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  • Diploma in Civil Engineering, Bachelor of Corporate Secretaryship, M.B.A Project Management


  • Having Experience in Civil Engineering Industry. Been in Contract, Consultant, Project Management roles.


  • Born and brought up in Chennai.

Languages Known:

  • English, Tamil & French.

Hobbies :

  • Fitness, Watching movies
Property Type Sale/Rent Location Reference
Sale perungudi SL/RGS-27997 View
Approved Land Sale ECR SL/RGS-58508 View
Approved Land Sale ECR SL/RGS-58501 View
Approved Land Sale Thoraipakkam SL/RGS-27120 View
Flat Sale Padur SRO/4732 View
Flat Rent Perungudi RRO/RGS-60824 View
Flat Sale perungudi SRO/RGS-26001 View
Flat Sale Thoraipakkam SRO/RGS-50124 View
Flat Sale OMR SRO/4244 View
Flat Sale Thoraipakkam SRO/RGS-60818 View
Flat Sale Tiruporur SRO/5007 View
Flat Sale Thoraipakkam SRO/4500 View
Flat Sale Mandaveli SRO/5033 View
Flat Sale Padur SRO/4557 View
Flat Sale Thoraipakkam SRO/4738 View
Flat Rent Kelambakkam RRO/2353 View
Flat Sale Sholinganallur SRO/4745 View
Flat Sale Padur SRO/4789 View
Flat Sale Thoraipakkam SRO/4857 View
Flat Sale Padur SRO/4860 View
Flat Sale Siruseri SRO/4858 View
Flat Sale Thoraipakkam SRO/4859 View
Flat Sale Thoraipakkam SRO/5214 View
Flat Sale perungudi SRO/4939 View
Flat Rent OMR RRO/2535 View
Flat Sale perungudi SRO/5212 View
Flat Sale Semmencherry SRO/5121 View
Flat Sale perungudi SRO/5139 View
Flat Sale perungudi SRO/5151 View
Flat Sale Neelankarai SRO/RGS-58087 View
Flat Sale Pallikaranai SRO/RGS-58255 View
Flat Sale perungudi SRO/5182 View
Flat Sale perungudi SRO/5209 View
Flat Sale Royapettah SRO/5266 View
Flat Sale Perumbakkam SRO/RGS-58035 View
Flat Sale perungudi SRO/RGS-25551 View
Flat Sale perungudi SRO/RGS-26252 View
Flat Sale Thoraipakkam SRO/RGS-26314 View
Flat Rent perungudi RRO/RGS-30544 View
Flat Sale perungudi SRO/RGS-32312 View
Flat Sale perungudi SRO/RGS-36500 View
Flat Sale Thoraipakkam SRO/RGS-40153 View
Flat Sale perungudi SRO/RGS-47257 View
Flat Sale Pallikaranai SRO/RGS-62239 View
Flat Sale Pallikaranai SRO/RGS-63538 View
Godown Sale Semmencherry RCO/0634 View
Independent House Sale Thoraipakkam SRO/5190 View
Independent House Sale Pallikaranai SRO/4181 View
Independent House Rent Uthandi RRO/2430 View
Independent House Rent Neelankarai RRO/2438 View
Independent House Rent Neelankarai RRO/2438 View
Independent House Rent Panaiyur RRO/2450 View
Independent House Rent Injambakkam RRO/2474 View
Independent House Sale perungudi SRO/4955 View
Independent House Sale Adyar SRO/5041 View
Independent House Rent Velachery RRO/2595 View
Independent House Sale Sholinganallur SRO/5181 View
Independent House Rent Akkarai RRO/RGS-25188 View
Independent House Sale Velachery SRO/RGS-32318 View
Independent House Sale Chromepet SRO/RGS-61876 View
IT Park Rent Neelankarai RCO/RGS-40270 View
Office Space Rent Kottivakkam RCO/0647 View
Office Space Rent perungudi RCO/0686 View
Office Space Rent perungudi RCO/RGS-24262 View
Residential Land Sale Thoraipakkam SL/RGS-55148 View
Residential Land Sale perungudi SL/2211 View
Residential Land Sale Thoraipakkam SL/2261 View
Serviced Apartments Rent Injambakkam RRO/RGS-43151 View
Showroom Rent Kandanchavadi RCO/0645 View
Showroom Rent Uthandi RCO/0681 View
Showroom Sale perungudi SCO/0270 View
Showroom Rent Sholinganallur RCO/RGS-29825 View
Showroom Sale Injambakkam SCO/RGS-47158 View
Standalone Building Rent Thoraipakkam RCO/RGS-30766 View
Unapproved Land Sale Uthandi SL/RGS-58513 View
Villa Sale Pallikaranai SRO/RGS-26717 View
Villa Sale perungudi SRO/5210 View
Villa Rent perungudi RRO/2253 View
Villa Rent Thoraipakkam RRO/2536 View
Villa Rent Akkarai RRO/RGS-49736 View
Villa Rent Sholinganallur RRO/RGS-37236 View
Villa Rent perungudi RRO/RGS-56329 View
Villa Rent Akkarai RRO/RGS-63100 View
Villa Rent Thoraipakkam RRO/RGS-63664 View
Villa Sale Perungudi SRO/RGS-68504 View