Flat for Sale at Poes Garden

With a global presence and over 2 decades of real estate experience, Hanu Reddy Realty is a pioneer in serving real estate needs of clients from around the world. 


If you are looking for flats for sale at Poes Garden, you’ve come to the right place! A growing number of people are looking to make an investment in the flats for sale at Poes Garden and are keen on making a home in Chennai’s most in-demand locality.


Poes Garden is a key residential area in the heart of Chennai and is also famous for some of the most celebrated houses in the history of Tamil Nadu’s political era. Located in Teynampet, Poes Garden houses the residence of the late AIADMK General Secretary, former Tamil Nadu Chief Minister J.Jayalalithaa and cine actor Rajinikanth.

What to expect from a realtor?

Oftentimes when people look for flats to buy, they consider a list of factors based on which they select their desired flat.

 Especially if it is situated in Poes Garden, a location famous for housing Tamil Nadu’s most noted personalities ranging from the late Chief Minister to Tollywood actors.


The locality, price range, and the realtors who are the point of contact between the buyer and the seller are all the vital few factors to base your search for properties. In addition to those preliminary factors, water supply, accessibility to the nearest hospitals, grocery stores are crucial pointers to be looked at while choosing an ideal home. Now that you know what your ideal home must look like, where it should be located, how far away it should be from the nearest bus stop or train station, choosing the right people who take you to your dream home and explain all that comes with the home is the important part. This is where realtors from Hanu Reddy Realty come in.

All about the trust:

A well-reputed realtor is one who has the required knowledge about properties, has been in the business for a good number of years. Is well aware of the legalities and leaves no space for legal mishaps to occur, thus making sure you have a hassle-free transaction with them.


A good real estate agent sells you just what you need and doesn’t work only for the commission check. They should not miss out any crucial details that the buyer would not want to miss out on acknowledging before investing in a pricey deal such as a home. Trust matters more than anything.


The Flat for Sale at Poes Garden is within a walking distance to the Music Academy, the Narada Ghana Sabha, Agarwal Eye Hospital and Kauvery Hospital.


They are only a 5-minute drive to the American Consulate and just 3km from Marina Beach. Located on the busy Anna Salai, the Flat for Sale at Poes Garden is a great buy as they are near the most famous shopping hub of Chennai – T.Nagar.


From booking a visit for you at the flat, showing you around the location and the surroundings, giving you the information on the property. Taking care of the legalities with complete transparency, the realtors at Hanu Reddy Realty stay true to their morals and ethics they are imbibed with.


In essence, what you want is what they must give you and the realtors from Hanu Reddy Realty do just that. 

The realtors at Hanu Reddy Realty have made milestones in helping people find their ideal homes in lucrative places like Poes Garden. They are great in communicating with the buyer, and that is one important key to a good buyer-realtor relationship. The realtors make time to fit into the buyers’ schedule and give important local information that the buyer needs to know.

Licenses and Certifications:

With a certified real estate agent, you get a professional service that beats all other services in the real estate business services. From the minute you enquire them about a location, our realtors are there until you are fixed up with a satisfying home.

All our realtors are licensed and belong to the National Association of Realtors. They subscribe to the Realtor Code of Ethics which contains 17 articles, with various underlying Standards of Practice. These standards are restrictive, and realtors swear to uphold them for the better interest of their clients. Our realtors often make sure to stick swear by the ethics they are sworn to follow and renew their licenses from time to time.

With thorough knowledge about the location of interest, our realtors provide their clients with professional services that are worthy of Hanu Reddy Realty’s reputation.


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