere to his ethics and the Ethics Code containing 17 items. The retailers must periodically renew their licenses and swear by the morale with which they are soaked. Their property transactions are completely transparent. A buyer must expect a clear and thorough process to be carried out as soon as they contact a certified real estate agent. All of the laws in question are communicated to the buyer and the seller and the real estate agent are responsible for concluding an agreement. The Realtor acts as a marketer, a seller, a bargainer, and an adviser to name just a few. A real estate workhorse comprises staff such as home inspectors, property managers, contractors, bankers, government agencies, and many more. A certified building contractor is self-conceived, cares for detail, honesty, and has a great interest in housing, architecture, and immense knowledge in the local market in housing. Therefore, they have a large contact network that enables them to better serve their customers. The network allows them to contact an extension of real estate agents, brokers, potential buyers, sellers, and other realtors. Hanu Reddy Immobilien realtors are distinguished by their commitment and work ethics in the Real estate industry. Feedback and testimonies from buyers and sellers are a testament to their great labor.


There are plenty of independents at Poes Garden for sale, and the slogan that the organization lives by is what makes Hanu Reddy Realty so unique. Hanu Reddy Realty is a pioneer in the Real Estate industry catering to the needs of clients with over twenty years of experience worldwide in the real estate industry. Take our Hanu Reddy Realty properties today for the best independent houses for sale at Poes Garden! Visit our website to talk and find your home with one of our expert realtors!

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