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Currently Dealing 87 Properties

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23 Properties For Rent

Education :

  • Bachelor of Engineering (Mechanical).


  • 3 Years in Radio & Electricals, Chennai as Production Incharge
  • 1990 - 2010 in Larsen & Toubro as Deputy General Manager
  • 2010 - 2012 Gilbarco Veeder Root as General Manager
  • 2013 - 2015 Branch Office Owner in Remax

Marketing Edge:

  • Successfully carried out few Residential & Land Deals in Remax

Personal Information:

  • Married - Wife is a Dance Professional.
  • Two Sons

Professional Associations:

  • Member of COAREA (Coimbatore Association of Realtors)
Property Type Sale/Rent Location Reference
Agricultural Land Sale Chinniam Palayam SL/CBE-26296 View
Approved Land Sale Vadavalli SL/CBE-57882 View
Approved Land Sale Vellakkinar SL/CBE-23343 View
Approved Land Sale Vellakkinar SL/CBE-23336 View
Approved Land Sale Mettupalayam Road SL/CBE-29836 View
Approved Land Sale Kalapatti SL/CBE-43207 View
Duplex House Sale Ganapathy SRO/CBE-60365 View
Flat Sale Podanur SRO/CBE-53004 View
Flat Sale Podanur SRO/CBE-51998 View
Flat Rent Kavundampalayam RRO/CBE-45312 View
Flat Sale Podanur SRO/CBE-50208 View
Flat Rent Ramanathapuram RRO/CBE-12361 View
Flat Sale Saibaba Colony SRO/CBE-12944 View
Flat Rent Saibaba Colony RRO/CBE-72489 View
Flat Sale Nanjunda Puram SRO/CBE-43259 View
Flat Sale Singanallur SRO/CBE-31156 View
Flat Sale Town Hall SRO/CBE-31517 View
Flat Rent Town Hall RRO/CBE-31505 View
Flat Sale Vadavalli SRO/CBE-31384 View
Flat Sale Vadavalli SRO/CBE-33186 View
Flat Rent Kavundam Palayam RRO/CBE-39037 View
Flat Rent Trichy Road RRO/CBE-41853 View
Flat Rent Kavundampalayam RRO/CBE-19169m View
Flat Sale Chinniam Palayam SRO/CBE-36824 View
Flat Sale Vadavalli SRO/CBE-60746 View
Flat Sale Vadavalli SRO/CBE-60956 View
Flat Rent R S Puram RRO/CBE-39078 View
Flat Sale Trichy Road SRO/CBE-36158 View
Flat Rent Kavundam Palayam RRO/CBE-42683 View
Flat Rent Kavundam Palayam RRO/CBE-42687 View
Flat Rent Kavundampalayam RRO/CBE-42739 View
Flat Rent Kavundam Palayam RRO/CBE-42740 View
Flat Sale Velandi Palayam SRO/CBE-46306 View
Flat Sale Vadavalli SRO/CBE-47600 View
Flat Sale Saibaba Colony SRO/CBE-47960 View
Flat Sale Saibaba Colony SRO/CBE-48642 View
Flat Sale Saibaba Colony SRO/CBE-48646 View
Flat Sale Velandi Palayam SRO/CBE-41193 View
Flat Sale Vadavalli SRO/CBE-30198 View
Flat Sale Ramanathapuram SRO/CBE-67274 View
Flat Sale Ramanathapuram SRO/CBE-67276 View
Flat Sale Podanur SRO/CBE-71392 View
Independent House Sale Kavundampalayam SRO/CBE-43462 View
Independent House Sale Gandhi Puram SRO-2682 View
Independent House Sale Kuniamuthur SRO/CBE-14517 View
Independent House Sale Vadavalli SRO/CBE-57654 View
Independent House Sale Mill Road SRO/CBE-20108 View
Independent House Sale Saibaba Colony SRO/CBE-32340 View
Independent House Sale Peelamedu SRO/CBE-34047 View
Independent House Sale Kalapatti SRO/CBE-36056 View
Independent House Sale Kalapatti SRO/CBE-36083 View
Independent House Sale Kalapatti SRO/CBE-36086 View
Independent House Sale Kalapatti SRO/CBE-36088 View
Independent House Rent Sanganoor RRO/CBE-39668 View
Independent House Sale R S Puram SRO/CBE-41319 View
Independent House Sale Vilankurichi SRO/CBE-46100 View
Independent House Rent Sungam RRO/CBE-67715 View
Independent House Sale Vadavalli SRO/CBE-68387 View
Independent House Sale Peelamedu SRO/CBE-74126 View
Mixed-Commercial Sale Gandhi Puram SCO/CBE-32126 View
Mixed-Commercial Rent Singanallur RCO/CBE-40588 View
Office Space Rent Race Course RCO/CBE-18000m View
Office Space Rent Saibaba Colony RCO/CBE-33520 View
Office Space Rent Avinashi Road RCO/CBE-35417 View
Office Space Rent Gandhi Puram RCO/CBE-40975 View
Office Space Rent Sivananda Colony RCO/CBE-73283 View
Residential Land Sale Ramanathapuram SL/CBE-69169 View
Residential Land Sale Avarampalayam SL/CBE-43003 View
Residential Land Sale Kavundampalayam SL/CBE-51113 View
Residential Land Sale Podanur SL/CBE-64589 View
Residential Land Sale Thudiyalur SL/CBE-32095 View
Residential Land Sale Singanallur SL/CBE-68200 View
Residential Land Sale Hope College SL/CBE-68201 View
Residential Land Sale Marudhamalai Road SL/CBE-75524 View
Showroom Rent Kuniamuthur RCO/CBE-50786 View
Villa Sale Vedapatti SRO/CBE-52987 View
Villa Sale Vadavalli SRO/CBE-50377 View
villa Sale Vedapatti SRO/CBE-17092m View
Villa Sale Vedapatti SRO/CBE-49550 View
Villa Rent Vedapatti RRO/CBE-33299 View
Villa Sale Ondipudur SRO/CBE-34470 View
Villa Rent Avinashi Road RRO/CBE-47779 View
Villa Sale Thottipalayam SRO/CBE-17702m View
Villa Sale Perur SRO/2782 View
Villa Sale Mettupalayam Road SRO/CBE-69449 View
Villa Sale Kuppakonam Pudur SRO/CBE-68319 View
Villa Sale Vedapatti SRO/CBE-73910 View