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WG Branch Top Earners - February 2019 - First Place

Wallace Garden (Nungambakkam) Branch



First Place - WG Branch Top Earners - December 2017

Wallace Garden (Nungambakkam) Branch



Appreciation Letter

Wallace Garden (Nungambakkam) Branch


Dear Sir,

I was looking for a place for my boutique in a very central area. 
I knew Kumar would be the right person to finish this deal for me.
He is a very sincere and hard working person. Very rarely do u come across someone with this calibre. He perfectly understands what we are looking for. He is always one call away.
A very committed and reliable person. He works in the interest of his clients, making both the parties comfortable .
The place he confirmed for me is very apt and suitable for my kind of business. All of us are happy with what he has offered. Thank u Kumar.
I wish him all the best for all his future endeavours and look forward to doing more work with him in future.
Thanks and Regards 


Nandhitha Ramesh

Appreciation Letter

Wallace Garden (Nungambakkam) Branch





Dear Sir,

On behalf of my family and myself, I would like to thank Hanu Reddy for helping us find a tenant for our Commercial Property, in APN Building, Alwarpet.

We have gentleman has been very clever, quick and professional in handing the technical aspects of the lease concerning the contract, the communication between parties were kept transparent and fast which is needed in today”s real estate market.

Furthermore he is also a very pleasant, friendly and helpful person, which we appreciated immensely. 

I will not hesitate to entrust my property to Mr. Kumara Raja and for anyting in Real Estate, Since he has conducted the whole process in a smooth and professional manner.


Thanking you,


Kind regards,

Mrs.Kavitha. V.

New No. 14, RagavaVeera Avenue,

Poes Garden -86

Chennai – 600 86




Appreciation Letter

Wallace Garden (Nungambakkam) Branch


Dear Sir,

On behalf of my husband and Myself, I would like to thank Hanu Reddy for helping us find a tenant for our house, 228b Kilpauk Garden Lane in Chennai.

We have been very satisfied with your excellent service, mainly thanks to your extremely competent employee, Mr Kumara Raja.

This gentleman has been very clever, quick and professional in handling the technical aspects of the lease concerning the contract, the communication between parties et caetera.

Furthermore he is also a very pleasant, friendly and helpful person, which we appreciated immensely.

I will not hesitate to entrust my property to Mr Kumara Raja next time we are searching for a tenant, since he has conducted the whole process in a smooth and professional manner.

Thanking you,
Kind regards
Shanti Broeng

Nymoellevej 53
2800 Lyngby


2nd Place - WG Branch Top Earners - Nov 2017

Wallace Garden (Nungambakkam) Branch




Wallace Garden (Nungambakkam) Branch




Wallace Garden (Nungambakkam) Branch




Wallace Garden (Nungambakkam) Branch




Wallace Garden (Nungambakkam) Branch



Appreciation Letter

Wallace Garden (Nungambakkam) Branch


Mr Kumar who is part of your organisation,had helped us in securing a very nice place for our business.
He had done a wonderful job with a smile on his face and with utmost professionalism,Full kudos to him .
Wish him a successful future and help people find the target place what they wanted.He is also a great asset to your company.
Have already given him couple of new contacts to pursue.
Thank you
Best Regards


Director - Quantum Leap Sports Fitness Pvt Ltd

Appreciation Letter

Wallace Garden (Nungambakkam) Branch


Dear Mr.Muthu Krishnan N / VP Commercial Hanu Reddy  Realtors chennai .
I want thank you for the excellent service I received from G. Kumara Raja A/c DAAD chennai office last week  .
It was truly a commendable performance. I know these things do not happen without a great deal of effort on the part of everyone, and I want you to know how much we appreciate his  hard work , perseverance & patience shown during closure , initial stages   .

I want to compliment Raja for his positive attitude, he went to great lengths to help me finalize the deal with DAAD Chennai / Delhi Team thru constant co-ordination & continues followups  calls .  I have always received quality & prompt service , as Raja knew just what to do to solve my problem quickly and finalize the Lease T C's & arrange for quick transfer security deposit to my A/c even in the face of several obstacles .

Such service with your apt guidance , builds great working relationships. I will bring all my future business needs to Hanu Reddy thru G. Kumara Raja  from now on.  I will also recommend Kumara Raja to all my friends & acquaintances . 

Thank you for giving me your best. May you enjoy this same type of success in all your endeavors.

Warm Regards ,


Appreciation Letter

Wallace Garden (Nungambakkam) Branch


09/ 03/2015



Dear Mr.Suresh Reddy/Mr.C. Sridhar Varadaraj,


           Warm Greetings. Hanu Reddy Realty has just clinched a rental deal for us. I thank you for the same. I take this opportunity to say few words about Mr.Kumar Raja, without  whom, an extremely demanding client like my self , would not have been able to work .


        In todays speedy commercial world, it seems a rare feat to chance upon such a humane, truly dedicated, patient and warm person, Mr.Kumara Raja, whom we were very fortunate to have worked with. His emotional quotient (EQ) I am sure rates very high. I truly believe he is a wonderful asset to your Concern. Many would share the same sentiments.


      I wish you all the very best in all your future endeavors and success always.                                                                   


                                                                                  Thanking You

                                                                                 Yours Sincerely



                                                                            Usha Linga Gowder


Appreciation Letter

Wallace Garden (Nungambakkam) Branch


Hi Mr. Kumar,

Thanks for helping me get a tenant for my Besant Nagar property. The whole process was handled very professionally and politely by you. The whole process was transparent and honest, contrary to my prior experiences with other real estate agencies / agents. I found you to be very approachable, polite and patient. It was a very good experience overall and I will definitely recommend Hanu Reddy to my friends for dealing with their properties. 
Sangeetha Anand

Appreciation Letter

Wallace Garden (Nungambakkam) Branch


Hello Sir,

Good afternoon! I just wanted to write in to you to show my appreciation towards one of your employees Mr Kumar. I have had this very strange requirement of getting an old house that will house my workshop and boutique that sells high end garments. I have known Kumar for almost 9 months now, beacause thats how long we have been searching for space. He showed me couple of properties in the beginning and 1 of them matched my requirement. The deal was almost through, but however, I was to tie up with another brand who backed out and the project did not see the light of the day. I was obviously upset and embarrased, but Kumar did not get judgemental about me or my work and still stood by me when I told him that I wanted to resume the search with half the budget in mind. He I think is the only other person believed in me and my dream project and went all out striving time and again to match my requirment so much so that a call a day to Kumar almost seem part of routine where he would come up with suggestions as to how to take this forward. He has got this amazing quality of making the client extremely comfortable along with a never say die attitude, positive approach, extreme pride in his work, sincerity and genuineness that has actually helped my project come to life. Even my family and my husband thought that I was scouting around in vain and that it was impossible to find a place that matched my budget, workshop requirement, store, location, accessibilty all in one. After 9 months my baby was born on the 21st of this month. He did it!!! Proving that there is nothing impossible when you put your mind to it! Its commendable because he did'nt need to take this so seriously and make it work for me, but he did, which is why he deserves an appreciation and more in life! You are honestly blessed to have an employee like him, an he is always going to be the reason this whole thing came to life, because of his sheer determination and hard work He deserves a standing ovation for closing my deal( must be the most tough)! Thank you Kumar for believing in me. I wish you more success and like I had said earlier, you are so Good at what you do, you have a long journey to undertake as you owe it to hundreds of people like me!!! All the very best!!!
Warm regards,
Neesha Amrish
485 Wallace Garden (Nungambakkam) Branch


Hi Kumar

Just wanted to send you a mail to thank you for the immense help and support in buying my first flat with Hanu Reddy Realty.

Before I got in touch with Hanu Reddy I had worked with numerous other brokers and I was very disillusioned with the services they offered and the work ethic they displayed. Even at Hanu Reddy I had spoken to quite a few people before you got in touch with me. None of them were particularly proactive. But from the first meeting with you, you gave me the confidence that Hanu Reddy would be able to handle my requirement and every flat you showed me was carefully selected according to my feedback and requirement.

What struck me the most about how you handled the job was how you always gave me honest opinions, which was very unlike any other real estate professional I had interacted with before. Your insights and expertise helped me zone in on the right flat and close the deal within a matter of a month or two. Your sense of responsibility didn't end there. At every step of the way you helped me do all the required paperwork, you liaised with my lawyer to make sure everything was done correctly and there were even points where your keen eye for detail helped me avoid some serious mistakes in the legalities involved. I am immensely grateful to you Kumar for being with me at every step of the way from finding the flat and negotiating a good price to signing the contract, sorting out the bank loan and registering the flat. Even after the brokerage was paid you made sure every last document reached me on time and that everything was taken care of.

I could not have done any of this without you and you have given me complete faith in Hanu Reddy Realty being at the forefront of real estate in Chennai. I would be honoured to work with you again Kumar and I am already looking forward to making my next investment in Real Estate. I have complete confidence that you will advice me correctly and only suggest good investments. I will only be dealing with you for all my future real estate deals:)

I would also like to thank your colleague for his help. He was helpful and stepped in when required.

I know you will reach great heights in real estate, Kumar, due to your proactive nature, professionalism and your ability to go the extra mile to make the client feel comfortable. It was truly a pleasure working with you.

Thanks for everything!

Best wishes,

488 Wallace Garden (Nungambakkam) Branch


The Director/Vice-President
Hanu Reddy Realty

I am writing this letter to express my deep appreciation of the way Mr. Kumar Raja G has handled the task of finding me a one-bedroom apartment for rent.

Though it was on short notice, he left no stone unturned in finding an apartment within the time constraint. Also, the apartment he found for me - was in the premium location of Haddows Road, Nungambakkam - and I am very happy with it.

The way Mr. Kumar has handled this transaction both with me and the landlord shows very good maturity, sensitivity and people skills.

Going beyond the call of duty, Mr. Kumar has demonstrated a lot of concern for my safety and has assisted me with information about the local area, safe areas after dark, shops from where to buy household items, etc.

Overall, Mr. Kumar has really gone the extra mile to get this apartment for me and I sincerely appreciate his efforts.

With his hard-working nature, sincerity and people skills,he is indeed an asset to you organisation.

Thank You once again,
Shweta Anand
Sales & Marketing
Colgate Palmolive (India) Limited
Tel: +91 9962011811


Wallace Garden (Nungambakkam) Branch



Wallace Garden (Nungambakkam) Branch



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