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  • Bachelors In Business Administration In 2007 From Krmmc, Adyar, Chennai
  • Masters In Social Work (Human Resource) In 2009 From Mssw, Egmore, Chennai
  • Ph. D In Adult Education From Madras University – Under Going From 2012


  • Lecturer In Mar Gregorious College – Msw Students For 1yr
  • Hr (Genralist) In Industrial And It For 4+ Yrs
  • Freshers In Admin, Customer And Sales Handling For 1.5yrs In Service Sector.


  • Shine On The Earth “13th July 1986”
  • Married, Blessed With 4yrs Angel
  • Hobbies – Love Cooking, Reading Books, Travelling, Painting, Dancing And Decorations.



  • Sold 2835 Sqft Flat @ Shastri Nagar, Adyar
  • Sold 3000 Sq.ft Land with Independent House @  E.C.R, Ranga Reddy Garden, Neelangarai


Property Type Sale/Rent Location Reference
Flat Sale Thiruvanmiyur SRO/ADY-VLCY-57274 View
Flat Sale Adyar SRO/ADY-VLCY-57425 View
Flat Sale Thiruvanmiyur SRO/ADY-VLCY-50019 View
Flat Sale Besant Nagar SRO/ADY-VLCY-64684 View
Flat Sale Adyar SRO/ADY-VLCY-43528 View
Flat Sale Thiruvanmiyur SRO/ADY-VLCY-57440 View
Flat Sale Perungudi SRO/ADY-VLCY-57441 View
Flat Sale Adyar SRO/ADY-VLCY-57443 View
Flat Sale Besant Nagar SRO/ADY-VLCY-59588 View
Flat Rent Adyar RRO/ADY-VLCY-71408 View
Flat Sale Mylapore SRO/ADY-VLCY-32149 View
Flat Rent Adyar RRO/ADY-VLCY-32727 View
Flat Rent Adyar RRO/ADY-VLCY-32738 View
Flat Rent Besant Nagar RRO/ADY-VLCY-32773 View
Flat Sale Besant Nagar SRO/ADY-VLCY-54605 View
Flat Sale Thiruvanmiyur SRO/ADY-VLCY-34351 View
Flat Sale Thiruvanmiyur SRO/ADY-VLCY-34353 View
Flat Sale Adyar SRO/ADY-VLCY-35833 View
Flat Sale Adyar SRO/ADY-VLCY-35829 View
Flat Sale Kotturpuram SRO/ADY-VLCY-35845 View
Flat Sale Kotturpuram SRO/ADY-VLCY-35844 View
Flat Sale Kotturpuram SRO/ADY-VLCY-35843 View
Flat Sale Abiramapuram SRO/ADY-VLCY-50299 View
Flat Sale Kotturpuram SRO/ADY-VLCY-39023 View
Flat Sale Besant Nagar SRO/ADY-VLCY-42098 View
Flat Sale Thiruvanmiyur SRO/ADY-VLCY-64253 View
Flat Sale Thiruvanmiyur SRO/ADY-VLCY-48782 View
Flat Sale Besant Nagar SRO/ADY-VLCY-30297 View
Flat Sale Adyar SRO/ADY-VLCY-72074 View
Flat Rent Adyar RRO/ADY-VLCY-89147 View
Independent House Sale Neelankarai SRO/ADY-VLCY-52636 View
Independent House Sale Mandaveli SRO/ADY-VLCY-54805 View
Independent House Rent Thiruvanmiyur RRO/ADY-VLCY-32567 View
Independent House Sale Adyar SRO/ADY-VLCY-31600 View
Independent House Rent Adyar RRO/ADY-VLCY-32748 View
Independent House Sale Besant Nagar SRO/ADY-VLCY-33460 View
Independent House Sale Adyar SRO/ADY-VLCY-36373 View
Independent House Sale Neelankarai SRO/ADY-VLCY-36376 View
Independent House Sale Palavakkam SRO/ADY-VLCY-51146 View
Independent House Rent Neelankarai RRO/ADY-VLCY-39036 View
Independent House Sale Adyar SRO/ADY-VLCY-39375 View
Independent House Sale Palavakkam SRO/ADY-VLCY-44096 View
Independent House Rent Besant Nagar RRO/ADY-VLCY-48096 View
land Sale Thiruvanmiyur SCO/ADY-VLCY-71054m View
Residential Land Sale Neelankarai SL/ADY-VLCY-52257 View
Residential Land Sale Palavakkam SL/ADY-VLCY-32443 View
Villa Sale Palavakkam SRO/ADY-VLCY-34989 View