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My Testimonials

Currently Dealing 138 Properties

108 Properties For Sale
30 Properties For Rent

Education :

  • Bachelor of Arts (Corporate Secretaryship)


  • Started career in Eureka Forbes, selling Aquaguard waterpurifier.
  • Experience in Gems and Jewellery.
  • Experience in selling for over 16 years.
  • Personal assistance to fulfil the clients needs

Deals Done:

  • Leased 3000 Sq. Ft house at Thoraipakkam
  • Sold 1138 Sq. Ft Flat at Thoraipakkam
  • Sold 2400 Sq ft Land ,1100 Sq.ft Built independent house at Velachery
  • Sold 8400 Sq. ft Land ,3500 Sq.ft built House at Thoraipakkam
  • Leased out Land 2 Grounds, 2000 Sq.ft Built Independent house at Neelangarai
  • Sold 1391 Sq. Ft flat at Thoraipakkam
  • Sold 5100 Sq. Ft Land at Raju nagar, Thoraipakkam
  • Sold 2.5 Grounds ,5000 Sq.ft. Built up Independent house at Chetpet
  • Sold 4500 Sq.Ft Flat at Perungudi, Oakridge Enclave
  • Sold 1836 Sq.ft. Land 1700 Sq.ft. Independent house at Thoraipakkam
  • Sold 2624 Sq.ft Flat at TVH Park Rozalia, Thoraipakkam
  • Sold 4250 Sq.ft Land, 2000 Sq.ft. Independent house at Moosa Street, T.Nagar.
  • Sold 1368 Sq.ft Flat at Park Rozalia ,Thoraipakkam
  • Sold 1600 Sq.ft. Flat at Besant Nagar

Personal Information:

  • Hardworker
  • Transparency
  • Positive Thinker

Hobbies :

  • Watching world news, Listening to music, Cooking, Helping refugee.
Property Type Sale/Rent Location Reference
Agricultural Land Sale Maanamathi, Near Uthramerur SL/1571 View
Approved Land Sale Panaiyur SL/1851 View
Commercial Land Sale Poonjeri SL/2146 View
Commercial/Office Rent OMR ,Thoraipakkam RCO View
Commercial/Office Rent OMR ,Thoraipakkam RCO/1743 View
Duplex Flat Sale Raja Annamalaipuram SRO/RGS-23028 View
Farm Sale Thaiyur SL/1964 View
Flat Sale Shenoy Nagar SRO/3313 View
Flat Sale Purasawalkam SRO/3747 View
Flat Rent Velachery RRO/ 2082 View
Flat Sale Adyar SRO/4703 View
Flat Rent Navalur RRO/2220 View
Flat Rent Velachery RRO/2227 View
Flat Rent Velachery RRO/2225 View
Flat Rent Navalur RRO/2220 View
Flat Rent Raja Annamalaipuram RRO/2216 View
Flat Rent Thiruvanmiyur RRO/2215 View
Flat Rent Velachery RRO/2225 View
Flat Sale Thoraipakkam SRO/RGS-23027 View
Flat Sale Semmencherry SRO/00033 View
Flat Sale Porur SRO/4339 View
Flat Sale Porur SRO/4341 View
Flat Rent Nungambakkam RRO/2335 View
Flat Rent Teynampet RRO/2338 View
Flat Rent Alwarpet RRO/2341 View
Flat Sale Thoraipakkam SRO/00003 View
Flat Sale Medavakkam SRO/00005 View
Flat Sale perungudi SRO/00006 View
Flat Sale Thoraipakkam SRO/00008 View
Flat Sale Pallikaranai SRO/00009 View
Flat Sale perungudi SRO/00010 View
Flat Sale Velachery SRO/00012 View
Flat Sale Velachery SRO/00013 View
Flat Sale Velachery SRO/00014 View
Flat Sale Velachery SRO/00015 View
Flat Sale Velachery SRO/00016 View
Flat Sale Velachery SRO/00017 View
Flat Sale Karapakkam SRO/00021 View
Flat Sale Karapakkam SRO/00022 View
Flat Sale Karapakkam SRO/00023 View
Flat Sale Karapakkam SRO/00024 View
Flat Sale Karapakkam SRO/00025 View
Flat Sale Karapakkam SRO/00026 View
Flat Sale perungudi SRO/00027 View
Flat Sale perungudi SRO/00028 View
Flat Sale perungudi SRO/00029 View
Flat Sale Thoraipakkam SRO/00031 View
Flat Sale Thoraipakkam SRO/00032 View
Flat Sale Pallikaranai SRO/00048 View
Flat Sale Pallikaranai SRO/00049 View
Flat Sale Pallikaranai SRO/00050 View
Flat Sale Pallikaranai SRO/00051 View
Flat Sale Pallikaranai SRO/00052 View
Flat Sale Pallikaranai SRO/00053 View
Flat Sale Pallikaranai SRO/00054 View
Flat Sale Pallikaranai SRO/00055 View
Flat Sale Pallikaranai SRO/00056 View
Flat Sale Sholinganallur SRO/00058 View
Flat Sale Sholinganallur SRO/00062 View
Flat Sale Sholinganallur SRO/00059 View
Flat Sale Sholinganallur SRO/00060 View
Flat Sale Sholinganallur SRO/00061 View
Flat Sale Sholinganallur SRO/00063 View
Flat Sale Sholinganallur SRO/00064 View
Flat Sale Sholinganallur SRO/00065 View
Flat Sale Sholinganallur SRO/00066 View
Flat Sale Sholinganallur SRO/00067 View
Flat Sale Sholinganallur SRO/00068 View
Flat Sale Sholinganallur SRO/00069 View
Flat Sale Thoraipakkam SRO/00070 View
Flat Sale Thoraipakkam SRO/00071 View
Flat Sale Thoraipakkam SRO/00072 View
Flat Sale Porur SRO/4733 View
Flat Sale Karapakkam SRO/00089 View
Flat Sale Karapakkam SRO/00090 View
Flat Sale Velachery SRO/00091 View
Flat Sale Pallikaranai SRO/00131 View
Flat Sale Pallikaranai SRO/00132 View
Flat Sale Pallikaranai SRO/00133 View
Flat Sale Pallikaranai SRO/00134 View
Flat Sale Pallikaranai SRO/00135 View
Flat Sale Pallikaranai SRO/00136 View
Flat Sale Pallikaranai SRO/00137 View
Flat Sale Velachery SRO/4662 View
Flat Rent Injambakkam RRO/2472 View
Flat Rent Poes Garden RRO/2485 View
Flat Rent Raja Annamalaipuram RRO/2486 View
Flat Rent Raja Annamalaipuram RRO/2488 View
Flat Rent Mandaveli RRO/2487 View
Flat Sale Saidapet SRO/4848 View
Flat Rent Navalur RRO/2500 View
Flat Sale Thoraipakkam SRO/4772 View
Flat Sale T.Nagar SRO/4924 View
Flat Rent OMR RRO/2535 View
Flat Rent Thoraipakkam RRO/2557 View
Independent Bunglow (duplex Type) Sale Saligramam SRO/3656 View
Independent House Sale Devaneri Village, Opposite Tiger Cave SRO/2848 View
Independent House Sale Saligramam SRO/3706 View
Independent House Rent Kotturpuram RRO/2032 View
Independent House Sale Hasthinapuram SRO/3802 View
Independent House Rent T.Nagar RRO/2138 View
Independent House Sale Panaiyur SRO/4038 View
Independent House Sale Adyar SRO/4792 View
Independent House Sale Thoraipakkam SRO/4770 View
Independent House Sale Pammal SRO/4835 View
Independent House Sale Mamallapuram S.O SRO/4851 View
Independent House Rent Panaiyur RRO/2532 View
Independent House Sale perungudi SRO/4955 View
Independent House Sale perungudi SRO/5187 View
Mixed-Commercial Sale Villivakkam SCO/0248 View
Mixed-Commercial Rent Velachery RCO/0614 View
Office Space Rent Kottivakkam RCO/0663 View
Pent House Rent Besant Nagar RRO/2088 View
Penthouse Rent Poes Garden RRO/2484 View
Residential Land Sale Thoraipakkam SL/0959 View
Residential Land Sale Thoraipakkam SL/2065 View
Residential Land Sale Uthandi SL/1809 View
Residential Land Sale Thaiyur SL/1847 View
Residential Land Sale Perumbakkam SL/1861 View
Residential Land Sale ECR SL/1869 View
Residential Land Sale Mahalingapuram SL/2063 View
Residential Land Sale Maduravoyal SL/1892 View
Residential Land Sale Vanagaram SL/1892 View
Residential Land Sale Thoraipakkam SL/2073 View
Residential Land Sale Thoraipakkam SL/2072 View
Residential Land Sale Rathinamangalam SL/2089 View
Residential Land Sale Kanathur SL/2106 View
Residential Land Sale Semmencherry SL/2120 View
Residential Land Sale Sholinganallur SL/2121 View
Residential Land Sale Semmencherry SL/2136 View
Standalone Building Sale Villivakkam SCO/0388 View
Villa Sale Taramani SRO/4729 View
Villa Sale perungudi SRO/00004 View
Villa Sale Thoraipakkam SRO/00007 View
Villa Sale Porur SRO/4832 View
Villa Rent Siruseri RRO/2499 View
Villa Sale Panaiyur SRO/4754 View
Villa Rent Thoraipakkam RRO/2536 View