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Rajiv Gandhi Salai (OMR) Branch


Ayan Mukhopadhyay

They only show good quality apartments and they can also provide wide variety of options in different localities. I specially thank Krithika and Bhava Swaroop. It was very easy to communicate with them and they were professional and punctual also. I have got my rented flat through them. I had many requirements after moving to India from abroad and they were able to find one apartment for me easily which satisfies most of them. My resettlement was enjoyable thanks to their services.



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Rajiv Gandhi Salai (OMR) Branch


Dear Sir,
I would like to thank Hanu Reddy and every one who had worked hard to close this deal. But for your professional assistance, it would have been a challenging task for me to have sold my apartment. I want to specially thank Krithika for her constant support and most importantly her patient follow up throughout the process.
I got the contact of Mr. Sivakumar from Hanu Reddy through my brother. When I called him he spoke to me warmly and gave me the confidence that the sale can be done but at the same time was quite open that it is going to take some time. I handed over the keys to him subsequently and was hoping for a good response. There was a lull for couple of months and then suddenly one day I got a call from a lady, who introduced herself as Krithika from Hanu Reddy and told me that she was going to help me going forward. Right from the first interaction she was spot on with all the details and showed great commitment. Talking to her was so reassuring that after the call I felt that the sale will happen soon and that my apartment is in the right hands. I'm gullible in the real estate space, which made me nervous about not getting into the wrong hands and getting cheated. Sometimes, that lead me to ask a lot of questions to Krithika during the initial days. I should say, Krithika gave a patient hearing to all that and responded with great clarity that every time I spoke to her the trust was only growing and never diminishing. When the seller wanted to verify the originals, Krithika called me and asked me about a list of documents whether it was provided to me by the builder - some of them I was aware while others I had no idea. I confessed to Krithika about my lack of knowledge and requested her to help me out. Krithika completely took over the responsibility and coordinated with the builder and the bank and arranged for the original verification without giving me any trouble. It was a black box to me but at the same time she kept me informed at every stage on what was happening. Such was her degree of professionalism that she took charge of the situation but at the same time never let that impression go to the seller that he was out of the loop! Krithika's tenacity and hard work is definitely one of the primary factors for the successful completion of the transaction. She is such a great asset to your organization! Kudos to her sincerity, dedication and commitment.
Sir, I also had the good fortune of interacting with you. Your wisdom and warmth was the guiding force behind this successful deal. I once again thank everyone from the bottom of my heart.



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Rajiv Gandhi Salai (OMR) Branch


Venky Sankaran (Seller)


Hanu Reddy firm helped get our unit sold recently. Right from the start their approach to executing the deal was very transparent, diligent and professional. The team comprising of Rajkamal and Kritika under the leadership of Mr.Mani Palani demonstrated sound knowledge and expertise, guided us through the end to end process in a timely manner. Highly recommend their professional services for home purchase/sale process.