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Joint Venture & Developer Solutions - Mylapore Branch


Kaushik Anand

Positive: Professionalism, Responsiveness

We had a great experience selling 3 flats in T Nagar through Sanjay Gandhi from Hanu Reddy. He stood out with his honesty, professionalism and transparency and reaffirmed our faith in the Hanu Reddy brand. We would highly recommend his services to potential clients.


Appreciation Letter

Joint Venture & Developer Solutions - Mylapore Branch


Review for Mr.Sanjay Gandhi


It was through a Newspaper ad I got to know about the flat for sale at T.Nagar and contacted HanuReddy realtors. As

I have a good opinion on HanuReddy realtors through my previous experience,I was asked to get in touch with Mr. Sanjay

for moving ahead to buy the property in the month of March 2020 just 2 weeks before COVID-19 Lockdown. Though the

flat was bit higher than my budget, Sanjay helped me in doing negotiations with the seller and helped in concluding the

deal within a day.

I wanted to finish Registration before March 30th provided all the documents are verified but somehow we went in to

National lockdown and slowly limping back to normal. It was through the ardent efforts of Sanjay that the seller was willing

to wait for the registration else we would have also just left it feeling we were not lucky to get that flat. Kudos to Sanjay for

keeping both of us in loop and helped in smooth communication.

Meanwhile, when our Lawyer asked for some documents, E.C and even when they were handed over, he said E.C is

not correct and asked him to change, Sanjay never shied away and immediately got the changes done and submitted it

before signing. This show his work ethic of doing a proper job and satisfying the clients. Again, he won our hearts by his

smiling and unrelenting work practice..

As a senior citizen, in this tough times, his helping hand and hard work helped my family to complete the transaction of

buying a house seamless and effortless. It was one of the best experience in my life and I heartily thank Sanjay and Hanu

Reddy realtors in having such wonderful people in their team to help people to realise their dream of buying or selling a

property. I will definitely recommend Sanjay to anyone for his transparent, honest, open, easygoing but complete

coverage of their real estate.

I wish you and your team a great success in the coming years.

Thank you



Appreciation Letter

Joint Venture & Developer Solutions - Mylapore Branch


Appreciation Letter received from Mr.Kaushik Anand.

Dear Mr. Suresh Reddy, Shiva Reddy

Wanted to write a note to appreciate Sanjay's efforts in working with us over the last 2 years to sell 3 flats in T Nagar. We had initially come to Hanu Reddy Realty based on the brand/reputation and are very satisfied with the outcome.

Sanjay did a terrific job in navigating difficult times to help us sell all 3 properties at a price we were happy with and to buyers we liked. During the course of this process, a few things stood out compared to other realtors I have worked with in the past. Sanjay was extremely transparent and honest. He was focused on our and the buyer's satisfaction and went out of his way to make sure that we were satisfied. He also helped us with closing some documentation gaps with a lot of hard work and resourcefulness.

We cannot have imagined selling a house, especially in covid times without his dedication and efforts. We would gladly recommend his services to anyone who asks us and will refer his services to our family and friends.




Appreciation letter

Joint Venture & Developer Solutions - Mylapore Branch


---------- Forwarded message ----------

From: Hema Krishnamurthi
Date: Sat, Jun 11, 2016 at 10:45 AM
Subject: Appreciation letter for a job well done!
To: Hanu Reddy <hanureddy1@gmail.com>
Cc: Suresh Reddy <sureshreddy@hanureddyrealty.com>, shivareddy@hanureddyrealty.com, Sanjay Gandhi <s.gandhi@hanureddyrealty.com>

Dear Mr. Hanu Reddy,

It was a pleasure talking to you today.  I wanted to write to you, Mr. Shiva and Mr. Suresh, to express my appreciation for a job well done by Hanu Reddy Realty.  I have no doubt that you hire the best hands in this business.
Sanjay Gandhi did an outstanding job in helping us sell our properties in Chennai.  We went through several bottlenecks throughout the process.  Sanjay managed everything with ease.  He is smart and well qualified, incredibly resourceful, always speaks to the point and constantly has the eye on the goal.  Above all I believe he represented our best interest with utmost sincerity.  
We had time constraints, missing documents, difficulties due to us being NRIs with respect to power of attorney and tax issues.  In addition we were trying to close the deal without a contract.  I will credit Sanjay 100%, with his resourcefulness for closing the deals on time.
I would also like to thank Mr. Muthu.  Though I haven't met him, I got the opportunity to talk to him several times over the phone.  My parents were very pleased with his amicable personality and his expert advice on resolving some difficult process issues that surfaced during the transaction.  Sanjay was ably assisted by Muthu in closing the deals.  We very much appreciate their team work.
I have been referring Sanjay to all my friend/relatives looking to sell properties through the past year and will continue to do so in future.  Thank you for creating an honest and professional service organization, helping people transact real estate in India so seamlessly.
Hema Rajeev Krishnamurthi

Certificate - Senior Realtor




Part 1 Certificate




Training Completion





Mysuru BranchBengaluru Branch Branch



Appreciation Letter



---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Hema Krishnamurthi <hema.krishnamurthi@gmail.com>
Date: Sat, Feb 21, 2015 at 10:33 AM
Subject: A+ rating to your service
To: hanureddy@hanureddyrealty.comsureshreddy@hanureddyrealty.com

Dear Mr. Suresh Reddy,

We recently sold our property in 1A Mahalakshmi Street, Thambaram East, Chennai, through the able guidance of Mr. Sanjay Gandhi.  I am writing to you to appreciate the superb support we received from him throughout the process.
What impressed me the most about Sanjay is his promptness in replying.  If I send an email, I will have an email response in ten minutes and the issue will be addressed the next day with a proper solution presented. It will not be an overstatement to say that but for him, we would not have closed this deal for another couple of months.  He knew when to push us a bit when we were slacking off at the same time he was always respectful and gave us the time/space we needed to make decisions.
He brought us an excellent buyer and the whole process went so smoothly, given some of the challenges we faced along the way.  Sanjay was instrumental in us getting the patta on time.  We had a problem when the fresh patta was issued for less area than what was recorded in the document.  Sanjay then did the measurement himself and realized that even the patta had overstated the physical measurement of the land by 100 sq feet.  Rather than letting the buyer be misguided by the area quoted in the patta, Sanjay immediately notified the buyer that such a problem has ensued, risking the deal falling through.  I was impressed by his honesty.   Sanjay helped us renegotiate the price with the buyer.  We represented the correct physical measurement in the sale deed. His people skills are evident from the fact that even the buyer seems to be equally appreciative of him.
Finally the payment demand draft (DD) we received was being rejected by the local SBI branch in Thambaram saying that they do not accept amounts over 10 lakhs.  Sanjay argued with them that to his knowledge he does not know of such a restriction from RBI, asked them to show the circular which showed such a restriction imposed and when they were unable to produce the circular, he asked them to give it in writing that they were rejecting our check for the said reason.  The bank manager had no choice but to budge and we were able to deposit our check.  In the meantime he was asking us to not worry and even offered to personally take my DD to Ernakulam to my branch.  He follows through with his commitment 100%!
In short I think he fits perfectly with the three pillars Integrity, transparency and competency you have listed as your pillars.  I have already recommended him to my friends and will continue to do so.  For any future transactions in Chennai, I will approach none other than Sanjay.
Thank you for your excellent service.
Hema Krishnamurthi
On behalf of the 5 sellers
Thangam Krishnamurthi, Prabha Venugopalan, Usha Rao, Rajeev Krishnamurthi and Sanjay Krishnamurthi









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Umamaheswaran Updated Feb 22

It has been a great pleasure to have an association with hanu reddy realty . I am in deed pleased the way they carry out the business . I am indeed cvery happy the way Mr. Shiva reddy and Mr. Sanjay carried the jv proposal was excellent.


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Dear Suresh,


Hannu Reddy Realty is all about integrity, excellence and experienced.sanjay was my realtor and he was superb.he has nothing but the clients interests in mind,he is knowledgeable,communicative,patient and a kind soul.he is truly the best.i should thank only hannnureddyrealty for appointing a good team of realtors.


thanks and regards,


432 Branch


Hi Sanjay/Saisathish,

MeenakshiSundaram M

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Hanu Reddy Realty Team for the excellent service provided for closing the Mannivakkam land deal!

This is our second best experience with you within a short period of 6 months..

"Yet another feather in your cap"

Best Regards,


Sugrha Constructions

81 Mylapore Branch


Hi Sanjay/Saisathish,

MeenakshiSundaram M

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Hanu Reddy Realty Team for the excellent service provided for closing the Mannivakkam land deal!

This is our second best experience with you within a short period of 6 months..

Yet another feather in your cap

Best Regards,


Sugrha Constructions

425 Branch


427 Branch



I have purchased a Flat thru' Hanu Reddy Realty Group- thru ' Chennai - Chrompet office .

Your team work is very wonderful & very dynamic so that all transactions I could believe & seen the Transparancy While talking to Seller in Conference Room or outside . There is no seceret / hiding for brokerage like that.

From your Hanu Reddy Realty Group Mr. Sanjai Gandhi . L was involved in all my transactions for last almost 60 days . Mr. Sanjai is very dedicated staff coming to Railway station in the early morning by 6.00 am meet me or Site visit or whatever Sundaram home asked documents satisfied well in time all the issues . I could able to see the TOTAL INTERGRITY & COMPETITIVENESS from him or from your group of Gems.

My home members or family & relatives we feel or more impressed of Hanu Reddy Realty Group approach & performance.

Though we have paid Rs 93 820 / as Commission it is worth .

Really thanks for total dedication from begining showing EC to end of Registration even some times Mr. Sanjai Gandhi is very Pro-active & seen the pulse of Buyer & entered in deepth & both of us got Success.

In public some body told Reddy Realty group is reliable But now I have seen All the 60 days activities .

I feel Hanu Reddy Realty Group which moulded the staff with good discipline & made me also to buy a Second Flat at chennai.

Our Family wishes to you & all your team for good luck & prosperous future of " Hanu Reddy Realty Group" Expecting the same tempo till our all future endowrs .

Thiruguna Sambandam
Debuty General Manager

435 Branch


430 Branch


We recently took a property for rent through Hanu Reddy Realty at keelkatalai. We are very pleased with the service provided by your team (Mr. Shiva Reddy, Mr. Sanjay Gandhi & team). Though we have made many property dealings in the past, it was always through freelancing mediators, this was the first time we availed the help of Hanu Reddy Realty and we found your team very professional & efficient.This made us realise the difference between working with a professional team such as yours and freelancing mediators. Your team made the whole process hassle free. we would like to thank the Hanu Reddy Realty team especially Mr. Shiva Reddy & Mr. Sanjay Gandhi for their valuable inputs and suggestions which helped us in taking a decision. We would be very pleased to work with Hanu Reddy Realty in our future projects.

Dr. Vamsi Nilay Reddy
Dr. Ranjith Reddy
Dr. Swapna K

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