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  • Sold 950 Sq.ft 2BHK Flat @ Thiruneermalai 
  • Sold 869 Sq.ft 2BHK Flat @ Radha Nagar, Chromepet
  • Sold 1188 Sq.Ft 3BHK Flat at Chitlapakkam, Chromepet
  • Sold 1170 Sq.Ft 3BHK Flat at Hasthinapuram, Chromepet
  • Sold 750 Sq. Ft 2BHK Flat at Shanthi Nagar, Chromepet, Chennai
  • Sold 2780 Sq.Ft Independent House at Chitlapakkam
Property Type Sale/Rent Location Reference
Built to Suit Rent Tambaram Sanatorium RCO/GST-80801 View
Duplex House Sale Chitlapakkam SRO/GST-102942 View
Flat Sale Chromepet SRO/GST-60827 View
Flat Sale Hasthinapuram SRO/GST-60037 View
Flat Sale Chitlapakkam SRO/GST-52130 View
Flat Sale Madambakkam SRO/GST-71927 View
Flat Sale Chromepet SRO/GST-66792 View
Flat Sale Hasthinapuram SRO/GST-60660 View
Flat Sale Keelkattalai SRO/GST-70466 View
Flat Sale Chitlapakkam SRO/GST-56341 View
Flat Sale Hasthinapuram SRO/GST-71833 View
Flat Sale Chitlapakkam SRO/GST-51090 View
Flat Sale Chitlapakkam SRO/GST-101343 View
Flat Sale Guduvanchery SRO/GST-98288 View
Flat Sale Chromepet SRO/GST-48498 View
Flat Sale Chromepet SRO/GST-48726 View
Flat Sale Hasthinapuram SRO/GST-60097 View
Flat Sale Sembakkam SRO/GST-60229 View
Flat Sale Chromepet SRO/GST-60287 View
Flat Sale Hasthinapuram SRO/GST-60338 View
Flat Sale Nanganallur SRO/GST-61981 View
Flat Sale Kalaignar Karunanidhi nagar SRO/GST-63898 View
Flat Sale Chitlapakkam SRO/GST-67349 View
Flat Sale Vengaivasal SRO/GST-62403 View
Flat Sale Chromepet SRO/GST-69504 View
Flat Sale Virugambakkam SRO/GST-68014 View
Flat Sale Chitlapakkam SRO/GST-68175 View
Flat Sale Hasthinapuram SRO/GST-74306 View
Flat Sale Selaiyur SRO/GST-57614 View
Flat Sale Chromepet SRO/GST-43710 View
Flat Sale Chromepet SRO/GST-80359 View
Flat Sale Polichalur SRO/GST-75719 View
Flat Sale Polichalur SRO/GST-80882 View
Flat Sale Polichalur SRO/GST-80891 View
Flat Sale Hasthinapuram SRO/GST-81203 View
Flat Sale Pammal SRO/GST-82127 View
Flat Sale Hasthinapuram SRO/GST-87754 View
Flat Sale Hasthinapuram SRO/GST-96250 View
Flat Sale Chromepet SRO/GST-95124 View
Flat Sale Tambaram Sanatorium SRO/GST-102636 View
Independent House Sale Chitlapakkam SRO/GST-100595 View
Independent House Sale Hasthinapuram SRO/GST-50896 View
Independent House Sale Selaiyur SRO/GST-94280 View
Independent House Sale Pammal SRO/GST-70558 View
Independent House Sale Guduvanchery SRO/GST-55384 View
Independent House Sale Alapakkam SRO/GST-41685 View
Independent House Sale Hasthinapuram SRO/GST-98538 View
Independent House Sale Sembakkam SRO/GST-48078 View
Independent House Sale Perungalathur SRO/GST-61251 View
Independent House Rent Valasaravakkam RRO/GST-72287 View
Independent House Sale Tambaram East SRO/GST-79564 View
Independent House Sale Chitlapakkam SRO/GST-80138 View
Independent House Sale Chitlapakkam SRO/GST-85791 View
Independent House Sale Hasthinapuram SRO/GST-95678 View
Independent House Sale Hasthinapuram SRO/GST-102634 View
Mixed-Commercial Sale Guduvanchery SCO/GST-87080 View
Mixed-Commercial Rent Tambaram West RCO/GST-60441 View
Mixed-Commercial Sale Chromepet SCO/GST-82838 View
Mixed-Commercial Sale Selaiyur SCO/GST-100626 View
Mixed-Commercial Sale Tambaram Sanatorium SCO/GST-96570 View
Mixed-Commercial Rent Urapakkam RCO/GST-102515 View
Mixed-Land Sale Chitlapakkam SL/GST-97675 View
Office Space Rent Chromepet RCO/GST-100292 View
Residential Land Sale Chromepet SL/GST-51187 View
Residential Land Sale Tambaram Sanatorium SL/GST-58744 View
Residential Land Sale Kovalam SL/GST-65487 View
Residential Land Sale perungudi SL/GST-57872 View
Residential Land Sale Alandur SL/GST-49055 View
Residential Land Sale Nanganallur SL/GST-84533 View
Residential Land Sale Madambakkam SL/GST-90393 View